Kenneth Ma Leaves TV King Battle Up To Chance

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) is not very hopeful about winning this year’s TV King title, saying it would be lucky to even nab a nomination.

Kenneth attended a staff dinner on November 4 to catch the premiere of his series The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II>. Reaching 29 points in its debut episode, the highly anticipated medical drama is on the right track to become one of this year’s biggest hits.

While many believe that the anniversary series will give Kenneth the boost his needs to win the TV King crown, the actor instead feels that the show’s status offers no special advantage. With two major productions under his belt this year, Kenneth certainly has a competitive edge. Even so, he humbly concedes the fight before it even began, saying that his Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄 II> co-stars Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) are far more deserving.

Regardless of the results, Kenneth has already won over legions of loyal fans during his fourteen years of service. Known as an eligible diamond bachelor, Kenneth has been a target of female friends and fans alike though remained single ever since his break up with Nancy Wu (胡定欣). Although friends are eager to set him up on blind dates, Kenneth still values a traditional courtship: “I have never believed in love at first sight. It is best to date after going through the friendship stage. It is difficult to find a girlfriend while working in this industry… but I would be happy with whatever hand life deals me.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I still wanna marry him but I am not sure I wanna hand him any acting awards. I am still quite irritated with his puppy dog looks seen more evidently in HCII.

    1. It was really really obvious when Tavia was quarantined and he was standing outside. It was OTT for me.

      1. Yes that’s the moment. I love this man but his acting is getting… well.. out of hand. But then Ben Wong and his fake hair is also distracting. It seems only Lawrence Ng looked like a doctor.

  2. honestly, Kenneth may be a good man, but his acting really not to the King level yet…but it is no choice (other great actor are not under TVB management)…so he has very high chance! The TVB King or Queen really lost the meaning!

    1. Pls. Was Tavia’s acting last year the TV queen level yet? no. Same as wayne lai’s acting last year. Same old same old.

  3. I can’t stand his somewhat childish expression when he acts in a professional drama…it’s so annoying. But yeah…Kenneth is totally marriageable lol. I would marry him in a heartbeat if he’s into my type, but I’m too young for him since he likes mature girls around his age. I wish there are more guys like him around my age…

  4. I was going to say that I didn’t know how he’s doing in THC2 but based on the comments here, it’s same old. He should NOT win based on TITS2 for sure. I don’t begrudge Kenneth that he’s managed to climb the ladder and is now a leading man, but then his acting will also met more scrutiny. He needs to lay of his acting tics and seek more variety in roles. I know it’s not really up to him, but as he gain more popularity he needs to leverage it into more challenging roles.

  5. I am probably the minority but I want kenneth to win tv king.

  6. I really like him, but hates it when he smiles with the puppy dog look, he looks silly that way.

  7. To be honest, none of the roles to date are acting King and Queen material. Most of the characters lack depth and appear shallow, so it’s no wonder that people can not decide unanimously on a best performer outside of fan followings. I only felt that TVB has only reached out twice to try to create better characters for their performers. And, politics and contracts in the industry always end up eclipsing the final outcome to represent everything except a genuine award for achievement. Very disappointing.

  8. Kenneth looked super cute in ep 1 of thc 2 but in the other eps he sucked and had no expressions so it’s obvious he won’t win and his puppy eyes is just at the wrong time …

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