Ren Jialun Impresses with Emotional Scene in “Forever and Ever”

Popular actors Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫) and Bai Lu’s (白鹿) latest drama Forever and Ever <一生一世> finally came to an end, with a surprise for the actor’s fans.

Note: Spoilers

While viewership has held high since its release, some fans commented on the drama’s slow pacing. The story finally propelled forward when it reached the last few episodes. Ren Jialun’s sister, who suffers from heart disease, had her operation delayed due to the tampering of her medical records, and eventually died. The usually collected Ren Jialun had an unexpected breakdown, and the actor touched many with his delivery of a heart-rending and emotionally explosive scene.

Returning home, he tells his wife (played by Bai Lu) that he will go to wash up. When he remains in the shower for a long time, he rouses her concerns. Worried about her husband, she peeks in and finds him in the bathtub, apparently paralyzed by grief. She walks in and gives the naked Ren Jialun a hug, with the filmography capturing much poetic beauty. In that scene, the actor also revealed his wide chest, eliciting the excitement of his legion of fans.

 Successfully making it to the A-lister list, Ren Jialun has been on the radar with consistent performance in a string of dramas. Next he will be filming Please Your Lord <請君>, which he will star alongside actress Li Qin (李沁) in another anticipated pairing.

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  1. Allen is really a perfect example of a actor who steadily climb his way to the top by hard work, good work attitude and humble behaviour towards the filing teams. Everyone only has praises towards his professionalism and good character.

    I enjoy watching his growth… He is not the best looking guy or a actor with great connections and not the best actor, but he is a charismatic actor. Bai Lu is also a very good actress, both of them compliment each other well.

  2. Serious? He’s ok. I have seen the entire drama, and he’s super stilted – but it’s ok here, as his role/character(very proper) calls for it. Bai Lu (with a beautiful voice) is the most interesting character.

    He’s also stiff-stilted in other dramas I have seen of him.
    As far as Cactors go – to me, he’s not one of the exciting ones.

    1. I agree. I was enjoying the first few episodes of that undercover cop series he was in a while back and dropped after a few episodes. He looked pretty stiff in that cop series as well. And that female lead was also never really interesting to watch either. The side characters was characters were actually better to watch but it was not enough to make me wanting to finish. He is not good/bad or can say average looking in my opinion but China seems to love him for some reason. He does seem to fit their standards of no negative scandal or whatever so perhaps China is really looking at actors who have a more positive image if not acting talent. One role and it blows up and then they are automatically Alisters just like that Gong Jun guy. One drama and he’s suddenly everywhere.

      1. Agree! In Allen’s dramas – I get distracted-interested in the side characters instead. He’s stiff and sometimes has a kinda ‘constipated’ look. It’s OK if he’s playing an ‘awkward’ role or trying to portray virginal … but he’s hardly ‘sexy’ exciting material – NOT even when he bares it all.

  3. Serious? Errr … Allen Ren is hardly what I would call exciting, compared to other Cactors. He’s kinda stiff.
    In 3 of his dramas I have watched – he’s ok but not exciting-outstanding, and hardly ‘sexy’ (to me anyways)

    I have finished this one – it’s in keeping with character that he’s stiff-stilted here because his character is very proper. A couple of the Osts are beautiful (续写 – continuation) and the more animated Bai Lu captivates, esp with her beautiful voice.

  4. It caught my attention after I watched this drama. Love Allen Ren , after this drama , I watched “Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard”, another excellent drama. Both are so romantic & yet there are many emotional episodes. My boxes of tissue are almost used up. Now I am back tracking all of his dramas. Though I have seen “Destiny of the white snake” a few years back, I liked that drama but he did not leave a big impression on me.I might watch it again since I know who he is. wow “Forever & Ever” is a great drama to watch. Love Allen since then. He acted really well. Love his singing , acting & his participation in “Have Fun”. I am now watching “One & Only”. So far I am loving it. Such a handsome guy. Wishing him many many success in his career

    1. Yup I am currently watching “Miss Crow” and overall I’m quite satisfied with this show. Jia Lun’s role in Miss Crow is very different from his character in Forever and ever. A strict boss but not that typical cool boss type like in other romcoms. Although his hairstyle is almost the same like in FAE, I can easily tell the difference in both characters through his eyes acting. Guess he earns a new fan =)))

  5. I actually Bailu carried the whole drama from ‘one&only’ to ‘Forever&ever.’ In the first part he dead, and it was Bailu heartfelt crying performance that made us viewers wanting to see a closure for her unfulfilled love (as he never really fought for her love due to him putting his reputations first among others). In Forever…, Allen’s character was too weak, he was not the hero all the way to the scene end, and every initiate was made by the leading lady, at the end she was the hero and saved his life. He did what was needed but I could see a more experienced actor pour more into the character. Most of the time I see him daze off (for lack of better word).

    1. I agree BL should be the main star that get recognition in these 2 dramas, however, it seems everyone is praising him. In the interview before Forever n ever was air, he said he was crying as much as BL for the first part, and I’m going to say no. That girl cried from literally the beginning to the end, sure she meant to be a weak girl and cry a lot, but her cries are all different and you get to see the growth in her character throughout all her crying (weirdly but it’s the true). I like Allen in one and only as the character was portrait correctly however I wouldn’t think of him as sexy, I think he’s fine for ShiYi, but in forever and ever, he’s just not smouldering enough for such a hot wife lol

  6. This scene and the scene ZSC cries on bed when Wen Xing dies impresses me a lot. That crying scene is so close to real life, when you can’t hold your emotions any longer and start crying but don’t want your beloved ones to hear you. He uses a hand to cover his mouth so that the noise is not too loud, but also trembles while crying when the emotion is out of control. I can clearly see myself crying like that when I used to live with my mom in the same room. Plus I think Allen portrays the characteristic of the modern lifetime ZSC quite well. There are alot of cute, but dorky, ways that he shows his love towards SY. The scenes where she’s drunk is a perfect example. Trying to get her to be comfortable, that’s just so cute. But some people keeps saying that Bailu carries both drama. Sorry I don’t really get it.

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