Ming Dao Scolds 5-Year-Old Actress for Misbehaving

Known for his nice guy image, Taiwanese actor Ming Dao (明道) shockingly losing his temper at a five-year-old child star, named Guo Guo (果果).

Ming Dao, Guo Guo, and Huang Yi (黃奕) were filming a short clip sending Lunar New Year blessings. While filming, Guo Guo refused to listen to instructions and did not cooperate. In addition to head bumping Huang Yi several times, the video also showed Guo Guo mindlessly kicking Ming Dao on the couch continuously.

Exasperated, Ming Dao finally turned to Guo Guo and said, “Damn it, don’t waste my time. We’ll wait until you’re done fooling around before continuing to film.” After scolding Guo Guo, Ming Dao got off the couch and left the scene.

Guo Guo’s Mother Apologizes

Netizens initially berated Ming Dao for being impatient with a child. Many also felt that Ming Dao should not have used foul language towards a child, no matter how irritated he was. However, the video began trending again, and netizens now seem to have a different take on the incident. Some felt as though Guo Guo’s mother deliberately shared the video to smear Ming Dao’s reputation, and sided with the actor, stating that dealing with an ill-mannered child is unbearable.

Although many still feel that Ming Dao should not have used foul words around a child, they are now also placing the blame on Guo Guo’s mother for not disciplining her child. When online debate over the matter began to increase, Guo Guo’s mother immediately deleted the video and posted an apology.

“When I think about how this is affecting an actor’s career and making a passionate actor’s life more difficult, I really can’t bear it. This is all because of me, and the last I could do is apologize, even if it is too late. There were a lot of people on set that day, and Guo Guo was pouting. She did not sit still or properly on Huang Yi’s lap. Time and time again, she refused to cooperate. I didn’t think to tell her to stop messing around. Unfortunately, this affected everyone’s filming experience, especially Ming Dao. He had filmed many scenes and was very tired and hoped to finish work quickly to go home and rest. It is normal that he reacted negatively to Guo Guo’s behavior. Ming Dao is a professional actor. He wanted Guo Guo to be respectful and cooperate and not waste everyone’s time. He has helped me teach Guo Guo about consequences. Guo Guo has a lot of learning to do. I have impacted an actor’s career and I feel guilty. Ming Dao, I am sorry! I hope you can forgive my mistakes. Everyone, please do not overly criticize a professional actor,” Guo Guo’s mother stated.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I read many arguments of this incident around… I think kids too young really should be limited to a couple of hours on site…it is really not fair on any child so young to not feel tired when even adults do. Guo Guo’s mum should not have toss her child into limelight!!

    Her apology is just ridiculous… She should not have even posted the video. If she had concerns, just address MD directly. No need to use such underhanded means to get attention.

    Huang Yi is a very unprofessional…

    1. Looks like my comment got deleted but IDK what the heck is your problem with Huang Yi, you gotta try harder next time pulling other people under the bus. She has children of her own so she was patient and also trying to calm down the child. She is not the mother of Guo Guo. No need to use such underhanded means to get attention.

      1. You are right to correct my mistake… Huang Yi is not Guo Guo’s mum. That is a error. I cannot edit my post as the edit button is no longer around. My apologies to Huang Yi.
        But I do stand by my words, a child so young should not be made to work longer then 2hrs… often they get bored, tired and will play up.

      2. @Freekyu On the issue of attention seeking, aren’t you the one who loves attention on his site…You are often very rude, aggressive towards members or voicing your opinions. Your manner is very attention seeking and anti social. You really need to reflect on yourself before finger pointing others.

      3. @Freekyu,
        I was confused too. What did Huang Yi do wrong? I saw that she was patient with the child. But hey, you know how some are on this site so don’t waste your time. We have more of a life than that. Just ignore and move on…

      4. @HeTieShou The person who renounced this site awhile ago…conderming many members and says he/she will leave the site and never come back….returned very shortly. Clearly miss this site that you disliked. You have not moved on, just moved backwards…
        But I have admitted my error on Huang Yi.. You likely did not read and just jump on the bandwagon.

    2. @Hohliu,
      I actually was not going to but I only did because of Jayne since she was always nice to me and I have met a few nice people on this site.

      1. @HeTieShou I welcome you back to the JayneStars community, as you’ve been an active commenter since the very beginning! However, as discussions have been getting heatedly lately, I would appreciate if you can maintain peaceful discussions with members you do enjoy interacting with. I edited your comment because I think it’s best to put past disagreements behind everyone for good.

        @everyone Inflammatory remarks will be either censored or deleted. There is no need to target a specific user in a way that would be considered as combative or attacking in nature. Let’s all try to keep discussions friendly. Thanks!

  2. I’ve had this discussion on another website, but I can understand why the mom presented the video online rather than in person. Like MD is the star of the show and he holds a lot of power over the situation. If she went to him and criticized his behavior, do you think he would stand for it at that time and place? She can’t say anything directly since it’s her daughter at fault, but she also didn’t want to let this sit and take the treatment. So she post it online to let the public decide. This is, I guess, a violation to MD’s privacy, but if he didn’t do something incorrect, it wouldn’t be a problem?

    1. It’s like if an employee was abused by the boss, she shouldn’t go to HR. She should go to a lawyer, because only outsiders will help her situation, not her boss.

    2. You bring up a good point @Coralie . I didn’t really think about it from that perspective. At the end of the day, I think this is not that big of an issue. He totally shouldn’t have sworn at the kid no matter how terrible she was acting. For people who said the mom could’ve talked to him or the crew first, taking the same argument, he could’ve addressed his anger at the mother instead and asked her to deal with her child. However, based on a short little clip, it’s really hard to understand the full breadth of the situation. Both parties have apologized and moved on, so we bystanders should too. In the wise words of Else, it’s time to “Let it go!”

    3. @Coralie That is a good prospective to consider. The same reasoning was used when Wang Leehom ex-wife decided to exposed him in public instead of doing so privately.

      Looking at the video a number of times, I do feel this is exaggerated. The mum in question needs to reflect on whether her own daughter is working too many hours thus played up. That issue definitely need to be address…Abusing Child Labour is always a big issue.

      But for the 2 parties involved, as @lilseemonster has said both have apology and moved on.

      1. Agree with @lilseemonster and you @Hohliu that we should let bygones be bygones, and both the mom and MD were wrong to allow it to escalate to this point. MD should’ve kept his cool and the mom should’ve let her kid rest instead of forcing her to perform. Ultimately they both felt the consequences of their actions and hope they both learned from their mistakes.

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