Yang Mi Revealed to Be Using Butt Padding

Netizens are noticing a difference in how Yang Mi (杨幂) looks on stage and off.

Sharp-eyed netizens shared a compilation of photos featuring Yang Mi dolled up on stage, and then compared to those photos to how Yang Mi looked during her private, off-stage time.

These netizens noticed that Yang Mi has a fuller hourglass figure, with her bottom jutting out, while taking photoshoots or on stage. Behind-the-scenes however, when Yang Mi is only dressed casually, her bottom looks completely flat.

A netizen even managed to capture the exact moment of when Yang Mi’s alleged butt padding slipped off while she was walking to the podium on stage.

“I knew there were fake b**bs. Didn’t know about the fake butts,” wrote one netizen. Another commented, “It’s just for better visual quality. This is normal.”

Source: 163.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

Yang Mi Shows Off Amazing Body in Qipao

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  1. Fake b**bs fake butt, wow. I thought her butt looked too perky from the other Jaynestars article. Her b**bs were a bit too enlarged too. She is starving herself to be the perfect, anorexic Barbie, and she should not add b**bs and butt, it makes her look like a freak. When so skinny, do not add b**bs and butt. Just pathetic.

  2. She’s stick thin. In order to have breast and a butt, especially a butt, you need body fat and then tone!

    1. @jesspepperwang Absolutely! There’s no way she can have b**bs and butt when she starves herself. She needs to eat right including eating healthy fats and protein to build muscle. But unfortunately, women in Asia and a lot of celebrities resort to starving themselves to stay thin and they think that as long as they’re thin, they’ll look good. But a lot of times, they just look super thin but have no shape. Smh. I have a coworker who is paper thin, no b**bs, no butt, and one of my male coworkers commented on how her body is hot. I was so baffled. But that’s Asian mentality for you. Girls are afraid of having muscles.

  3. Meh, Kim kadashian used it first. Not a big deal. Many celebrities are faking everything these days, get used to it? Lol.

    1. @megamiaow ugh yeah that is such a bad butt padding. She should fire her stylist. You can literally find butt pads in any lingerie shops, it’s no secret and nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of Asian (Korean and Japanese) IG fashion influencers wear them. With her money, she should be able to get some good ones, not one that looked like a chair pillow.

  4. that is so embarrassing to have your pads slip outta of your behind lol………….girl is your want a good bod fatten up a lil then get tone up you’ll have those curves as for your breast toning wont help get PS f you want a bigger cup size wouldnt matter in mainland cause most of the female artist over there is fake from the facial features to the b**bs and butt hahahahhha

  5. err…i am fine that people are using pads. many girls use fake bra padding so why such a big deal to use butt. my only thing is that butt muscles could be built so i would encourage them to work out instead of using padding.

    1. @m0m0 I agree with you. But the problem is in order to build a nice butt, she has to eat. You need fat and protein to turn it into muscle. Most of these celebrities and Asian girls just starve themselves to make them look stick thin. It’s a warped mentality. They don’t even want to put on muscle for fear of appearing big so they rather stay anorexic and then use all these padding to give them some shape. Sad. Her manager or whomever should tell her to go find a personal trainer so she can truly have a fit body instead of these false pretenses.

  6. I’m not sure about the b**bs, because even when she goes up/down the scale, her b**bs size stays the same (although one could argue that she’s already tiny to begin with and the weight gain/loss will not make a difference toward her b**bs). However, she does work out a lot and her b**b never change. Most people who work out has b**bs that are tone.

    As for this butt padding on that particular photo, as a designer, I just want to stress out that the tension from the side hip seams and the back zipper created that bulk especially when one don’t have enough back elevated butt (Asian in general have a flatter butts anyways). It doesn’t help with the lighting as well. I mean who wears a square butt pad.

    Don’t take my observation the wrong way, I actually stand for people’s happiness. Whatever makes them happy, who am I (we) to judge.

    1. @sunnysun If you take a good look at her b**bs, you can tell they are enhanced by a good padded bra. The picture of her in the black skirt is close to the time frame of the one of her with a perky backside. No natural backside can fill out so quickly. Stop making excuses because you are a fan. She is wearing butt padding and it deflated: plain and simple.

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