Joe Chen Receives 41 Gifts from Boyfriend for 41st Birthday

Although separated by the sea, love will bring them together no matter what.

Last year, Joe Chen (陳喬恩) met and fell in love with Alan Chen (曾偉昌), a rich second generation from Malaysia, after appearing on the Chinese dating show Meeting Mr. Right <女兒們的戀愛>. Alan is nine years younger than Joe, who turned 41 on April 4th.

On the days leading up to Joe’s birthday, Alan shared a photo he took with Joe on Instagram. “I miss watching movies together everyday,” he said. “I miss bitter gourd pineapple chicken soup. I miss the days when ‘corona’ was just a beer’s name.”

On the day of Joe’s birthday, he drowned his Instagram story with pictures of Joe, including one where he had photoshopped a birthday cake. “Sorry I couldn’t be by your side,” he wrote.

On April 5th, the day after her 41st birthday, Joe shared a three-minute clip of her small birthday gathering with staff on social media. She said that she was surprised with 41 different gifts after returning to her room after work. “All the gifts from 0 to 41 are all here,” she wrote. “I was so shocked my tears almost fell… why are you so good to me?”

Joe said she her only birthday wish was for the pandemic to end quickly, and that “peace and health” are the most important.”

Source: Yahoo! HK

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