6 Funny Chinese Celebrity Childhood Stories

Although celebrities always seem composed on stage and larger-than-life in dramatic roles, these six Chinese celebrities’ childhood stories remind us that they too had quirky or embarrassing moments as children.

Sean Xiao Zhan (肖戰)

Although he gives an impression that he is calm and gentle person, Xiao Zhan was a playful and mischievous boy. The actor used to run around the neighborhood while making loud noises, and would prank his neighbors by knocking on their doors for no reason. Xiao Zhan’s parents apparently disciplined him very often for his misbehavior.

Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫)

With well-defined visual features, Jialun easily makes many hearts flutter. However, The Blue Whisper <与君初相识> actor once revealed that he was not born with double eyelids. When everyone immediately thought that he had gotten plastic surgery, Jialun amusingly shared he got double eyelids from staying up all night during his adolescence.

Wang Yibo (王一博)

Seemingly well-disciplined and mature, Yibo reveals he had a playful side. He did not like to eat when he was young, which made his grandmother chase him all over the yard just to put some food into his mouth. Eventually, she offered him 50 cents if he ate one dumpling, and no doubt, it worked like a charm. Yibo joked he would rely on his face to earn money now, but he used to rely on eating to earn money.

Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴)

Every young girl may dream to be a princess, but young Dilraba possessed dreams beyond  diamond crowns and pink frilly dresses. Believing that she was the only one born in the Year of the Monkey, the actress misunderstood she had a mission to succeed after Monkey King in The Journey to the West and started practicing martial arts.

Yang Chaoyue (楊超越)

The idol shared that her name, which means “to go beyond,” was apparently taken very seriously by her mother. She shared that her family always had to cross a huge bend in the river in order to get home. So one time, her mother wanted to take a shortcut and tried to throw her across to the other side, but the miscalculation led to Chaoyue accidentally falling into a ditch! The absurdity of it all was too funny, and Chaoyue could stop laughing as she recalled the incident.

Tan Songyun (譚松韻)

Falling into potholes appears to be a common experience for beauties, but Songyun got the shortest end of the stick of it all with her falling into a cesspool! Explaining the experience casually over a steamy hotpot meal with everyone during the show Wonderful Little Forest <奇妙小森林>, the actress said she was playing with her friends one day and saw a peach blossom tree in full bloom. Wanting to pick a few flowers, Songyun did not see a huge cesspool below the tree and ended up tragically falling into the poop-filled hole! Everyone immediately erupted in laughter, including netizens who could not help but ask if she still wanted to maintain her image.

Source: Beauty 321

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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    1. It can happen, but not just for one night. It happened to me personally through a long period of time. I used to have very, very light double eyelids and there was a period that i was really lack of sleep due to a new born infant and taken care of a very sick elderly parent. Also I’m a light sleeper. My eyes became permanent double eyelids (thicker double eyelids). They don’t look 100% like people who were born with double eyelids eyes.

    2. This is anecdotal of course, but I had a college roommate who did not have double eye lids freshman year, and by senior year they somehow developed. I haven’t seen enough of a sample size to say this happens all the time, but it definitely can happen. It might not be from staying up all night like he said though lol

  1. I am not impressed. Every child has had something embarrassing happened to them, that is a given. Why not share things that are deemed embarrassing when they became celebrities and household names. That would be a better, and much more appreciated. It would also show the fans that these men and women are human beings too. I think the article was a waste. I am not blaming Jayne or her team. They are only sharing news that they did not create. Waste of time by the original author.

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