Joe Chen Announces Relationship with Malaysian Rich 2G

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Joe Chen Announces Relationship with Malaysian Rich 2G

Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陈乔恩) has found love and announced that she is currently in a relationship with Malaysian rich second-generation Alan Chen (曾伟昌). Meeting on Chinese reality show Meeting Mr. Right 2 <女儿们的恋爱2>, the 40-year-old actress was attracted to the 31-year-old artist’s warm and gentle personality.

Although Joe has finally found romance after professing to be single for six years, viewers aren’t too pleased and don’t see her new relationship favorably. Aside from criticizing Alan for his plain looks, they dug deeper into his social media activities and discovered that he follows and likes the bikini photos of many popular model/ social influencers on Instagram. Pointing out his poor conduct and flirtatious ways, they hoped Joe would reconsider in dating him.

In announcing her new relationship, Joe wrote, “Coming to film Meeting Mr. Right means I want to fall in love. I didn’t come for the money. Thanks to the production team. Thank you for the blessings brought by the dolphins. There are no script and no lines. Thank you for everyone’s attention. Love did not give up on me, because it won’t let go of anyone who believes in it.”

Alan also made a similar post in thanking the show and Joe, “In the world of billions of people, we were meant to find each other. Love never leave us or anybody. A life of a few decades is too short for anything, so just be brave to love!”

Joe had agreed to appear in Meeting Mr. Right 2 with an open heart. Feeling often insecure and discriminated due to her age, she appeared cautious but open-minded to embrace a romantic relationship. Though their age gap and location brought the two some concerns during their dates on the show, Joe was attracted by Alan’s warm exterior which she believes reflects his good family upbringing.

It is unknown how their relationship will unfold, but based on viewers’ criticisms against Alan due to his Instagram activities, the couple may have a difficult time in managing their relationship in the public eye.

Recap on Joe and Alan’s Dates

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14 comments to Joe Chen Announces Relationship with Malaysian Rich 2G

  1. wm2017 says:

    Young, rich & ok cute…hummm…lol..good luck really.

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  2. hetieshou says:

    He seems like a decent guy. It is more than looks when it comes to anyone. Plus he is young and rich but Joe herself is not poor so I hope she is not just going for the money only. I have a feeling she values love more than money. The netizens are so nit picking. If all he does is like photos of models, I do not see anything wrong with that. I hope Joe has finally found happiness and will announce her marriage soon.

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    • prettysup1 replied:

      @hetieshou He has replied on his instagram that those models are his friends who hold other full-time jobs. Anyway I also find those netizens too busybody, he has the freedom to like anyone or anything on his own social media account.

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  3. foodie says:

    Allow time to tell where this will lead….. Enjoy the experience.

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  4. parisnights says:

    Happy for joe Chen for finding love at 40

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  5. cutie777 says:

    She’s lucky that he doesn’t mind about her age.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      True but some men prefer older women. It just depends on the person.

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  6. coralie says:

    Happy she found someone in her life. I hope the relationship lasts in spite of their age gap. He still seems very young…might want kids later down the line, so Joe needs to start planning now.

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    • hetieshou replied:

      Alyssa Jia is 9 years older than her current husband and they are happily married with 2 kids and one from her first marriage. It is more than age in order to stay together and be happy.

      Lin Chi Ling is 7-8 years older than her new husband. I guess love should be dependent on much more than age.

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      • coralie replied:

        @hetieshou i didn’t mean the age gap would prevent them from having a happily ever after. however, some guys don’t think far ahead and don’t place maternal age into consideration when they date older women. what ends up happening is that they want children later on and their partner can no longer pursue that option. which means break up. alyssa chia was still able to have kids when she married her current husband. joe is at a late maternal age already, so, that’s where the issue lies.

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      • hetieshou replied:

        Oh ok, but honestly if he does intend to have a future with her then I am sure that thought did cross his mind. It is still possible for her to have kids. Ada Choi just had a healthy baby at 45-46. Lin Chi Ling is 44 and just married and I doubt her husband would leave her if she truly was unable to have kids. I actually find it very sad if a marriage or relationship breaks apart just because a woman cannot have kids. Some just naturally cannot have kids and it is not due to age only. My late uncle was unable to so he just adopted a girl who loved and took care of him and my aunt(his wife) until their last day. At times it is the guy who is infertile not the girl so it is not always the girl’s fault if a couple cannot have kids. It is a good option to adopt if you cannot have your own which is what Irene Wan did.

        But I get what you are saying as my late mom’s late friend married young but naturally could not have kids so her husband’s family literally gave her back to her family which I found sad. Her husband’s side of the family loved her as she was perfect in every way but the only thing was that she could not have kids. Her former husband then remarried and had 2-3 kids. She ended up remarrying and adopting 3 children and her niece and raised them as her own kids. They were all good her til her last day. I also have an aunt who became infertile due to medication she took but her husband (my uncle) did not mind and loves and married her anyways. They are now happily married even though they have no children.

        But I must say that having children or not does not necessarily always make or break a marriage or relationship. It just depends on the couple. In Joe’s case, if this guy is serious about her, maybe he is open to adoption or does not mind if she can have kids or not. The next thing you know, maybe he is the one who is infertile like in my uncle’s case, who knows?

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      • coralie replied:

        @hetieshou regardless of what you and I see as poor excuse to break up a relationship (lack of children), plenty of couples have broken up due to this very reason. yes, that might not be true for joe and her new bf, but this is the risk with dating younger men when you’re at an older age. it’s their ignorance with what they want and what they may actually get.

        we all want to hope for the best and think that the men won’t leave even if there’s no baby, which is definitely possible (like Dicky Cheung and his wife, Carina Lau and Tony Leung, Sean Lau and Amy Kwok, etc), but examples of men leaving due to childless relationships outnumber the ones who stay, especially in asian culture, where pressure to carry on the family line trenches deeply into societal fabric. adoption is not viewed as favorably and very few asians actually adopt. even if they do adopt, unless they’re public figures, they usually keep the adoption a secret.

        this isn’t to say they can’t use IVF or something to make pregnancy happen, but if that’s true, joe really needs to start planning now instead of later, like i said in my original post. and if IVF fails, this may compromise the relationship as explained above.

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      • hetieshou replied:

        Regardless of what you say, there are exceptions and I do agree that many break up and divorce due to not having kids. But you are making it seem like it is all there is. I was not making excuses but trying to tell you that there are cases where the man does stay and there are also cases where it is the guy who cannot have kids not the women.

        I know it all too well as there are cases within my own family and friends so it is not just celebrities. My uncle that could not have kids adopted a girl and his selfish wife tried to hide it from her even though she already knew. My other aunt and uncle could not have kids and adopted 2 kids and they knew it from the start and loved my uncle and aunt until their final days. You do not need to keep adoptions secretive but in my family my one aunt did it out of selfishness. I know it all too well…

        I feel having kids is based on fate too. Some are young but yet cannot have kids due to health related reasons too. Joe does need to plan now but then who knows if she will end up with this guy for sure or not.

        If you want to keep on attacking everything I say then let it be. I was not making excuses but telling you that if for example Joe could not have kids and he leaves her just for that reason only, then maybe he was not meant to be with her. I do find it sad if that is the one and only reason for a guy to leave a girl just due to having kids or not. If so, then maybe Joe should consider being with someone older or someone who already has kids. Her close friend Joyce married a man 12 years older who is divorced with one son. Joyce treats her stepson like her own son. Maybe Joe should consider being with an older man instead.

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      • coralie replied:

        @hetieshou i don’t know where you get that i’m attacking you. i was only having a discussion and explaining the disadvantages of marrying someone younger – that risk of no kids/dissolution of the marriage is a risk factor. sometimes the overwhelming desire to have kids can make/break a marriage and there are countless examples of this occurring even in american marriages, let alone asian ones. of course there are exceptions, but that’s not the norm. love IS important but other factors can play a role in whether love works out.

        and in cases where the woman is barren, adoption is an option, too. but like i said, it’s not as common in asian families and more popular in western countries, for reasons stated earlier.

        i don’t think joe has to marry someone older to have a stable relationship, but she definitely needs to know if he want kids. if so, she needs to get started now. or if she knows she doesn’t want any, she should pursue relationships with those who adamantly doesn’t want any. there aren’t too many of them, but they exist.

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