Oscar Leung’s Father and Brother in Bankruptcy; Financial Stress Bursts Through Roof!

Talented TVB actor, Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), often lameneted that he had no money. Although he wished to get married with his girlfriend of 9 years, Tina, Oscar had no financial capability to do so. With both his father and brother in bankrupcy, Oscar had to financially support his family. Filming 7 TVB dramas year-to-date with barely time to sleep, Oscar also worked part-time as a cashier in a restaurant to make ends meet. Embroiled in fabricated rape rumors, Oscar was afraid that he would lose his job, pushing his stress levels through the roof!

Oscar said, “I was afraid that I will be considered as a sex pervert! My stress level was very high; I was very scared of losing my job. My entire family would be in trouble then!” Oscar was currently paying for the rent of his family’s apartment and garage spot.

Double Bankruptcy in Leung Family

Oscar’s father, Mr. Leung, filed for bankruptcy due to his failed business several years ago. In 2007, Oscar’s elder brother, Leung Lit Tai, was sued by HSBC Bank for $1.563 million HKD in unpaid debts. This forced Oscar’s brother to file for bankruptcy.

Oscar stated, “About 10 years ago, at the peak of my father’s career, he started a plastics business and purchased a house. However, he entered a negative equity position and could no longer pay the mortgage for the house. The bank repossessed the house, forcing my father to file for bankruptcy.” After the house was sold in a foreclosure auction at a value less than what Mr. Leung purchased it at, the family still had to repay the difference and mortgage interest to the bank.

Oscar added, “Since my elder brother was working at a bank at the time and had a stable income, the bank requested that he be added as the loan guarantor.  My brother was held responsible for [my father’s] debts.” After Leung Lit Tai moved and found a new job, he discovered that HSBC Bank has been unable to locate him to pay past debts. The case was brought to court in 2007, forcing Oscar’s brother to enter bankruptcy.

With nearly $20,000 HKD in monthly family living expenses to pay, Oscar Leung worked very hard to earn as much money as possible. His father was currently out of work. His brother no longer lived at home. He promised to help out with the debts if he was able to do so. Due to his father and brother’s bankruptcies, Oscar will have to delay his own marriage dreams. He hoped to save enough money to purchase an apartment before getting married with his girlfriend, Tina.

Fortunately, after his popularity rose after the broadcast of L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, Oscar received more job offers. He appeared in movie, Natural Born Lovers <天生愛情狂> with Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and began to appear in more promotional events.

Fake Rape Rumors Burst Stress Level

Aside from the trying financial situation at home, Oscar Leung was accused of raping actress, Kimmy Kwan (關婉珊) at a bar on May 4th, with Timmy Hung (洪天明) at the site. Since the Hong Kong Police department did not have such a rape case on file, Oscar’s name was quickly clearly. Timmy vouched that Oscar was innocent.

The identity of Oscar’s enemy, who had spread the rape rumors, remained unknown. Oscar claimed that he got along well with people and did not know where such rumors originated.

Oscar had nightmares that his image would suffer negatively from the fabricated rape rumors. During a time when he needed money desperately to help his family debt, he was afraid of losing his job and losing an income source. He said, “Fortunately, TVB treated me very well and trusted me very much!” Oscar’s work load continued to increase despite his negative rumors.

Source: Face Magazine #260 via ihktv.com

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Jayne: Good luck to Oscar Leung. He will be straddled by his family’s financial situation for many years to come. No wonder Oscar went through a bout of depression, as his stress was very high due to his struggling career and family situation. His girlfriend, Tina, is a gem though for standing by him thick and thin.

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  1. Why is all the sexual harassment cases involved TIMMY HUNG? previously with the model the same n now another case which he vowed for his buddies n he is at the scene!! Something wrong with him?? Perhaps all gals shld b more kful going out wit TIMMY HUNG..hahaha

    1. Timmy Hung is a very famous kungfu star’s son.

      I strongly believe his hands are very clean = He has never touched any female’s backside before……..so there’s no way for him to involve in a single molest/rape case.

  2. If he din mentioned Timmy hung, mayb I doubt the case is real but now it’s lol Timmy hung n lol jz the model case, he vowed for his buddies till all the pictures appeared den he jz say o they r jz playing around! Why not play with his wife n c how his respond??

  3. *vouched* the model case I’m referring is rose chan n Benny chan, isn’t Timmy hung oso there n he was the reason rose followed them, something wrong with tis guy

    1. cant really blame entirely on the guy, the gal could be seeking for attn but ended up being sexually harrassed becuz she was overly flirty? who noe?

  4. Poor Oscar he’s been through a lot! I’m so glad that he’s gettin more job opportunities! His girlfriend really is amazing, and Kimmy Kwan helped clear Oscars name too in an interview.

  5. He is of course obligated to take care of his family BUT if he is paying his father’s/brother’s debt, I think he shouldn’t. It is not his debt to bear.

    1. Well, if it is family then it is hard to just not help them pay. Just like how Ada Choi had to pay her mother’s gambling debts for many years. Nicky Wu also had to help pay his father’s business debt for many years. But if it is like a business debt then it is more understandable, unlike a gambling debt…

      1. HeTieShou,
        There were also other artists straddled with family debts as well:

        -Jacky Cheung had a brother who owed millions if not more in gambling debt (incurring wrath of loan sharks)

        -Rain Li’s father’s business went bankrupt, she had to pay

        -Sharon Chan supported family after father died

        -Anita Mui- didn’t her mom also have some gambling debts? Reason for Anita singing to earn a living at a young age?

        Fortunately, the above artists also had have great earning power.

        Unfortunately for Oscar Leung, his earning power is still somewhat limited. It is only this year that he has had more film and advertising opportunities.

        His brother’s debt of $1.564 million HKD, while sizeable, is the price of a house mortgage. Somehow his brother’s reason of moving and getting another job doesn’t sound right. The cited reason for Oscar’s brother’s bankruptcy was that he became the loan guarantor of their father’s debt and was unable to pay. The loan while sizeable, should have been able to be worked out with HSBC bank to pay back in installments, rather than force the poor man to go into bankruptcy.

  6. L’escargot for real? LOL

    Poor guy.

    Timmy is prolly acting as a pimp

    1. it could be tat timmy has something to do with tis.

      1. Just find it suspicious that whenever the word “rape” “sexual harassment” pops up it’s tagged with Timmy, LOL.

        Sure there exist many coindidence in this world, but seriously.

        Excuse no. 1: I was drunk can’t remember anything

        no. 2: I thought both parties were willing

        no. 3: my secret identity is a pimp aka “turtle master” for the rich and famous 😀

      2. The police should investigate Timmy whether if he’s involved in every sexual harrasment cases reported hihi..

      3. I also find it strange that Timmy seems to always be there when these sexual harrassment cases occur. Strange…

  7. poor Oscar. so much burden on him.

    dunno how these rape rumors came about. no witnesses and no case. its like someone wanted to make oscar in trouble so started spreading fake rumors.

  8. I hope they promote him more. He’s doing quite well in house of harmony and vengeance. He dances better than Linda, who I feel is not graceful at all and doesn’t seem to quite fit her role.

    1. I’m happy that his recent roles has a lot of supports from the fans, even though he’s just a supporting actor. Well, two of his series will definitely be aired in the latter half of the year… but hopefully the audiences won’t get tired of him.

      Well, if talking about getting tired of seeing someone onscreen for 3, 4 times a year… it should be the fadans anyway.

    2. have you seen today’s pictures of Linda’s new series she’s gonna film? Blissful Ferris Wheel. Her hair and look is just the same old for the past 6 years….. boringgggggg

      1. I’m looking forward to this series because this will be Jason Chan’s first lead role.

      2. Boring hairdo is happening to half of TVB’s current top 5 fadans :P.

  9. Poor guy. He seems to have a lot of burdens placed on him at a time where he’s longing to settle down.

  10. Sometimes family are good for nothing. Some don’t even realize the burden they put upon their own family members. Why bring someone down with you. Why ruin another person’s life because of your own mistakes. Sometimes it’s best not to have family like this.

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