Song Zu’er Suspected of Tax Evasion

Reportedly accused by a former employee at her agency of evading up to 45 million yuan in taxes, 25-year-old Chinese actress Lareina Song Zuer (宋祖兒), is now being investigated by authorities!

While investigations are currently still underway, netizens pointed out that the five major Chinese television networks have already silently removed drama productions which the actress has a part in. Although Lareina’s personal Weibo profile and studio pages are still active, many deduce that she might already be headed for the “fengsha” (banned) treatment, in the footsteps of tainted actress Yuan Bingyan (袁冰妍).

The actress, whose real name is Sun Fanqing, has four companies listed under her name, but holds a stake in only one of them.

In 2019, romantic rumors between Lareina and Taiwanese actor Ethan Juan (阮經天) after they were paired as a couple in Cupid’s Kitchen <舌尖上的心跳> raised eyebrows due to their age gap – he was 36 and she was 21.

4 Completed Dramas To Be Frozen?

If tax evasion suspicions are confirmed, Lareina’s career looks to be jeopardized. Starring the actress, four dramas which have yet to air and may be implicated include period drama The Demon Hunter’s Romance <無憂渡> which she starred in with Ren Jialun (任嘉倫), The Prisoner of Beauty <折腰> opposite rising actor Liu Yuning (劉宇寧), modern drama Created in China <艱難的製造> with actor Zhang Xincheng (張新成), and drama Reading Class <閱讀課> with Neo Hou Minghao (侯明昊).

Already styled as the female lead of an upcoming miniseries titled Huan Yu <焕羽>, she might well lose the casting opportunity, with producer Yang Xiaopei (楊曉培) having already unfollowed her on Weibo. Avid in discussions, Chinese netizens pointed out that “newbies nowadays are all not so bright” as they are getting known for tax fraud and evasion “even without gaining fame”, while others urged for investigations to speed up, and for artistes in the entire C-entertainment circle to be duly checked.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Apparently she was reported by her ex-manager afew years ago. And he had evidence as he had records of her accounts. But her mum is in charge of her finance since she is young. There are also rumours that suggest, this leak is out because she rejected advances from someone powerful.

    Regardless what the reasons are, I find it odd if she knowingly not pay taxes she should. But it seem to be industry practise years ago by many artiste to be clever with their accounts until the clamp down with Fan Bingbing as the start. Since then, many artiste quickly clean their books and pay all the taxes they owed. I am sure those in charge of Song Zu’er’s accounts would have done the same. I really dont feel Song Zu’er will knowingly commit such deed….

    I feel so sad for her shelved work…it is just so unfair for those involved in the projects to be implicated.

    1. I heard another version but the info was very limited. That version didn’t make her family and/or her (if she knows) less innocent in this.
      Tax there is high at close to 45% if I am not wrong so can this be a reason why these celebrities become less willingly to part their wealth.
      Some frustration or feeling the pain is understandable but I have come across people who get really mad when it comes to tax. There was once when someone went on ranting when the annual income hit the next tier of (higher) tax. Telling the person to see from the perspective that the annual income is so much higher to reach the next tier and more disposable income does not work.
      Can only feel for those employees in these projects who may not get paid due to her issue if it turns out to be.
      I’m curious of the drama with LYN.

      1. @BearBear, I am curious of the drama with LYN too. The tax is high in China, but these celebrities make ridiculous amounts of money to cover their taxes annually. Have they not learned anything from the Fan Bing Bing fiasco…..
        Also, is it worth it to lose their whole future, their careers over tax evasion. I wonder what go through these celebs’ heads when it comes to issues like this.

      2. @Renren exactly. Fan Bingbing should have been a very good example to them not to take any chance. There after Deng Lun and who knows who else. How many times do they need real life examples to take their tax seriously.
        Apparently their state authority will give them chance to pay undue taxes (there was speculation of several A list artists who were caught but they paid up so the matter did not blow up).
        They are already so much more than regular people, when if it’s 50% tax, the balance is still much more than most people.
        Whatever it is, just pay tax as per regulations. Don’t like it, earn in another country.

    2. @Hohliu
      I was doing some traveling and enjoying the last days of summer. I am so disappointed in this whole situation. I do know of the older party chasing Song Zu’er. If this person did her in because of being rejected, what was done to her is evil, yet petty and childish. A lot of these rich folks don’t know how to take no for an answer, which they need to start learning to. We live in a real world, at least some of us, lol. So her mum is handling the books… okay.. then her mum should know better. She very well has ruined her daughter’s life and career if she is her daughter’s accountant. What a sad shame, no matter how you look at the situation.

      1. @Renren You are back from Summer hols!! Hope you had lots of fun. Summer is so hard…. I too wonder it is someone older and more powerful who did her in…

      2. @Renren can only say if they have paid their tax accordingly, the rich loser would have used other tactics to get back but not tax related issue. It’s their responsibility to begin with.

  2. Why did these celebs never learn? Even Fan Bingbing fell from the sky to the ground, what made them think they could get away? I know the tax rate is high, but they get paid a huge amount of money. They’ll still make millions after tax. It’s really not worth it to throw away your career for that. She does seem like a promising actress. It’s unfortunate to see her get canceled.

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