TVB Hopes to Have 9 Big Stars Return in 2013

This year is looking to be an exciting year for TVB! Ever since Charles Chan (陳國強) took over the reigns at TVB, his management style has been to experiment with new ideas. With the threat of CTI getting a broadcasting license, TVB tasked Eric Tsang (曾志偉) to pull his favor cards by asking Andy Lau (劉德華), Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝 ) and Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) to return and film for the station.

Eric has been working his magic for the past year trying to sway the big name celebrities to return to TVB. Charles Chan has also given Eric the freedom to put any price tag on negotiations, but Eric knows that no dollar amount can convince the A-list stars, but rather to listen and accommodate to their needs and requests.

Below is a list of the A-list celebrities whom Eric has approached:

Chow Yun Fat (周潤發)–  A known TVB-drama addict because he is constantly discussing the series plot with the media at public functions, Chow Yun Fat was the first actor whom Eric approached. Eric, together with Charles Chan and Wong Jing (王晶), went to Chow Yun Fat’s house to personally invite him to return to TVB and let him choose any script, any role and any cast. Chow Yun Fat shared that he is particularly is fond of Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Kate Tsui (徐子珊), so the three fadans may very well have a chance to star in a series with the movie king himself!

Andy Lau (劉德華) – Andy has already agreed to star in a 40-episode series with the only request that he has control over the script. Due to his busy schedule, the earliest that Andy has time to film would be the latter part of 2013, so fans will have to wait just a bit longer.

Jacky Cheung (張學友)– Jacky has already verbally agreed to Eric’s invitation, but since Jacky places a heavy emphasis on spending time with his family, his only request is that filming does not coincide with his daughter’s school schedule and that he cannot commit to a long-running series. Jacky will most likely guest star for a few episodes with shooting slated in May.

Anthony Wong (黃秋生) and Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝 )– Both film kings has expressed interest in returning to TVB. Eric hopes to create a series for them mainly surrounding on the topics of men.

Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) – Carina’s only request is that she stars alongside Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), as she became his fan after watching Witness Insecurity <護花危情>. She will only star in a maximum of 5 episodes because she is afraid of the laborious filming hours.

Deanie Ip (葉德嫻 ) – Upon completion of her concert in March, Deanie will star in a 40-episode series produced by Wong Jing. The series will be funded by TVB and will air in both Hong Kong and mainland China.

Sandra Ng (吳君如 ) – Sandra is also one of the celebrities whom Eric wishes can return to TVB and star in a comedy series. They are currently still in the negotiating stage.

Veronica Yip (葉玉卿) – Although Veronica verbally agreed to star in series  earlier, she withdrew her promise after getting upset with the Hong Kong media reporting rumors of her husband’s bankruptcy. Eric said he will not give up and will make sure there is a good script for Veronica to consider.


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  1. I think it’s a bad idea if they go back to tvb. It’s like asking tom hanks or meryl streep to go for tv shows eg. Hw i met ur mother

  2. Besides Deanie Ip, I cannot see others will come back to Tvb to film even for few episodes.

    1. I feel like Andy Lau might, because he started off at TVB and he is the loyal type.

      1. Me too and Andy seems to be the type that cherishes his past and everyone that has helped him, so he may…

  3. Since Eric Tsang is helming one of the comeback dramas, he will likely star “favorite” Bosco Wong too!

    It’s interesting that Carina singled Bosco out, perhaps because they are good friends who likely met through Eric.

    1. Carina said the same thing when she attended a function with Bosco a couple months ago. Both are really good friends.

  4. Don’t really want to see them in tvb series esp if the script and plot is weak. Takes away some of the magic they have as movie stars. I do hope they are not being forced into doing this

    1. i dont think the script or the plot will be weak if you invite such big stars coming back.

      1. Agreed. Big stars like them would definitely not agree to film if the script or plot was weak as it could hurt their reputation.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. It’s feb already and none of these series had any costume fittings or even some news on the scripts.

  5. I don’t see these big stars committing to a long project. Just let them all guest-stars, lol But, most importantly, the script!

  6. Chow Yun Fat (周潤發)– Maybe

    Andy Lau (劉德華) – Probably

    Jacky Cheung (張學友)– Probably

    Anthony Wong (黃秋生) and Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝 )– The former probably and the later could be

    Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) – Definitely

    Deanie Ip (葉德嫻 ) – Confirmed isn’t it?

    Sandra Ng (吳君如 ) – Definitely

    Veronica Yip (葉玉卿) – Was she that big? Anyway Definitely since she seems rather free. But I won’t switch on TV to watch her.

    The other Tony Leung.
    Alex Man – because TVB forgot about him. Why go saying Dayo Wong is Dodo’s best partner, sortof when we all know her best partner was either Chow Yun Fatt and more aptly Alex Man?

    Lau Ching Wan – Could be

    Stephen Chow – in their dreams.

    1. Nick Cheung – Definitely if he is asked?

      Di-cky Cheung – Love/hate sorta relationship. He may be a definite yes if TVB asks nicely

      But of all these who I really wanna see? Stephen Chow, Di-cky Cheung who could make comedies

      Andy… not so. Maybe just novelty.

      Why not ask everyone’s favourite Daniel Wu who I believe has NEVER filmed a TV series before? That could shoot up the ratings to find some NEVER on TV to be on TV?

      Invite Nicky Wu and a host of other not so good cantonese speakers and ask Wong Cho Lam to write a script for expatriates and we can have Inbound Travelers – The Repulse Bay edition or wherever is rich place in HK.

      1. Daniel Wu has no ties to TVB so no obligation to help them out. The other ones you mentioned..TVB essentially launched their careers so they should consider going back/guest starring if they can. But I agree.. Stephen Chow = no hope.

      2. i remember dicky cheung in duck of mount deer as wai siu bo.he is the best wai siu bo ever,even better than tony leung.i hope he will also come back.

      3. Funn,
        Since Dicky Cheung hosted a program for TVB, his relationship with TVB probably is not as terrible as when he left after “Journey to the West”. Dicky’s screen time also appears to be slipping in mainland dramas, as he only has a supporting role in the new “Swordman” so he may film a drama, if only to revive his music career.

      4. His supporting role in Swordsman is a rather important role. He can’t expect leading role since he is not of that age anymore. But he is still doing good business in China from what I can see.

    2. I really wish your “never list” won’t come true because I really want to see Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Stephen Chow back for a series …. must be in my dream only….

      1. tony has never even met up with 5 tigers. he either really doesnt like to socialize or super stuck-up. Soo no tvb for him i guess.

      1. Stephen Chow is too big for TVB. TVB can’t afford him but I do think techinically he is still under them since didn’t he receive some employee long service award just recently? Anyway Stephen Chow is now beyond TVB. I doubt he will even step into TVB to receive a lifetime achievement award.

      2. I think TVB gave him that award to tell the world he’s still under them. I heard he hadn’t picked it up.

    3. Funn, can you explain ur reasoning for the never ever list?

      1. No explanation needed, It is gut feeling and the fact neither Tony Leung nor Stephen Chow has stepped into TVB forever (since forever-I only remember Stephen went back for TVB anniversary many many years ago). Moreover, I don’t think any of them liked TVB. They had their start but they never liked TVB itself. Wasn’t there the reports at his height of fame Tony Leung became very difficult as in showing up very late for filming just because he can?

      2. Tony showed up late because he was really tired from being overworked by TVB and really need to sleep… That was why he often quarreled with his co stars because of it.

      3. Have you watched best actor interviews, I think Tony Leung clarified why he was late and whether he will return to TVB?

        Interesting fact is that Tony Leung, Stephen Chow and Francis Ng were in the same acting training class.

  7. I am not interested at all; they are all old. Watching them in a film is OK but for seeing through 30 episodes is so boring.

    1. hahhaha i know right? OMG, thats y i couldnt u/s the hype of these older veterans. esp that Francis Ng too, the triump or whatever sky series w/chi lam among others. Why are they all so overrated just b/c they are former kings or queens or whatever hahaa….esp this this Francis Ng who starred in a china series, one of those dump trashy comedies i think which i FF thru on utube..this girl looks like she’s only in her early 20’s n hes paired up w/this FN dude, he looks like a chinese metaphor ‘ GOLD FISH MAN ‘ hahhaa.. lol…so weird…
      n all of them up there, perhaps those r not their best pics or what??? aww aww….

    2. What is the big deal if they are old??People still enjoy watching Damian,Adam,Mary Han and many other way older veterans so what is wrong with Andy, Chow Yun fat, Carina,etc..??? I would rather see older veterans that can act instead of young new faces that have no talent at all.

      1. I agree with him. I rather see older generation of actors than the newer ones.

    1. I think he is better off doing Cat 3 movies since he gets paid well for doing what he loves most,having sex…

  8. I will forever love Carina Lau because of Looking Back in Anger. So if she film any series I will watch it for sure! I feel there is a real possiblity Chow Yun Fat might film for TVB, he seem like such a down to earth and easy going type of person; if the script is right he probably will do it.

    1. Which is why I LOVE the 80s because that’s when we were able to enjoy seeing everyone in the long series… I really miss and lament the old days so much.

  9. Not interest to see them all.i rather tvb promote some nice looking and young talent people with good script.

  10. TVB should try pawning Felix Wong back and make a reunion special of Legend Of Condor Heroes…..which it will never happen.

    1. Mainland China already had a special reunion program for the cast of LOCH already… Unless you are talking about a series… But Wong Wan Choi has already retired..

      1. They won’t ask Felix Wong because he’s with CTI/HKTV unless it’s a really good script or something miraculous happens.

      2. Ah, I remember watching that. I hadn’t seen Yeung Pan Pan in years~ A series would be rather poignant though since the biggest star would be missing. All actresses of later adaptations are compared to her anyway, but literally taking her place will just be…

  11. When will TVB understand it don’t matter who they pull in, who they promote, THEY NEED TO STOP RECYCLING THE SCRIPTS. -.-

    1. agree,and find more talented scriptwriters and directors,try some fresh and new idea’s.

    2. Totally!!! I have no wish to watch a series starring any of them if the script is bad and the plot is weak.

      1. Yes new ideas and more talented script writers would promote TVB 🙂

  12. Carina’s only request is to star alongside Bosco? LOL, I find that cute and funny at the same time. 🙂 How did they meet and became such great friends?

    1. Chriselle,
      Carina and Bosco likely met through Eric Tsang, who is good friends with both. Eric has cast Bosco in the last several “I Love HK” movies, allowing him to earn some lucrative money.

      Both Carina and Bosco also enjoy nightlife at clubs/bars, that is until Bosco’s breakup with Myolie. Afterward, he said that he prefers to invite friends over to his home instead.

  13. Eric, ur the man. I’m glad they are gonna film for tvb. Beat that….

  14. I don’t mind at all because they really are good actors and worth their A list salaries but the thing is, will TVB be forever asking these A-listers to come back to film for them? I can’t stress how important it is to FIND NEW TALENT now. The standards in competitions and acting classes have gone down and there are tons of lang mo’s which I don’t have a problem with and even though sex sells – it doesn’t always translate to older people in HK tuning in. There needs to be a change in the way TVB does things.

  15. If they do agree to appear in TVB series, it’s going to be weird watching them to see them on TV. All of the stars on that list have great charisma. It’s going to be hard for other actors to hold their own.

  16. Haha…media throwing out big names again…

    …so far, only Tony Leung Ka Fai is truly ‘confirmed’ as coming back (though he’s never actually filmed a TVB series, so not sure if we can even consider him as ‘returning’ to film series). Everyone else is pretty much just speculation at this point…

    .– Veronica Yip: She already declined, as her husband won’t allow it (especially after the way their family was ‘dragged through the mud’ by the Media when Veronica returned to HK to film Eric’s CNY movie). Wouldn’t be surprised if her husband never lets her come back to the entertainment industry again…

    .– Carina Lau: She responded that she doesn’t have time this year, so she won’t be coming back anytime soon (also, not sure how true the piece about Bosco is – she did praise him on her Weibo a few months back and has indicated she admires him…but she didn’t say that she would come back to TVB just so she could film a series with him)

    .—Jacky Cheung: He hasn’t confirmed anything –sounds like Singtao is basing their info on his response to the Media a few months ago saying that if Eric were to ask, he would ‘consider’ it (that’s definitely NOT a confirmation)….by the way, Jacky is on vacation with his family right now, so most likely he won’t respond to the ‘rumor’ until he gets back…

    .—Andy Lau: He’s already said he’s interested but according to Eric, they’re still in discussions….Andy is waiting to see the script before he decides (though some Media outlets are reporting that Andy is actually writing the script himself, which I don’t see how it’s possible given his busy schedule). At the rate things are going right now, we may never see him come back…

    .—Anthony Wong: He stated on his Weibo that he will return to TVB to film series if his mentor (TVB producer Amy Wong) asks him to. And he posted a few days ago that he is “returning” to the “acting stage” (since he regularly films movies and was recently in a stage play, the assumption is that his “acting stage” comment is referring to TV series)…so the rumor of him ‘returning’ is likely true. Oh and just to clarify –if Anthony does come back, it’s definitely NOT because of Eric (even though the article tried to make it sound like Eric should get the credit for it… LOL).

    .—Deannie Ip: The rumor about Deannie Ip returning has been going on for months already, but there has yet to be confirmation. Deannie did criticize TVB lately but she also said that if director Wong Jing asks her to film a TV series, she will definitely do it. Also, note that Deannie technically isn’t ‘returning’ to TVB because if she does film Wong Jing’s series, it’s considered a Mainland series that TVB will have the rights to air (what they consider an ‘outsourced’ production)…so to say that she will be ‘returning to’ TVB is really stretching it…

    .—Sandra Ng: Haven’t really been keeping up on Sandra Ng lately so not sure if that piece is true – the last I heard was that she had said she was interested, but not sure if she was joking or not. Btw, the article only said that Sandra was a ‘target’ of recruitment by Eric – no mention of any confirmation

    .—Chow Yun Fat: Eric said during the “I Love Hong Kong” premiere that he hasn’t contacted Fat Gor at all (even though the article claims that he had gone to Fat Gor’s house and had a conversation with him –so basically everything in the article about the discussion at Fat Gor’s house is “suspect”) ….loyalty-wise though, Fat Gor would definitely agree to coming back because of his affinity with TVB, but the big question is whether his schedule will permit it… the way I see it, the likelihood of him coming back is close to zero due to his busy schedule.

    With how much the Media loves to speculate and print false info, basically, nowadays, whenever I hear any reports about ‘big names’ returning to TVB, the attitude I’m taking is: I’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT!!

    1. i think fat gor or andy lau will only come back if tvb is really in a miserable position like dropping 15 or 20 point in ratings due to the tv war.(if hktv&co really gets their license)but i think governor leung wouldnt give the free tv license away easiely.

  17. Doesn’t matter if these BIG stars come back or not. In the end, it is only a bandage solution to TVB’s waning power in the industry. Eric Tsang may be able to save TVB’s ratings in the short term, but it’s not going to solve their problems in the long run. TVB has to start treating their employees better to keep them from going over to CTI. Happier employees = better acting and better dramas = better ratings and more viewers. It’s about time TVB encounters some healthy competition. I really hope the likes of Carina Lau and Leung Ka Fai et al refuses to film for TVB again. They don’t deserve the loyalty and really need a kick up their backside to finally get them to behave appropriately.

  18. With all these actors and actresses demands I doubt the series will be good anyway.

  19. All old hags and old men, who wanna watch? Not me!

    Carina Lau looks like Loh Lan now,… yikes!

  20. If big star come back the script is 100% better I can tell you that .

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