Wayne Lai and Moses Chan Show No Competition for TV King Award

TVB anniversary series, Will Power <法外風雲>, will premiere on Monday, October 14. The 32-episode legal drama features Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Moses Chan (陳豪) as rival lawyers bickering competitively in court to defeat one another. Despite the media’s emphasis on Moses and Wayne’s battle for this year’s Best Actor award, the actors expressed their good relationship and happy collaboration.

At a promotional event for the series, Moses and Wayne played a game in which they had to pair up with an actress to rip a piece of paper using their teeth. Wayne partnered with Sire Ma (馬賽), while Moses partnered with Fala Chen (陳法拉). Both actors successfully won the game against their female costars. After the game was completed, Moses quickly distanced himself from Fala. Even when the game was in session, he appeared a little distant, perhaps afraid of arousing rumors since he is now a married man to Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and is an expectant father.

As a coffee lover, Moses has always been well known for treating his costars with coffee at work. Wayne recalled the times filming Will Power and joked, “Moses offered a never-ending supply of coffee on set. Later on, there might be baby formula too.” Aimee earlier announced she is carrying a baby boy and will likely give birth near the end of the year.

Unlike their strong rivalry in Will Power, Wayne expressed he and Moses do not see each other as competitors when it comes to this year’s TV King title. With the annual TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony and the birth of Moses’ son both taking place in late December, Wayne sees it as good fortune for his friend. He remarked, “Maybe the award and Moses’ son will arrive on the same day!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I hope Francis Ng will be TV King this year even though I really admire Wayne’s acting; Wayne already has three TV King so it is not necessary to get one more.

    1. Yeah, I hope Francis wins too but seeing it is tvb that is making the decision, you know it gonna be rigged somehow. They usually don’t give it to the most deserving actor. Like last year they didn’t give it to Damien Lau and he was obviously the best actor

    2. Hands Up Francis Ng gotta be the best fit for the TV King.. there’s zero doubt. But the fact that he’s not under TVB gives him nearly NO CHANCES of winning that title:) I know he ain’t winning, but let’s just say.. Francis doesn’t need that title nor that award. Who is he?

      He’s an award winning actor, Francis Ng.

  2. Really looking forward to this; aside from the two leads, it’s also from the producer behind War of Genders which I loved and the supporting cast for this (aside from Sire Ma) is really really good.

    Honestly, the whole TV King business is so that HK media can have something to write in the papers. Highly doubt Wayne/Moses/the Triumph 2 guys care that much about it other than it may help them get more advertising money. I like that Wayne and Moses seem to be good friends offscreen (and that they have been dressing in matching colours in all the press rounds so far haha).

  3. I think if Francis and Chi lam can not get the TV King then KM may get that.

    1. Wayne does not need awards to prove his acting. He’s already great in his dramas

      1. Wayne or anyone can get it again. There is no limits to this. Why don’t you tell Raymond to stop getting those singing awards, he gets them every year

      2. U got a point u r the winner I’ll tell Raymond when I see him

      3. WP seems very promising and agree there is no limits to the award its wayne year again so yeah

  4. moses always plays his characters well but he hasnt had any likeable characters in the last few years

  5. Ha ha the title is misleading:-) i thought it meant that these 2 are so lousy that they don’t deserve to be tv kings. On the other hand, the title is a big farce bestowed on whoever tvb decides is their fave son. Otherwise, Ruco can easily give these “big brothers” a run for their money.

    1. For me, Ruco is good actor but not great enough to be TV King. Moses and Wayne are better than Ruco. Kennth Ma is the same; but he can get the award because the series “on call 36 hr.” looks so good with the help of Lawrence Ng and the music is so attractive. This series will be the best and may get the highest rating too.

      1. Really? That’s just your opinion and it’s only as good as mine. Wayne and Moses are good actors going by the defination of having won BA awards which we know are not always given to the deserving ones. They are good actors some of the time but not all of the time, so i would’nt be so quick to pass judgement and say that they’re better actors than Ruco. Ruco’s acting has a lot of depth which i think makes him a worthy contender for the awards if only tvb is able to give the award based on merit and not on some kind of silly seniority protocol, popularity or as a bargaining tool to retain the artiste.

  6. I seriously do not want to see much of Sire Ma in this series, more screen time of her= series ruined. Her acting is really stiff & her lack of facial expressions.

  7. I am a Wayne”s fan but when I watched the “Will Power” promotion clips I did not feel good about this series. Hoping that the real scenes of the series will be better.

    1. Will Power so far is doing awesome. Although it is a legal drama, but it is well executed. I hope this will ends well. !:):):)

  8. Francis should win but we all know that will never happen. Amongst the TVB contracted artists, I hope Kenneth does well in his new series. I’d much rather see him win than Moses or Wayne.

  9. Telling Maria 2, was Teresa Mo talking Bowie Lam when she said this was his first tv series? And she was trying to help him break the ice.

    1. Some people are just like that, rude. Success depends not only knowledge , experience and opportunity but ATTITUDE makes a big difference. Not worth getting ourselves under valued with these kind of people.

  10. I don’t know why people put so much stock in TVB Awards. It’s still ONE station’s awards, declaring “TV Queen”/”TV King”, like a company awarding “Employee of the Year”. If it was something like The Primetime Emmy Awards in Hollywood with various actors from numerous networks maybe it’d be a bigger deal.

    Yes, TVB is the only HK station producing dramas right now but it still feels like just a “Employee of the Year” kind of thing. I mean how much does it really mean when you’re the ONLY thing on TV right now? Of course you’d declare to be “on top” lol

    1. It is not silly. It has symbolism. But since HK is no longer under British colony, that is the reason to do away with the wigs.

    2. Why? The wig is a way to make the lawyers/judges feel proud of their works. Its a honor to be able to wear such wig. Moreover, HK is still under common law system despite its return to China. China is civil law (not the original civil law but still civil law) while HK is common law, to make HK special.

  11. The first episode of “Will Power” is good to watch. It looks much better than promotion clips. Christine Ng is great actress; she looks like a real judge.

  12. Moses is a good actor WP is pretty entertaining because of the supporting cast a good story line and Moses this series seems to have a good start so far

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