Tavia Yeung and Chin Siu Ho Star in “Wudang Worship”

New TVB drama, Wudang Worship <潮拜武當>, held its costume fitting today. The drama stars Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Chin Siu Ho (錢小豪), Yuen Qiu (元秋), Timmy Hung (洪天明), Toby Leung (梁靖琪), Jason Chan (陳智燊) and Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤). Filming is scheduled to start at the end of August, and the cast will head to the Wudang Mountains for outdoor scenes in October.

Produced by Nelson Cheung (張乾文), the modern drama will be a police thriller and also involve martial arts. Tavia, who has just finished filming Eyes in the Sky <天眼>, revealed that she will portray a businesswoman involved in the financial sector. Currently, she is enjoying her short break before filming begins in a few weeks.

Tavia suffers from chronic waist pain, and experienced a recent relapse. She is worried that her outdoor Tai Chi action scenes would be affected. Tavia added, “I was too busy to learn the moves before, but everyone else has already been training for two months. I’m far too behind to catch up!”

When asked about earlier reports that claimed she purchased a new luxurious flat, Tavia replied that it was for investment purposes, “As a woman, it’s normal to save up some ‘bricks’! I need to plan my future days ahead too.” In terms of how rumored boyfriend, Him Law (羅仲謙), reportedly has plans to ask her for advice on purchasing property, Tavia laughed and exclaimed, “That’s right! Smart guy!”

Since Wudang Worship is Chin Siu Ho’s comeback TVB drama, Tavia laughed and exclaimed, “He gave me his first time after twenty years!” Meanwhile, Siu Ho is also happy about his return. He shared that his character will develop a relationship with Yoyo Chen in the drama, but will also be romantically involved to Tavia. Despite his excitement to visit the Wudang Mountains for the first time in October, Siu Ho is afraid that the filming will be fairly strenuous.

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Woah. Just realised he is Chin Ka-Lok’s brother. They sure do look similar!

  1. Chin Siu Ho? What year is this. Nice to see him in a TVB series. I expect a lot of action. His jacket above looks familiar tho…seen it somewhere before….

    1. I hate but to agree…her face looks too tight…no longer natural. She used to look so much better.

      1. I was rewatching The Other Truth the other day. She should have stopped at that stage.

      2. Too bad, botox and dermal filler will just make ppl to get more and more addicted

      3. well,you know ppl are getting old and i bet one day you guys will also look uglier then when you are young.

      4. I like Tavia alot but I hate to agree what’s happening to her looks she looks so much beta back when she was filming 溏心風暴 after that her looks started to change but anywayzz still support her all the way!!!

      5. Funn,
        Wonder if derma fillers stretch the skin to a certain degree, so if the person stops using them, the skin will look even more saggy over time.

      6. Her cheek bones look like they’re going to pop out and attack me!

      7. Well, I guess that’s the price to pay when you are dating a much younger guy.

      8. I remember her from 婚前昏後 with Liza Wang and Maggie Cheung. I think she definitely did something to her nose, but not sure about the botox. Could be just the picture and the angle in which it was taken. Anyway, why automatically presume she had plastic surgery because of Him Law? She could very well be doing it for herself, like many other women do. People have different priorities, if PS is important to her, then so be it. There’s no need to judge her for it.

      9. Well, I wasn’t judging her on her PS, but just an assumption where most women would love to look younger than their age. But if you are a cougar, the anxiety would be much more compared to an average woman who date guys who are older. Of course she has her rights to do whatever she wants to her face. But since she’s a celebrity ppl can’t help but to compare how she has changed from bad to worse.

    2. She looks weird and different. Not just the nose. Now the whole face.

  2. haven’t seen him for Longgggggg time..He used to be more popular than chin kar lok..but now it’s the other way around..Look forward for the series..

  3. Good to see him back filming. I enjoyed Rigor Mortis and think he’s really underused.
    Hope TVB dont give him a sub par script. They dont seem to treat their veterans very well as evidenced by how they treated Felix when he did them a favor and filmed for them recently.

    Still waiting to see a modern show or movie with both brothers starring. I think that would be fun to watch.

  4. Well, everyone deserves a second chance.

    Anyway why cast Tavia? Why not someone with kung fu background without propensity to injury?

      1. Agree and it seems like Tavia is not the most suitable for this role. Jade would have been a better choice. I wonder why Tavia is in so many series?? I don’t mind seeing her but I would love to see new faces too.

    1. Funn,
      Tavia has more affinity with viewers. Although Tavia mentioned the cast had to learn some Tai Chi moves, it will likely be Chin Siu Ho doing the more daring stunts.

    2. I like Jade Leung too and in a practical pov, she would be more suitable for the role with her kungfu background. However, if she were cast in that role, there will be netizens out there complaining about how she’s too old to play the role. Can’t please everyone.

  5. Tavia face looks scary. I remember watching her old tvb dramas (back in 2000’s) and she looked fine. Why have to ruin her face like that? -_-

  6. Why not just have a real martial arts series??? Is TVB that cheap?? I wonder if they will ever put out of the money for a real martial arts series??

    What happened to Tavia’s face?? She looks like she is in her 40s now. Too much botox is not good and will cause you to look older instead of younger. Why is Tavia in so many series?? Is there no one else left at TVB???

    1. its just the angel of the picture,i have seen her in scoop yesterday and nothing special.i dont understand why some ppl are so fixed on her face. how do you know she use botox,have you seen with your own eyes that she take a botox shot?

      1. Agree with kolo. Watched this clip. Tavia was smiling & laughing so comfortably & naturally, very much as she has always been, bubbly, friendly & humble. Dont see any signs of botox on her, no stiffness or unease in her expressions. Just bcos she’s rumoured to be with a younger guy doesn’t mean she’s on botox as implied…there are now these V shape face lift creams in so many brands, but anyone can be using these cosmetics these days.


      2. My first reaction upon seeing the above pic… Woah, why does she look like some 50 year old actress trying very hard with Botox??? Then, I saw the clip provided by “says me”, and realize it’s just a bad picture of her.

      3. Kolo,
        You can clearly see when someone uses Botox. Their face is stiff and all. You need proof, just look at her face or anyone’s face which is why I hate it when people lie about having PS. Do they think the fans and public are blind? With her or anyone, why wouldn’t you look at or focus on the face? That should be the first thing that you notice about anyone when you first look at them.

      4. thanks says me. Perhaps a bad angle of the photo and lighting…:)

      5. @hetieshou, hv u watched the videoclip i attached? Which part of Tavia’s face is stiff by yr comments that one who uses botox is stiff…her smile & laughters are so natural & easy…or u guys will just go on accusing her, even when the videoclip shows otherwise.

      6. @hts,if tavia really have take botox for many years why isnt there any news about her use for botox? even the paparazi who shadow her for almost 24 hours a day cant show up something about her usage? even funn lim cant dig any evidence to proove she did it,lol.
        in my opinion her face looks natural and fits her age(and i say that not as a fan but as an observer),of course her face looks different from 10 years ago,i call that aging,what i see is she just use more make up than in the begin of her career,but this is understandable.

  7. What about Chin Siu Ho’s face? Why no one called out his botox-ed face yet?? You can’t tell me that face doesn’t use botox. It’s so stretch and fluffy. It seems like he could be in pain when he was talking o_O

    1. Chin Siu Ho is 51.

      Tavia is 34. Pls tell me where is the double standards? If you’re 51 and a has been, by all means do what you can. Tavia is just 34 and she is already stretched thin. What about when she is 51?

      1. Funn, it’s double standard when you apply one set of rule on one person but use a different set on another. Even in your statement above is classic example of double standard. The statement I got from you is that it’s okay to use botox if you’re 51, but it’s not when you’re only 34 right? So you’re measuring two people differently because of their age different; that’s double standard to me.

        Moreover, I too wonder what will she be like at 51 if she’s already using so much of these chemical for a smooth baby-butt face now…

      2. whats wrong with you guys,why do you accuse her that she did so much on her face while there are no any evidence that can proves she has ever take botox? if you are so sure then prove it before you accuse someone. give me some link that you can prove she did it.otherwise you are just saying crap.

      3. Most people gain weight after age 50, and I am not surprised to see Chin Siu Ho’s “fluffy” face. He is 51 now and he has not been very active lately in film/drama industry. Perhaps he has not put much focus on his image. After all, he is a martial arts artiste, not a typical siu sang. However, Tavia Yeung is a fadan; she should take good care of her “unnatural” face at this young age.

      4. jj, it is not about double standards. All I am saying is if you’re in your 50s, looks sagging etc, by all means do whatever you want. But when you’re 34, and Tavia started a few years back, you don’t need all these. All these were used to feed her own self insecurity and what you’re saying about double standards is just encouraging the unnecessary. Tavia was fine before, she was young, she still is. It should be a good many years before she needs to resort to drastic actions to maintain her looks, the suppleness, etc. I am measuring them differently due to their age. This is not about buying a car or having what for dinner. This is a drastic action to what everyone can see plainly and the plain fact is for Tavia, 34 is too young to use botox and if you feel my statement is double standard and you think it is ok to do that when you’re in your 30s, that’s your opinion. But I maintain it is a dangerous. I’d rather be called double standards than your last statement ” I too wonder what will she be like at 51 if she’s already using so much of these chemical for a smooth baby-butt face now…” as somewhat mean spirited.

        Or am I suppose to be PC even in what I feel is an unnecessary procedure which only feeds to insecurity rather than dismiss it?

      5. ” if you are so sure then prove it before you accuse someone. give me some link that you can prove she did it.otherwise you are just saying crap.”

        Her previous appearances? She looks very different, I mean I can recognise her but this is not the Tavia everyone once knew. I don’t know if Botox is same as what others here call fillers, etc but it looks like it. Proof? There’s none. Even her nose has no proof, just pure speculations until she admits it herself.

      6. I don’t think Tavia will ever admit it even her nose was so much shorter and less pointed in her old drama series. I guess her nose must have grown quite a bit over the years!

  8. Tavia no longer looks like Tavia anymore. I watched this on Scoop n totally oblivious the lady in red was her.

  9. Boring, another tavia drama. Other than the obvious fact that she is getting highly addicted to doing stuff on her face, personally I do not think much of her acting.

  10. As long as she stops using Botox and PS, it will be ok 🙂

  11. Me happy that Tavia is filming another drama which means she has three dramas line up for next year which makes it up for this year cuz she only has one drama for 2014

  12. Personally I never found Tavia Yeung pretty in the first place, but at least she looked natural. However, she looks pretty unnatural now and not pretty (at least to me)!

  13. Most people gain weight after age 50, and I am not surprised to see Chin Siu Ho’s “fluffy” face. He is 51 now and he has not been very active lately in film/drama industry. Perhaps he has not put much focus on his image. After all, he is a martial arts artiste, not a typical siu sang. However, Tavia Yeung is a fadan; she should take good care of her “unnatural” face at this young age.

  14. Another interview fr wudang worship costume fitting


    No signs of botox from her sweet smiles & laughters. Sharper nose yes, but she looks prettier. Still dont know what most ppl are fussing about. Tavia seems happy & comfortable as her is, no problem

    1. Sorry it looks like we could be watching a different clip cos she does look different. The eyes could be due to make up but her nose has gone bigger. At least it hasn’t got longer, for a change.

  15. Oh gosh ! my beloved Tavia ! what happen to you ? or we should just blame the photographer for this clown looking photo shoot ? urgh !

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