Yang Mi is Not Interested in Dating

Since her divorce with Hawick Lau (劉愷威) in 2018, Yang Mi (楊冪)  returned to work full-throttle, churning out several big projects annually.

Last year, Hawick began dating Chinese actress Cherry Li Xiaofeng (李曉峰) and are allegedly expecting a child of their own. On the other hand, Yang Mi was romantically linked to Chinese actor Wei Daxun (魏大勛) but they were said to have broken up in 2021. Currently, Wei Daxun is dating Chinese actress Qin Lan (秦嵐).

Perhaps her past relationships have not worked out, Yang Mi expressed in a recent interview that she is not interested in dating and does not have any expectations regarding her love life. Explaining that she is busy with work and has no interest in using spare to cultivate a new relationship, Yang Mi stressed that she is enjoying her single life for now.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. To be honest, with her love of independence and ability to earn financial independence, it does not surprise me she is not keen on having long time relationship… Dating can be fun in the beginning but commitment is hard work.. And one really need to put in time and sacrificed to work on building a strong relationship. I really dont think it suits Yang Mi…

    1. Dating within the showbiz world probably presents problems most don’t have also. Very difficult to enjoy a relationship without having to hide it. Some like her probably takes their time finding the right one.

      1. I dont think she is even looking… I have a=quite afew friends in her position. All very successful career women and happy being single. They just hang out with like minded friends…or have pets for company. They even planned retirement together…all looking to support each other in old age. Not looking for love…if it comes, it come. If not, they no longer expects it.. They dont have regrets.
        I am a family person…cannot imagine not being married.

  2. People often misinterpret a financially independent woman for someone not willing to settle. I think what she is saying is: I got other priorities right now and if you can keep up with me, then let’s do it. Someone who can keep up is gonna have to be equally capable, okay with her having a daughter, and just as independent but adaptable. She among China’s top-ranked actress who is actually attractive and a good actress, so 98% of China is not gonna be her match. She is not saying she will never get married nor damn dating.

    1. There are also many people who often misinterpret all women wants to be settled… There are more and more women who are really happy being single. They do not need to be in relationships but if it comes, it comes. They would not go after it as a goal. Those women enjoy companionship but marriage…lol…many couple do not even believe in marriage these days…let alone independent woman. Sats have shown more and more women are happy being single and making friends.

      Regardless Whether YangMi settles in future or not, it is currently not one of her priorities in life. Of course, this is no news to many as she has express this in afew interviews. She is really happy where she is now. And I respect to her choice. If she dates, she would never pick a guy only if the person match her status…she is really not that shallow. She will date a person base on how they can get on and make her laugh and happy. She has money, thus she dont need to date a person who has money too. She will date base on character… not status. Again, she had said that a number of times. She may not damn dating but she is happy being on her own too. So it seem it is yourself who may be misinterpreting her words… She is saying she is happy being single… if love comes, it comes, …she will not be looking for one, she is truly happy being on her own. And she is one of many single women who feels this way.

      1. I don’t get why there always has to be a criticism or presumptuous comments on the mere mention of women. Media in Asia has always reported on dating situations of celebrities whether it’s men/women because that’s what the general community like to read. Male celebrities also get asked about when they will settle down. Just look at Kenneth/Bosco over the years. This is just a simple article. Why does it always have to be about Women Empowerment in every comment…

      2. I actually do understand this POV because I am exactly the type you describe lol. There is always a view that a woman or man is always just waiting for the other half to come along but for me, not having a partner does not mean I am not complete as a person.

      3. @Megamiaow I know a number of girlfriends were are the same..they are over 40yrs and afew are 60yrs already. A few of them said, they are so happy and settled with their lives, being in a relationship really do not interest them. Relationships are too tiresome and can be too demanding. No pointing making any changes..

      4. @jimmyszeto I don’t think this has to do with women empowerment. It’s just that this type of articles are getting repetitive. One can easily see that ym or any other divorced 85 huadan want to focus on their career. They’re either busy attending red carpets or filming dramas. Doesn’t it make more sense that more articles are written about their appearances or acting? Why always talk about their boring love life when they barely talk about it. As for male celebrities. Hawick lau and wdx just got new gf, so it makes sense that they’re getting talked about. Kenneth pays more attention to his family than career and Bosco just has a playboy image, so it makes sense the media pays more attention to their love life.

  3. There are many important things in life besides love, such as friendship, career, or family. I think the media always want to make it seem like ym or any single 30-year-old plus women are either lonely, sad, or jealous of their ex’s new relationship. If these women are satisfied being single, I don’t see the point in the media always mentioning their love life. Nothing newsworthy cuz the same thing is being said again and again.

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