Ren Jialun Takes Shortcut for Astonishing Muscles in “The Blue Whisper”

Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫) and Dilraba Dilmurat’s (迪麗熱巴) newest fantasy drama The Blue Whisper<馭鮫記之與君初相識> released its first trailer. Instead of the tragic romance or CGI effects, the actor’s ripped but somewhat unnatural physique stole the spotlight.

Since Jialun’s character has merman features, he often appears topless in the drama. However, many netizens suspect that his muscles were created with the help of shapewear!

In past clips of behind-the-scenes, Jialun had a prominent mark around his neck that was a different color from his skin tone. They suspect that this is the top of the muscle shirt. The background seem to be a lake, which resemble a scene found in the trailer.

In The Blue Whisper, Jialun is suspected to have worn muscle shapewear which is sold online. There are many different styles to choose from to match different skin tones. Turning anyone into buff shape without sweating it out at the gym, the 3D muscle suit is popular for social media posts and cosplay purposes. The price ranges from 30 to 900 Chinese yuan.

“The Blue Whisper” Trailer

Yang Mi Suspected to Have Worn Butt Pad

While muscle shapewear is usually catered towards men, women also have a multitude of shapewear to choose from including butt pads. Last year at an awards ceremony, Yang Mi (楊冪) was suspected of wearing a butt pad. Eagle-eyed netizens had screen-capped a photo of the back of her dress, which showed an odd bulge around her buttocks. There are also many types of butt pads with different features including, “seamless, natural, and perky” with price ranges from CNY 21 to 600.

Source: HK01

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  1. It doesn’t even look good in the first place, it’s just weird. O God I hope actors aren’t going to start following this trend.

      1. As far as it’s not related to acting. I don’t think I know any Chinese female star with an adequate butt, so it’s understandable but it didn’t work out and YM doesn’t seem to use them anymore.

  2. So funny!!! You read about Korean Star Namkoong Min who worked out for months to get the right physic for his drama… then you read of another who wears a body suit for his…

    1. That is the problem with C Entertainment. SK fans and netizens can be extreme and the industry has its very serious flaws and problems but at least they call out a bad production as it is or (sometimes) boycott an artist who has found to have issue. Actors do not always participate from one drama production to another without a break or prepare for their next role to play.
      C Entertainment on the other hand, be it the national or international viewers, a good number of them will defend bad production like it is the best they have ever seen or accuse valid criticisms as a source of cyberbully. The more popular artists will almost immediately move on to the next drama production after the current one wraps up. So they either moves from bad quality production to another, duplicates their mediocre or horrible acting to every production they are in because they do not study their script well (or maybe they really lack the right ability to carry out the roles), no time to improve their acting, no time to even work on their lines since they are so heavily reliant on dubbing and in this case, no time to even go to the gym or spend time to hire and work with his personal trainer.
      Any Tom Dick and Harry can be a leading actor as long as there is enough financial backing or have signed with the right agency.

    1. LOL, I am just amazed how popular her Super – size butt is… Many really find them sexy.. That puzzles me more..

  3. lolll xD Didn’t even know this existed! He probably had his reasons, I don’t think he’s lazy cuz he even slimmed down for his role in ‘One and Only’ right after finishing ‘Forever and Ever’. I’ve heard that getting that buff (like in the pictures) is not an easy feat and can take some time. Tbh, I didn’t really want to see his naked torso in the first place.

  4. I take it as a costume. As long as it is going to look good I am ok with the fake muscle. I do not expect him to have a tail fin to grow either. I am waiting to watch this drama. As long as the storyline is good & the acting is excellent I am satisfy with the costume. Love Allen ever since I watched his drama “Forever & Ever” followed by “Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard”. Excellent dramas. Good storylines & very emotional at the same time. A must watch drama.

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