Fred Cheng, Oscar Leung, and Kenneth Ma Shop with Carol Cheng in England

Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) took part in the newest episode of Dodo Goes Shopping <Do姐去Shopping>. The three men went to England with Carol earlier to film for the travelogue.

Oscar debunked the myth that Carol is difficult to work with because of her strict requirements. When asked if there was a lot of pressure working with Carol, Oscar laughed, “I’ve slept in two days in a row already. Luckily Fred, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and the other employees came to my rescue!”

Oscar even joked about wanting to test out whether or not Carol would get angry if he was late to the set. “I’ve actually wanted to try if it was going to be a big deal. I tried this time but as it turns out, it wasn’t really!” Oscar added, “Although it feels like Carol is normally strict, after spending time together in England, I realized that she loves to laugh, take pictures, and spend time with others.”

Fred Cheng’s Valuable Experience in England

Besides being able to explore the local cities and bask in the different culture, a very meaningful experience came out of the trip to England for Fred. As a big fan of The Beatles, Fred took a train ride to the band’s hometown and was given the opportunity to perform at the famous club The Beatles used to sing in.

Fred was given a guitar by the club owner and was invited on stage alongside various singers. Reminiscing the incredible experience, Fred expressed, “I couldn’t even dream of it. As a Hong Kong singer, I couldn’t believe I would be offered to perform at such an important historical place. Even more incredible was that I was able to sign my name on the wall as a memento! As it turns out, those who perform on stage get to sign their names on the wall. I’m truly blessed that I’m able to bring glory to Hong Kong!”

Carol, Kenneth, Fred, and Oscar also visited the renown Chelsea Football Club in London, where they visited the players’ lounge and collected football souvenirs.

Fred and Oscar – Old TVB Friends

Since both Oscar and Fred have been busy with their own respective work, they were thankful for this excursion where they spent a lot of time catching up. Recalling their debut days, Fred revealed that Oscar was the first good friend he made at TVB. Fred spoke about his late night jobs and how he would often crash at Oscar’s place after work.

Smiling at the past memories, Oscar laughed, “When Fred holds his concert at Hong Kong Coliseum, I hope he can have me as a special guest!”

Performing at Hong Kong Coliseum is every singer’s dream and Oscar hopes that he will be able to join his Fred and celebrate his friend’s achievement on stage. Having collaborated in many series in the past, Oscar hopes to perform the theme song from the first series they worked on together – “Opening Ceremony” <開學禮> from Shine on You <青出於藍>.


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    2. Well Carol Cheng is in her late 50’s she should look like that
      I dont see anything wrong with it and plus she too skinny it make her looks more wrinkly =P

      1. @sherla1019
        True but I think if she aged more naturally instead of having all of that plastic surgery,she would honestly look a lot better. I guess you guys all missed that one photo of her where her face was literally falling apart like a pile of burned plastic, but the plastic surgeon said that she could not wear any make up prior to the surgeries required to fix her face due to the worn out cosmetic procedures. Her face is a result of plastic surgery that has worn out through the years plus aging of course.

        Angie Chiu, Liza Wang, Cecilia Wong,etc… are all around her age if not older but have aged gracefully because they are natural beauties. Therefore, we can now see how people who are natural age versus people who have had extensive plastic surgery.

  1. “Recalling their debut days, Fred revealed that Oscar was the first good friend he made at TVB. “

    It took both so long to reach where they are today. The road is definitely not easy.

    I remember Fred was in ‘Shine On You’ but don’t remember that Oscar was also there. Now the article mentioned it, I recall liao.

    Remember both of them in ‘Love Bond’ though. Gei Chung Ming and Lam Sei Hoi. The youngest brother is the 2 featured families in the series.

    Yes, I would definitely love to hear them sing the themesong of ‘Shine On You’. Love the themesong and love the series. 😀

    1. @kidd i loved these two in Love Bond! they were hilarious! that was when i first noticed them and went back to watch Shine On You and Forensic Heroes

      it would be too cool to hear them sing the theme song for Shine On You!

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