Ren Jialun Succumbs to Emotional Eating, Too

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Since switching from singing to acting, Chinese star Ren Jialun (任嘉倫) raked in popularity with his role in period suspense romance Under the Power <錦衣之下>. On a recent interview, he shared about how acting pressures drive him to overeat, and whether he is as righteous as the characters he plays!

“Shadong Natives Are Naturally Helpful”
From period dramas The Glory of Tang Dynasty <大唐榮耀>, Detective Dee <通天狄仁杰>, Under the Power to his recent modern drama Never Say Goodbye <不說再見>, Ren Jialun has starred in many a detective-type shows. Detective Dee, Imperial guard Luyi and Mu Qing, a drug cop on undercover, are just some of the roles he appeared to be playing often – courageous, helpful and heroic. Asked about how similar his offscreen personality is, the 32-year-old replied, “I will not turn down anyone who needs help, I feel that I’m quite a loyal [righeous] person, cos I’m a Shandong native! We’re all naturally so,” Like how he tries getting to the root of the matter onscreen, the actor will always make it a point to figure out anything he is unsure of at work, but is a lot less particular when it comes to small everyday matters.

On Looking Good for the Screen
The pressures to maintain a svelte figure is part and parcel of being a celebrity; like the rest of us, Ren also frets over his waistline, and worries about the number on the weighing scale! “The point is not about eating well, but about being satiated, as filming often takes hours at a stretch, so it’s a must to eat during meal breaks to have [enough] energy for work. I [find that I] tend to overeat unwittingly,” he said sheepishly.

As for the rigors of filming, period dramas are definitely more demanding. “Because preparatory makeup itself takes 2 hours, and putting on headpieces for a lengthy duration can be rather painful, in addition to the costumes, if you have to film during extreme weather conditions or do fighting scenes, you’ll expend even more energy.” With the short break he has recently, Ren Jialun is busy reading his script in preparation for his next role, hoping to put his best foot forward to his fans and viewers.

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  1. I like him in Period drama more… I wonder what will be his next project? I hope he spends quality time with his family…

  2. So far I finished watching “Forever & Ever”, an excellent drama, another excellent drama is “Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard”. I have watched “One & Only”, “Never Say Goodbye”, & now I am watching “Love a lifetime”. I have been live streaming “Have Fun”, it is another excellent site to go. Love Allen Ren, his singing , acting & his participation in “Have Fun”. A must watch site.

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