Joe Chen Vacations in the Maldives with Rich Boyfriend

Earlier, Taiwanese artist Joe Chen (陈乔恩) successfully got rid of the nickname, “Golden Leftover Woman,” when she began dating Malaysian rich second-generation Alan Chen (曾伟昌). Since going public with their relationship, the pair often shares their lovey-dovey photos on social networking sites from time to time.

Today, Joe uploaded some travel pictures from their trip to the Maldives together. Although Alan was not seen the photos, netizens believe he traveled with her. During the trip, Joe wore a lot of makeup and numerous gorgeous outfits.

From the images, it seems like Joe went on a luxurious vacation. In addition to taking a seaplane to the hotel, she also enjoyed a meal at an undersea restaurant. No wonder why many netizens left messages saying that the couple looks like they’re about to get married soon. Maybe good news will come soon!

Source: Oncc

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