Ren Jialun and Angelababy to Piece a “Heart” Together

In psychological romance Heart <暮色心約>, Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫) and Angelababy (楊穎) explore layers of the human psyche while creating a deep, emotional bond with each other.

Heart is adapted from the novel Hard to Find Only Because of Twilight <只因暮色难> written by author Yujing Pengxiang (御井烹香). The story follows genius novelist Qi Lianshan (Ren Jialun) hoping to turn his psychological stories into a script. By fateful chance, he witnesses psychologist Liu Xia (Angelababy) successfully persuading a suicidal woman from jumping off a bridge, prompting him to hire her to work as a consultant for his script.

During the process of adapting the novel, the two engage in deep conversations as they share their own insights and perspectives on psychology. Over time, they connect romantically and regard each other as respected partners in both love and their careers.

Recognized for his versatile acting skills and handsome looks, Jialun is a favorite leading man in both modern and historical roles. While Jialun is expected to perform well in his new role, Angelababy has a less steady dramatic repertoire. Although she is a lively star in variety shows, the actress found less success in dramas where her acting has been largely criticized in the past.

Source: Beauty 321

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  1. I tried to enjoy Angelababy’s last project Love the Way You Are, but I gave up after afew eps… I am just not drawn to her… But I do like Ren Jialun’s dramas…so I hope this project will be great.

  2. If Ren Jialun is going to use his original voice in the drama, hope he has spent time working to improve.

  3. I haven’t watched any of their shows before but this actually sounds interesting!

  4. I love Guo Chao! So I’ll give it a try though I have not been previously impressed by AB’s acting.

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