Joe Chen Announces Marriage

After more than two years of dating, Joe Chen (陳喬恩) and Alan Chen (曾偉昌) finally tied the knot! The couple, who met while taking part in Chinese reality show Meeting Mr. Right 2 <女兒們的戀愛2>, registered their marriage under the witness of several immediate family members.

Although they maintained a high-profile relationship and often openly shared their public displays of affection and interactions on social media, the couple kept their wedding low-profile.

Despite the nine-year age difference, Joe and Alan’s relationship remained steady through the years. The Malaysian rich second-generation even moved to Taiwan to be closer to Joe.

Fans are ecstatic over the marriage news, as Joe’s love life has been the focus of media attention over the years. The 42-year-old has been linked to many of her costars over the years. Her romantic rumors include actors Wallace Huo (霍建華), Roy Chiu (邱澤), Deric Wan (溫兆倫), Louis Koo (古天樂), Ming Dao (明道), Ethan Ruan (阮經天), Mike He (賀軍翔), Andy Chen (陳正飛), Blue Lan (藍正龍), and a foreigner from outside the entertainment industry named Michael.

Source: World Journal

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Joe Chen Announces Relationship with Malaysian Rich 2G

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  1. I was unsure about this relationship when they were in the dating program… but they have been thru alot the last few years…. I am very happy Joe Chen is happily settled.
    Both of them look very happy. Congratulations Joe Chen.

  2. Did Joe Chen get plastic surgery? She looks totally different from before, in the pic she looks like a combo of Samantha Ko and Grace Wong.

    1. Maybe some crazy filtering/photoshop?

      The guy is cute and seems like he treats her well, Joe is lucky

    2. @Jane626 we will not go the Baby route here. Anyone with eyes, and an iota of commom sense and clear judgement can see that she has had very great PS. The top women in Taiwanese drama TV have had it. It was very good work and she looks gorgeous. She is still the same quirky, sweet Joe Chen that we all appreciate. Big congrats to her and Alan. They really deserve their happiness together.

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