Ming Dao Paid Off Every Single Debt for His Family

On January 5th, Taiwanese media reported that Ming Dao’s (明道) older brother Lin Ming-hung (林明弘) was found dead with his wife and son. Lin was suspected to have killed his wife and son shortly before committing suicide. Lin was NT$2 million in debt.

According to his manager, Ming Dao is in shock and in mourning. Growing up in a poor family, Ming Dao greatly respected his older brother, who took care of him when their parents were busy to make ends meet. Diagnosed with a disease that caused Ming Dao to fatigue quickly, his older brother took on the responsibility of carrying him to and back from kindergarten every single day. The two brothers maintained a close relationship in their youths.

Unfortunately, his older brother had unhealthy addictions, rendering him constantly in debt as he reached adulthood. In 2016, his brother had used Ming Dao’s personal information to borrow money, which had disrupted Ming Dao’s life and nearly affected his career. Even then, Ming Dao remained lenient on his brother, exclaiming, “Everyone must hold responsibility of their actions. Every injustice has its perpetrator and every debt its debtor.”

Ming Dao had been consistently paying off his family’s debt since his debut at 18 years old. When he was younger, his family borrowed over NT$5 million from a shadow bank to support their dried foods business. Ming Dao helped his parents paid off that debt soon after earning his first few paychecks. Even to this day, Ming Dao is the main financial support for his parents, his older brother, his wife, and their son. He had purchased a NT$5 million home to live with his parents.

Source: HKET.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Didn’t Joey Yung Cuts Ties with Father Over Financial Woes at one point? Perhaps you really need to step down at some point or else the pattern continues because they know someone will care of it. Tragic!

    1. @wm2017 I definitely agree, though it can be hard when the person with the addiction is a parent or, in Ming Dao’s case, a sibling who took care of him like a parent for a period in his life…and of course, it’s way worse in an Asian family with all the cultural implications and such. It takes a lot of courage to break ties with family, but depending on the situation, maybe that would’ve been the best way to go…in any case, definitely feel sorry for Ming Dao and the situation he was put in…

      1. @llwy12
        Ming Dao did stop paying for his brother’s debt as he knew that it was not going to help his brother. However, I think as his brother was unemployed, Ming Dao helped take care of him and his own family. Sadly even after marrying and having his own family, he was still the irresponsible person that he was before marriage. This is so tragic and I hope that Ming Dao and his parents will stay strong and will get through this. I feel so bad for him and his parents. Breaking ties is very hard to do and is easier said than done.

        I must say that he is such an evil coward. He could have just killed himself but why kill his wife and son too? They were innocent!

  2. 1. Two innocent lives lost.
    2. Condolences to Ming Dao and his parents.
    3. I pray that they will get through this.

    When there is an addict in the family (drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.) life can be hell for the people who are close to them. If you are a wife, child, sibling or parent – you can suffer with his/her addiction for many, many years. Emotionally, mentally and financially it will ruin you for a long time. I understand this because i have a sibling who gambles for decades. They can emotionally blackmail you. It took over 30 years for me to break the relationship with my sibling – my sibling threaten to kill me and my spouse after i stopped sending that person money. That was my breaking point. It was hard for me to do that because this person is the only family i have left in this world. Some of you may say that just cut that person off. It’s a lot harder to do than you think.

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