Ming Dao Gets Ripped for Magazine Photoshoot, Wants to be 007

Taiwanese actor Ming Dao (明道) shredded off his clothes for a new magazine cover photoshoot, showing off his rock-hard muscles and impressive figure. The former 183 Club star, who regularly practices Taekwondo, said he’s been shaping his figure ever since he was discharged from the army in 2013.

In February 2012, Ming Dao started his mandatory military service for the Republic of China Armed Forces. After a month of basic training, he was assigned to the Army Honor Guard unit and served there as a member for 11 months. He was honorably discharged in January 2013.

mingdao 1The 36-year-old recalled his time as an army guard, sharing that its strict training and discipline had honed his character and strengthened his willpower. Besides training for performances, he was also trained to stand, unmoving, at the same spot for two hours straight, wearing his full army gear under the sweltering heat. That itself caused Ming Dao to lose about 8 kg (17.6 lbs) through his service.

Though Ming Dao was honorably discharged, he faced a bottleneck in his career. “I went through an entire year without getting a project released. I didn’t know what my next step should be.” But Ming Dao went with the flow, and decided to settle down to slowly reconsider his next target. “That’s why I filmed a lot of dramas in the past two years. It’s because I have found my target, and now I will work towards that goal.”

In the upcoming Chinese drama Love by the Corner <轉角之戀>, Ming Dao plays a divorced single father, a role he has never touched upon before. “I’m in my mid-30’s. It’s about time I start to touch on roles like this one, how to face broken relationships and learn how to re-establish new ones. It’s definitely something new I’m trying.”

But family drama isn’t the only genre Ming Dao wants to try. He said he’s always had a soft spot for action movies, and would love to try an action role some day. He excitedly said, “I want to be 007. He has taste, has a great body and can fight. Hopefully someday those qualities can be found in me.”

mingdao 2 mingdao 3

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. OK, I know Mathew is 36 yrs old now, and I know he is a lean machine, he is maturing in age and physical looks. However, maturing and staying lean does not change your face that much. I know him well, and it looks like he has joined Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan and Joe Cheng in the plastic surgery department. Wish him well in life and his career as he is a humble, down to earth duper nice guy.

    1. @bubbletea wow you are right.. he does not look like himself anymore. Gotta say that I think he does look better now but very plastic. And yes, that list is correct. I can’t really recognize Jiro these days and I really liked him before.. Never a fan of Aaron.. and he just look way too plastic…. Joe I think still look like himself.. only Mike He still look the same and didn’t look like he got anything done! Thank goodness!!!

      1. @happybi very, very early in his career, Mike Had a nose job and that was it. Jiro admitted to his PS but the rest of them denied. The last time I saw Mathew was a year ago in Taiwan. I just hope it is photo shopping or photo waxing cause I prefer the natural Mathew.

      2. @bubbletea did not know that about Mike! Aaron is very very obvious so he should just admit it like Jiro. I like the old Jiro more. The new him is too much for me.

      3. @happybi I know, I appreciated the old Jiro more too
        The new him is a bit too over the top for me. With his new face came a new personality also. Aaron and Joe might as well confess, cause it is obvious to all who can see, except the delusional fanatics. I will make a few phone calls and find out more on Mathew, cause those photos do not look like him. Yes, Mike had a bit of a web nose, and it was flatter. He had it raised a little bit and flesh and tissue from the left and right sides of his nose were removed. He did not go overboard and has not had any more PS since .

      4. @bubbletea i remember the first time I saw Jiro with his new look. I was totally shocked as i see the right name but the face is totally not the one i know and remember. It was disappointing. If the photos up top is not Photoshop. He look like he got work done. Good decision with Mike as his nose look natural. Would not have guessed it was done.

  2. Jayne Stars: did you mean to say “Ming Dao got ribbed…?” The above photos looked “photoshopped” to me or plastic like above two viewers said. I like him & I hope he didn’t get plastic surgery. Sad!!!

  3. MIng Dao looks different. Very plastic and photoshop. Has he really being under the knife? Hard to judge based on this photoshop images. Need to see him on telly.

  4. Not sure about the face but why you all think the body is fake? Just a bit too oiled and tanned but I think it’s real. As for Jiro Wang, I don’t get he messed his face and it becomes fakely mixed.

    1. @msxie0714. You are so right about these pictures. They are not the typical pictures that we often see with Ming Dao. There is something weird about them.

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