“Will Power” Criticized For Plot Blunders

TVB’s anniversary series Will Power <法外風雲> premiered on October 14 to mostly mixed reviews. The legal drama, supposedly a vehicle to include Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Moses Chan (陳豪) in this year’s highly anticipated TV King battle, focuses heavily on their story line as rival lawyers. While the cast delivered convincing performances, viewers were quick to point out some of the inconsistencies and mistakes littered throughout the pilot episode.

Frequently criticized for their lazy production and set mistakes, TVB has promised to eliminate these errors in future series though viewers have yet to see results. Most recently, police drama Sniper Standoff <神槍狙擊> was criticized for its unrealistic action scenes while Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> was shamed for its recycled plot and anachronistic props.

Despite being an anniversary series, Will Power also became victim to sloppy research and fell short of viewers’ expectations. In an episode, Moses submitted a photo of Wayne to the court to prove a point. The photo was apparently taken inside the courthouse, an act prohibited by Hong Kong law. As another example of TVB’s lack of attention to details, judge Christine Ng (伍詠薇) claimed that she was appointed by the Department of Justice when her post is actually assigned by the Judiciary of Hong Kong.

For a legal drama, Will Power is making quite a few inexcusable mistakes.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. this news is not something new. the bar is lowering and lowering…and sadly no one can raise the bar.

    1. @Bunny, expect the worse to come since HKTV is out of the picture….

  2. i was fast forward while watching this drama…sight
    And I stopped watching Sniper Standoff while on the 12 or 13th…sight

  3. This drama was soooo boring. The whole first episode consists of Wayne and Moses bickering through.

    1. ”Episodes 1 to 3 of ‘Will Power 法外風雲: Dislike Moses role as much as Wayne’s, truly total bogies material, and poorly script!
      ‘However, the senior actor is simple 老氣骨 Ngok Wah 岳華’ which whom gave this series the spark of hope to carry on to the next episode, Well done on Mr. Ngok part.”

  4. moses is pretty enjoyable to watch compared to his last few dramas but wayne it looks bored

    1. I prefer Wayne, he’s much more enjoyable. Moses is a bit stiff, but ok

      1. thats cos u like wayne and i like moses u grew up watching moses its why i find moses more enjoyable

  5. These are all minor mistakes that no one even cares. HK audiences always love to complain over stupid trivial matters. This is so so stupid, is this what they do for a living? Nitpicking over little matters. Wayne, Moses are great in the series. Wayne is also really enjoyable in the drama. Love his character as Wilson

    1. That is true to an extent. The people who care don’t watch tvb. But it’s not “minor” mistakes cause it shows the ignorance and laziness of the production, which reflects a overarching problem with current tvb standards.

      1. All tv dramas, films (including Hollywood) has flaws. Those mentioned above are really minor ones. I suggest those nitpicking people watch documentaries. Maybe they will find some flaws as well there

    2. Agree with Sheldon 100%. I enjoy watching this series; Christine’s acting is good as judge. Moses and Wayne are also great as lawyers. I am looking for episode 3&4. Not all HK viewers, just some narrow minded people who always try to show off that they are knowledgeable by making comments like that. Please let TVB get some profit because if not then no more having free series to watch.

    3. ”Its no excuse, Wayne and Moses are just repeating their old selves stuck in the pass, poor acting, not good enough for it be call acting or for any award. Nothing personal but please cut all the nonsense and trash. ”

  6. I will have to say that Will Power is definitely better than BK and the sniper drama

      1. I personally find BK more enjoyable, but hey, it’s only been Will Power’s first week.

      2. I like will power. This year nothing great from tvb. Brothers keeper so so (can’t stand. Ugly linda chung and her bird’s voice. She is like supporting role here, which is better for me.when I see her, I switch to other channel) worse movie was linda chung and jason chan. Sniper standoff good start but lost plot (draggy as usual tvb’s). I like wong cho lam’s movie, “loh piu…”

  7. I’m not in HK or that familiar with HK law so that’s probably why it didn’t bother me that much. I actually liked the first episode where it had Moses vs Wayne. They really utilized TV King vs TV King well with all the banter.

  8. Court house picture can be secretly taken and before court was in session.

    My concern is with the entire legal argument itself.

  9. has anyone noticed all of wayne series since he become tv king supporting cast has more screen time then wayne but if the series does well wayne gets all the credit its not fair on the support cast

      1. Agree with Sheldon,
        I see Wayne is deserved for TV King by his own acting.

      2. wayne of course deserves another tv king for filming dramas no stop he films the most for tvb now days

      3. and yeah well wayne use to play supporting cast roles and the leads got awards in the dramas so after waynes hard work no supporting cast do the hard work wayne can take it nice and easy jokes hahaha LOL hahaha im called JOKES

    1. BB failed because the supporting cast (Sire Ma) took the lead. Beside Wayne always says its a team effort, he NEVER took all the credit. Wayne is far more better than most support casts

      1. supporting cast has more screen time does not equal to good.

      2. you are just saying wayne is support level your last comment much better then supporting cast you should say his the best in TVB

    2. jokes, I don’t see that at all. I see equal screen time and I see many things happening surrounding his character.

      1. i agree with you funn im jokes cracking jokes for some fun cheers

  10. The production quality is so bad. You call this an anniversary series?

    1. and its a grand production its seems like a cheap production people were complaining about TITIS not being grand quality well lot at this LOL @ TVB

      1. I don’t even think TITS2 was a grand production. Prefer Will Power much better

      2. well it does have a better story line neither is grand production tvb claims it to be HAHAHA @ TVB

      3. of courses im cracking jokes thats me name to crack jokes do we take things series here i dont

    2. At least Will power is better than the rest of the series that has been aired.

    3. The best TVB lawyer series is TOT starring Ruco, although Tavia has flaws in her potrayal as a lawyer and could’ve done better, but the storyline and cases are engaging and touching!

      1. That bcuz when tavia was filming TOT , her health condition was bad at that moment, I don’t really remember what happen to her, but it was point a point that she can’t say out her dialogue because of the pain that she had on face

      2. TOT was so not interesting. I will say that it was my least favourite. WP is more interesting and engaging.

      3. sheldon doesnt like anything with ruco in it. He/she loves wayne, look at all the biased comments and notice him or her always shooting ruco down.

      4. I agree- TOT is so far my most favourite lawyer series in recent years. Most if not all cases were quite engaging. Will Power so far is just so-so for me.

  11. thanks TVB, for the lowering the bar as usual. keep the trash coming.

    1. If you r comparing Will power with the other truth, TOT was so boring. Even war of the gender was better than TOT

      1. War of the Genders is a sitcom. Can not comparable to this series.

  12. Compared to The Other Truth, WO falls behind. Wayne and Moses aren’t as convincing as Ruco as lawyers. There are fakeness in the two TV Kings acting.

    1. Agreed! TOT was way better! The cases were really interesting and loved RuTa

    2. If Ruco Chan is great as you said why he was not voted to be TV king by that role? or everybody is stupid and just only you are smart?

      1. people say the other truth was crap now and LA law was is crap now but in 2011 it was the best

      2. Because Ghetto Justice is 10x better then The Other Crap material.

      3. The Other Truth is to me TVB’s best legal drama because it made sense.

      4. GJ is decent, but I prefer TOT’s approach in story-telling. It’s more about the cases and story, less about cheesy romance and insufferable characters.

        TOT’s last case involving Kenneth Ma’s character was TERRIBLE though.

      5. quit crapping larry and do something useful with your time……..or maybe go jump into a lake or fly a kite….just do anything but spare us more crap from you, cheers:-)

      6. Yes, do something useful psst since you can jump off of the bridge.

      7. It’s a man’s duty to bring home the bacon so quit wasting your time here talking crap, bro!

      8. Talk is cheap, pssst. Do something more productive then crapping on a comment.

  13. Ruco’s acting in ToT is good but not in BK; Edwin is better.

    1. Edwin’s “I am panicking, what can I do” sort of acting, Ruco can do. Ruco’s “Hey I am cool as a cucumber and I know it” sort of acting, Edwin can’t.

      1. I think that’s the way their characters’ in BK are in terms of personality, hence their acting is like that. Of the roles that I’ve seen Edwin play so far, most roles are the panicking jumpy type, whilst Ruco plays ‘cooler’ characters if you know what I mean.

      2. @Funn Lim, Ruco play cool role but not cool enough as Michael Tse so that I feel a little bit disappointed.

      3. Michael Tze is not cool, he’s chok or more exaggerated style whereas Ruco is cool with a bit of arrogance and lots of self confidence.

  14. I’m enjoying WP so far. It’s nice to see TVB having a different focus in their legal dramas. I’m quite tired of all those rape and murder trials that are in pretty much every legal drama TVB ever makes. Hope WP sticks with wills and estates.

  15. Even Come Home Love’s standards are dropping dramatically…which law firm allows a “boy” to dress in shorts at work even though it is hot outside? Even the employee who works there is astute enough not to parade in the office dress like that. Also, the wife of Ma Keung is supposed to be wife caring for the family and running a wedding boutique which should keep her busy. I did not realize that she has enough time to drop by the “Second Hand Store” to deliver food or visit. Very unrealistic…

    1. That because they are running out of ideas since it was extending for third time?

  16. BK is boring. Linda Chung’s character and acting are boring.

    Will Power is weird …..and not dramatic enough and not funny enough for my liking.

  17. “Will Power”‘s episodes 3&4 are good to watch; Fala Chen is pretty and acts naturally. I am much enjoy this series than Brother’s Keeper.

    1. I love Fala’s character image-she pulls off short cropped hair really well. At first when they had had to do character costume fitting before shooting, I literally thought Fala had cut her hair. It looks so real o___O

  18. I stopped watching TVB series to support the protesters.

  19. Tonites storyline is utterly ridiculous…it seems to undermine the HongKong judiciary and Police authority….Wayne’s and Moses ‘s action as lawyers puts the legal fraternity to shame!

  20. Hey, is call drama not realistic!! It does not have to be real and accurate. Drama, imagination, is art of acting. You guys should be grateful that these actors worked hard in theses shows to entertain the public. Is a blessing that they willing to entertain. Since it is entertainment, art, stories, nothing needs to be accurate. Stop criticising! At least they have improved so much over my 30 years of watching Hong Kong TVB show. From black and white basic story line to colour juicy, action, complicated story line. TV shows has come a long long way. Besides Hollywood TV shows and movie would have the same thing if you look hard enough. Be thankful. Better to have entertain than none at all.

    1. So why not let the actresses wear bikinis into court and the actors in speedo?

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