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Miss Vancouver, Eliza Sam, Crowned Miss Chinese International 2010

By on November 5, 2010

Miss Vancouver, Eliza Sam, Crowned Miss Chinese International 2010 thumbnail

The 2010 Miss Chinese International Pageant was held last night in Tianjin , China . Contestant #19, Eliza Sam Lai Heung, from Vancouver , won the Miss Chinese International crown.  The First Runner-up was #7 Belle Theng Mei Yu from Malaysia and the Second Runner-up was #18 Cheung Wai Man from Toronto .

When the twenty-four contestants changed into evening gowns, #6 Toby Chan Ting Yan, #7  Belle Theng, and #18 Cheung Wai Man stood out the most due to their low-necklines. Videos of the contestants prior to make-up application were shown during the “transformation” segment.

Under the new voting system, Eliza Sam won the pageant due to the four votes from Joe Ma Tak Chung, Sonija Kwok Sin Lei, Kate Tsui Chi San andLau Yang.  Although Hong Kong representative, Toby Chan was among the final six contestants, she did not get placed in the top three spots in the Miss Chinese International Pageant. Raymond Lam Fung was a guest performer at the pageant.

Jayne: I think Miss Vancouver and Miss Toronto are both nice looking. Miss Vancouver is pretty (she’s not photogenic in all photos though), but the press complained that she has a small chest.

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  • Readers' Comments (27)

    1. Stephanie says:

      I think #13 AMY Chu is pretty! =) Too bad she didn’t get to win! =(

      They only choose girls from CANADA.

    2. Aly says:

      I knew Toronto or Vancouver would win. Actually, delegates from Vancouver usually do quite well in the pageant. They are usually well rounded, eloquent, elegant, and pretty overall. They may seem to win a lot, but usually their win is well deserved. I wonder if Vancouver has a lot of pretty girls or do they have some good training involved before they head to the pageant. I’m not surprised that Toby did not place either. There’s just too much competition from the other contestants.

    3. Stephanie says:

      hmmm I wonder too!

    4. Star says:

      woow. im so happy and proud of them that two canadians were part of the top3.. i’m canadian too :) haha glad toby didn’t win.. she’s not that pretty.

    5. larry says:

      This year contestants is disappointing. All of them really need to sexy it up.

    6. michelle says:

      anyone knows if i can watch this show anywhere? will it be even aired on tv?

    7. Star says:

      @Michelle, i heard the show airs on Saturday nov 06 (which is today) in hong kong… so i think you can watch it on Tudou on sunday…

    8. larry says:

      Its tape delay. In HK it will air on Saturday. By now, you can see it on torrent, direct link, chinese video sites….

    9. mo says:

      her last name is Sam, not Shum!

      Toronto and Vancouver pageants are owned/run by Fairchild Television (Entertainment) who is a huge stakeholder in the MCI in the recent years. So unless there is someone else spectacular, Vancouver and Toronto usually have a headstart. That is also why Calgary and Edmonton and Montreal no longer participates every year (they may have their Chinatown pageants but it’s not by Fairchild so there are not a lot of marketing and promotion for these events).

    10. Star says:

      @Mo, probably… but I still think the toronto and vancouver one is well-deserved even if they get a head start or not

    11. larry says:

      TVB owns Fairchild small stake yet they produce crappy tv shows and news.

    12. Jackie says:

      you wrote her name wrong. It’s Eliza Sam.

    13. Samantha says:

      i quite like this years winners!!! so am glad Toby didn’t win!! Dont think she is at all pretty!!

    14. Masaharu says:

      She looks ok in pictures. I will have to look at her onscreen and watch her overall performance to judge more :)

    15. Rach says:

      Jayne, a little correction on the contestant from Malaysia. It is #7 Belle Theng Mei Yu and not #11 as stated. Yes, though it is Chan in cantonese but her name is spelled Theng. Please check the clip again. Thank you.

    16. Jayne says:

      Mo and Rach, thanks for the corrected spelling of the contestants’ names. At the time of translating this article, I could not find the official spelling of the contestants. Will revise when I get the chance.

    17. V says:

      Just watched the performance last night.

      Although I’m from Vancouver, I didn’t think that Eliza deserved her win. Her Q&A wasn’t spectacular, and her Cantonese was shaky all night. Belle had a more consistent performance, but I guess it was more..”bland” because of her generic thoughts speech at the end.

      Plus, I didn’t like the voting system for the first and second place winners. Eliza’s speech was more touching, and I believe that was why she won the competition since all previous scores were erased.

      Eliza had a certain charm and grace about her though, that extra sparkle that many of the contestants lacked.

    18. Danielle says:

      Oo go Malaysia! Haha, maybe Belle will become another Vivien Yeo.

      Watched the show and I thought the presentations overall are quite good.

    19. Danielle says:

      Oh and I thought the host MC was gorgeous. She should join instead :)

    20. Funn Lim says:

      I thought the winner looks pretty, and does our Malaysian girl. But when I saw the judges I was like even judging panel is using TVB’s in house staff so to speak. What happened to music producers, fashion designers, internationally acclaimed actresses etc? All reserved for Miss HK? The event felt I don’t know, low budget. And yet I find at least the winner prettier than the Miss HK pageant.

      • Frank says:

        I totally AGREE with you Funn Lim.
        This pageant winner is worth watching for. It is really prettier and more smarter than MISS HONG KONG.

        Many Miss Hong Kong contestant are NOT QUALIFIED to represent Hong Kong for the pageant. So, sorry to say.

    21. Darren says:

      I’m sure this is irrelevant but her chest seems really flat! -____-

    22. whorebitchy says:

      New batch of fresh girls for the Nasty Rich men to play with!

    23. Wth says:

      I don’t know why it’s always the girls in Vancouver that wins the title. Give other girls from around the world to win. Why does it have to be Chinese in Vancouver that gets all the credit? Btw this years winner is so so flat chested….at least have some instead of two dots. Worse than males.

    24. Fayau says:

      Another girl trying to marry a rich guy or get laid by a rich guy…

    25. Matthew Lee says:

      Giving my 2 cent advise here. I watched the pageant a few months ago. All the segments and sessions is still fresh in my mind like yesterday foods. I am quite proud with Miss Malaysia, the whole Q & A was excellent, well spoken and answer. She could be an ambassador for the country. However, beauty pageant always put appearance above everything. Although Miss Vancouver can’t speak well she will win because she is more outstanding outwardly. It is undeniable they’re all pretty, therefore a new benchmark needs to be set to safeguard the quality of the beauties. Marks should not only be given to outward beauty alone!

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