Over 2.11 Million Watched “Will Power” Finale

After a period of slump ratings, TVB’s programs managed to see an increase in viewership last weekend.

Despite a less-than-stellar performance in ratings throughout its last month of broadcast, the finale of TVB’s anniversary drama Will Power <法外風雲>, which ended its 32-episode broadcast on Sunday, managed to hit over 30 points on its two-hour final episode, bringing in an average of 33 points (2.11 million viewers) and a peak of 36 points (2.31 million viewers). However, the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority received 22 complaints on the final episode, with viewers claiming that the episode did not make sense, had a misleading storyline, and was not suitable for children.

On the other hand, TVB’s second anniversary drama, The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II>, did not manage to attract higher ratings last week, and maintained its average viewership to 26 points, totaling 1.67 million viewers.

TVB’s new travelogue program Three Amigos Bon Voyage <三個小生去旅行>, hosted by first-generation siu sangs Bowie Wu (胡楓), Patrick Tse (謝賢), and Joe Junior, defeated TVB’s popular talk show Telling Maria 2 <最佳女主角> and generated an average of 23 points – three points higher than Telling Maria 2.

TVB’s 2013 Gala Anniversary event, which aired on November 19, also did not disappoint, and despite attaining an all-time low of 29 rating points, TVB reps expressed that they are happy with the results. TVB executives held a celebratory banquet of 24 tables, congratulating the 280 behind-the-scenes personnel for their hard work and effort. Over 22 red envelopes, worth over $60,000 HKD, were passed out as raffle prizes.

In related news, TVB has recently blacklisted Next Media from all of the station’s press conferences and events, claiming that the news outlet was attempting to smear TVB’s image and reputation by inaccurately reporting on the free TV license battle in Hong Kong. TVB will also be forbidding TVB artists to accept interviews and conferences from Next Media.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Greaaaaaaat,good job Tvb! Is it such a big deal? Out of 32 episodes , only the last 2 episodes broke through the 30 points barrier and TVB is patting itself on its back?! Hahahahahaha.

    1. Did you see TVB congratulating themselves on the final episode rating? The Nielsen rating result is released weekly by TVB and there is 0 report in the media that the station is satisfied or unhappy with the result. Get the facts right before bashing.

      1. lmao at your over-reaction! This hardly qualifies as bashing, the worst you can call it is sniggering. Anyway, that’s the impression one gets from the article, like it was such a big deal.

  2. I really enjoy watching “Will Power”; for me, it is the best drama of this year; the rating itself says nothing.

  3. Will Power is such a good series. I’m glad the ratings for it picked up near the end.

  4. “TVB has recently blacklisted Next Media from all of the station’s press conferences and events,”

    Ban Next Media? Can they do that? What happened to free speech, a right that HK people, the media and all hold true and sacred?

    1. Next Media is a tabloid company finding false and making up a non story. They will find a way to cover TVB stars but not on TVB venues. They already have bad history. I don’t mind ban Next Media since its garbage in a get go.

    2. It is not up to TVB to ban any media. It is up to the authorities to restrict or stop their licence if needed.

      There are many garbage tabloids other than Next Media. Why not ban them too? It looks more like personal vendetta on the part of TVB.

      Larry3, you are practising selective prosecution, a definite no no in HK free wheeling media scene.

      1. Bad boy, have you even living under the rock. Next Media expose Bosco Wong’s wiener in his home. TMI. Private life stays private. Next Media is one of the garbage and should be banned anyways from TVB.

      2. They also own Apple Daily which published pictures of Tavia on Him Law’s lap, but then exagerrated it to make it seem like she was giving him a BJ.

      3. they are the one publish raymond lam and mavis breaking story and also the one who publish the ron and toby pool party story!

      4. but i heard somewhere during the license fiasco last month that ricky wong has a connection with jimmy lai the next media owner and some assume that is why next always attack tvb top artistes and this final straw comes from tvb when next media publications attack tvb recently during the hktv issue and siding with hktv

        i think tvb is stupid to ban a powerful media. there is free speech

      5. Next Media Group contains most of tabloids: Next, Face, Apple Daily, Sudden, Easy Finder. I don’t rmb if 3 is under Next Media Group or not.

        Txb seems to have better relationship with Oriental Press Group and Global China Group. Oriental Sunday and East Week write better about Txb artists.

      6. It’s good to know that TVB was ok with Next Media publishing garbage about artists, but when it comes to publishing stuff about the TVB network itself, whoa, big no no and out comes the ban. It’s debatable whether what Next Media is doing is right or wrong, but censorship is definitely wrong. TVB has just shoved in the public’s face that there’s no such thing as free press. Slash out at Next Media all you want, but don’t defend TVB’s actions.

    3. Hey Larry3, you must be living under a rock, and rotting there.

      However ‘bad’ next media is, it is not up to TVB to ban it. TVB has no such power and it goes against HK media freedom.

      If you want to lay blame, blame it on the HK press enviroment that spuns such tabloids.

      But You cannot take unilateral action and ban as you see fit.

      I think you are one of the garbage loitering here banning and bombasting others with point of views different than than your.

      1. My god, really need slap to your face. Next Media is a sensationalized tabloid news just to feed the readers interest and in times provided FALSE news. They have gone way too far. TVB did the right thing, banned them. They are other news orgs do better coverage then Next Media. Its not the matter of freedom of speech. Its ethics and respect!

      2. Of course TVB can ban it. It is stopping its artists for giving interviews to this media also refuse any form of coverage from this media. It is a free world, why can’t TVB ban it in its own terms?

  5. I love Christina Ng.

    She is so sophisticated, sexy, pretty, yet able to bring out the authority and calibre, worthy of a judge.

    By comparison, Fala Chen, sitting on the bench as a judge at the end of the episode, look off tangent, unrealistic, and awkward on the role.

  6. I don’t get what is misleading about the storyline or unsuitable for children. I don’t get what is there to complain about. I personally thought Will Power was good. There were stuff that is not possible in real life but is a drama.

    1. Well the series has a PG rating. Hong Kongers love to complain when TVB already show them a warning in the first place.

  7. i liked the entire drama. the ending was a bit rushed. I wish they had spent a bit more time trying to help ah-ming. and also, show a bit more about the aftermath of mr. shum.

    1. I enjoyed NaNa’s case the most- that was interesting. TVB endings are always rushed..expected.

    2. The ending wasn’t rushed. Just that Ka Ming’s case lost its momentum. All that build up and Mrs. Sung just admitted to the killing. No suspense at all. Bad writing for that part. But, it explained everyone’s ending.

  8. I guess people care most about the last ep even if they didn’t watch the whole show

  9. Will Power is one of the better shows of this year. Enjoy it very much 🙂

  10. Agree. Will Power is entertaining and exciting too. Every episodes are very good. Indeed the best drama of the year. Hope they will win The Best Drama of the year, the team will be extremely happy especially Wayne and Moses, even if they dont win Best Actor of the year. They chemistry is Awesome, hence this award will be the biggest gift to them all. Support Will Power, support Wayne Lai!:):):)

  11. I’m quite surprised by the high rating. I think we all have to recognize that ratings mean less and less these days. 30 is like the new 40. I wish there are more reports about how many times people watch the series online.

  12. Wow am I the only one who thought it was boring and unrealistic ? The clothes Fala wore was so bad. I thought the love line between Moses and Fala vs. Christine and Wayne were all lacking chemistry. The storyline was cliche and a lot of parts lacked structure.

    1. No doubt that you are the only one who think that “Will Power” is boring; however, that is OK because not everybody has the same thought.

  13. Will power is good until the last few episodes/case where there are too many loopholes. The ending is really a let down.

    1. Agree. I like the drama series very much, but not the ending ………… too rushed. There should be some plots to find out about Gilbert’s murder …….. add another 1 to 2 episodes to make it more convincing.

      I don’t like the dragging of multi-line love stories, and I found the love life between Morris and Eugene, Wilson and Sheila good and adequate.

  14. Good script and even the ending is better than the usual abrupt and after xx years ending of typical TVB serial. Moses Chan still impresses.

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