Ren Jialun Ignores Divorce Rumors to Start Filming New Drama

Above: Ren Jialun with his wife, Nie Huan.

Shocking rumors surfaced that Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫)  cheated on his pregnant wife Nie Huan (聶歡), and has been divorced for the past two years. The negative news did not seem to have  affected his career though, as Jialun has started filming at Hengdian World Studios.

Regarding Jialun’s latest cheating rumors, his agency responded, “Lying for no reason—that’s ridiculous!” His agency did not follow up with legal proceedings. His fans praised his calm response, but others speculated whether Jialun rapidly started work on his drama to mask more negative rumors.

In recent days, he was seen filming for new historical drama Wu Geng Ji <烈焰之武庚紀>, which also stars 28-year-old Xing Fei (邢菲) as the leading cast and Zhu Xudan (祝緒丹), Yan Yikuan (嚴屹寬), Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷), and Merxat (米熱) as the supporting cast. Jiang Xin (蔣欣) and Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡) will also have special appearances.

Wu Geng Ji is adapted from a bestselling manhua, and Jialun’s character is not willing to be enslaved to the gods and dreams of freedom. He chooses to join the war and fight for freedom among men, gods, and the underworld. Xing Fei will play his fiancée who will accompany his fight.

The production team had a hard time finding a female lead, as Li Yitong (李一桐) pulled out after she was heavily criticized by Jialun’s fans. Afterward, Xiao Yan (肖燕) actively vied for the role but it was given to Xing Fei, who had a breakout role in Lost Track of Time <覆流年>. She previously worked with Jialun in May 2020 in modern fantasy Miss Crow and Mr. Lizard <烏鴉小姐與蜥蜴先生>, which received good reviews online. Thus, Jialun’s fans were accepting of Xing Fei, who is regarded as “obedient” and would not try to take advantage of Jialun’s fame.

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  1. Allen Ren JiaLun is very dedicated to his wife and family. Besides, his studio has made announcement about this gossip as mentioned in the summary. Allen is very private person when it comes to his personal life. He takes his craft seriously. We should respect that. Yes, I’m a fan of Allen Ren JiaLun!

  2. I really hope such rumours are not true…And Ren Jialun ia getting so popular, there are people out there to pull him down. Just allow time to review the truth.

  3. He seems like a nice guy, and I believe in innocent until proven guilty. Until there’s irrefutable evidence, I wouldn’t believe it. However, if the entertainment industry has taught me anything in the last few years, it’s “never say never.” Even people with the most squeaky clean images can be hiding a lot of secrets. Never have blind faith in any celebrity.

  4. That picture of him looks so different. I appreciate that he announced early on that he has a wife and child and shows his love for his family. Hope this is just a rumor.

  5. The chances of them falling out of love are there. He has been working nonstop w/ his dramas & when he doesn’t have any drama he attends events, performances, & reality shows. He is working like a single man who has no life. But then his kiss scenes are barely any, he makes no efforts, &’makes his leading look like they are super obsessed/ desperate for him( like literally they have to make the effort to kiss (force) him). So perhaps, he trying hard to tell others he still a married man.

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