Angelababy’s Acting Receives Criticism in Comeback Drama “Entrepreneurial Age”

Entrepreneurial Age < 创业时代> is Angelababy’s comeback drama since giving birth to her son Little Sponge back in January 2017. The metropolitan romance, which premiered on October 12, stars Huang Xuan (黄轩) as a struggling software programmer who works on an app that converts text to voice messages before they are sent. Angelababy portrays his financial analyst and love interest.

As Angelababy’s first comeback drama and her first modern period piece, Entrepreneurial Age was highly anticipated. However, the 29-year-old model turned actress did not receive many positive reviews in regard to her acting performance, including remarks saying that Angelababy did not improve since her last drama General and I <孤芳不自赏>.

In the drama, Angelababy makes her first appearance as a financial manager leading a meeting. She was reportedly “unconvincing [and] wooden” and completely overshadowed by her supportive costars. Many netizens found it hard to believe that Angelababy had hired a professional teacher to train her acting.

Netizens also criticized Angelababy for only knowing how to do the same wide-eyed expression when she is trying to be angry or serious. Nonetheless, netizens did give her some praise for being able to recite her dialogue naturally.


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  1. There’s very few popular actresses who can act and especially do a variety of emotions let’s be glad that AB doesn’t have much projects.

  2. XD only time I like her was in songs in the cloud, but mainly because Lu Yi was so good and his character is literally a heart melt! After that, I felt nothing from watching her! Couldn’t stomach pass 2 eps of General and I!

  3. I dont think ABB non ability to act is news anymore. She really tries, gets help and even strong supports with good scripts. But she still struggle….

  4. She can’t act is nothing new and she’s literally a drama / movie poison! Just stick to variety show.

  5. woman should just stick to what she’s good at – modeling. she’s not acting material and people should stop giving her opportunities to grace our screen.

    1. @coralie Well said. Even if she refused to believe that she is just not cut for acting, why do producers, directors and investors still want her in their productions? Her acting is not even mediocre. And I am sure her fees are not low so why still choose her?
      Maybe her fans think she is good, like a Korean actress whose acting I cannot recall any except staring with her big eyes yet fans of that Korean actress still think she can act.

      1. @bearbear
        She has a strong base of diehard supporters who love her because she’s so pretty. Investors use her popularity as assurance for box office draw. And her husband has strong connections and influence in the industry.

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