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Results of “Why I Like Kevin Cheng” Essay Contest @ JayneStars.com

By on March 2, 2012

Results of “Why I Like Kevin Cheng” Essay Contest @ JayneStars.com thumbnail

JayneStars.com held a “Why I Like Kevin Cheng” Essay Contest in February 2012. The contest concluded on February 29, 2012. Fans were asked to submit entries on why they liked the triple-award winning TV King.

Last year, Kevin’s popularity and career exploded to the stratosphere, so it was only fitting that  Kevin’s charm and magnetism was celebrated at JayneStars.com through an essay contest. It appears that the top reasons why fans loved Kevin so much was due to his exceptional, handsome looks and approachable personality!

The essay entries were judged on originality and how well the ideas were presented.The winning essay is by Funn Lim, whose entry was honest and presented a balanced view on why she liked Kevin as a man, but not necessarily as an actor. Funn will receive the DVD copy of TVB drama, Ghetto Justice.

Congratulations to Funn! Many thanks to all the participants who submitted entries for essay contest!

“Why I Like Kevin Cheng” by Funn Lim (Winning Essay)

“Why I like Kevin Cheng”? It is easy to explain but difficult to articulate.  But I shall try.  I’ve not followed his career as an actor closely, and I only knew of him when he joined TVB. I can’t remember all his appearances. Basically, he has always been the Under The Radar star for me, whom I occasionally watched, but never quite “taken to heart” so to speak. Frankly, I don’t like him as an actor. I don’t even like him as a singer. I often find him boring and uncharismatic onscreen. In short, I shouldn’t be joining this essay contest. But recently I watched Bu Bu Jing Xin, and then of course Ghetto Justice, which I meticulously wrote a review for each episode. I didn’t feel much for his performance in Ghetto Justice but I did noticed his improved performance in BBJX . It was those BTS for BBJX that I really took notice of him, where he was basically enjoying himself with his fellow cast, looking like he was having the time of his life, forever with a smile on his face. Many netizens who followed my blog at point2e.com were surprised when I wrote myself liking Kevin. They thought I’ve fallen for his charms after BBJX. Truth is, and I can trace it if I wanted to, from the first time I saw him onscreen until todate, I’ve always felt he was and still is the handsomest actor in TVB. I find him devilishly handsome and his real personality as mature, almost grizzly in nature as quietly interesting even if he doesn’t always rush to the front to grab the headlines. I noticed him, the problem is when the cameras is on him, he seems to fade into the crowd. He is neither that good an actor to be noticed as a serious thespian of the art of acting or is he so flamboyant and flirtatious that he is known as a celebrity actor. He looks like a guy who doesn’t have a temper; he even looks like an actor lacking in ambition but to me I like him because he doesn’t seem to have one ounce of malice in him. It is the image I see of him, something I suppose he doesn’t purposely convey but I see him as that sort of guy who you know, if you ask him for an autograph, he will feel genuinely honoured rather than annoyed. A guy completely without celebrity air so to speak, as in everyday man whilst looking like a billion dollars. That is why I like Kevin Cheng. He is good to look at, in fact he looks better with age and at the same time he gives me a feeling that he still retains the humility & graciousness even if he is in high demand. He is a serious man, but he doesn’t take his fame seriously & yet is appreciative. That’s why I like him. Oh, and the fact he is really devilishly handsome.

Congratulations to Funn! Below are entries of the other participants:

“Why I Like Kevin Cheng” by Ashley

Kevin Cheng can be described as one of the hottest TVB siusangs in my opinion. I first noticed him in Forensic Heroes and he looked awesome! Aside form his looks he has really good acting skills and potential to be best actor which he finally got in 2011! Although he got one in 2006 for Under the Canopy of Love I think he deserved it too. All the dramas he were in he can be nice,evil, funny, serious, and basically anything or everything.  Oh also he looks really young and fit for his age and I look forward watching his new drama Ghetto Justice 2 :)

“Why I Like Kevin Cheng” by Cara

On August 15th 1969 in San Francisco, California a baby of Chinese descent was born and destined to be a star. Kevin Cheng Ka Wing who entered the entertainment industry through a talent contest at the age of 16 did not receive the good fortune of sprouting to stardom quickly like many of the young actors and actresses today. With a modest beginning to his career, Kevin’s path to stardom began at TVB’s New Talent Singing Competition but this was short-lived as he decided he would continue his education first. Several years later, Kevin moved back to Hong Kong as a college dropout and went after a serious career in music. However, his singing career was not as successful as he hoped but was discovered by TVB. With Kevin’s charmed good looks, Kevin started portraying minor characters until he was finally given a chance to shine in TVB classic, “Hard Fate”.

Kevin Cheng proved to have “audience’s fate” and received positive feedback through 2006-2008. Although his feedback was mostly positive, Kevin who received the Best Lead Actor in 2006 was met with criticism. After his win, Kevin began portraying a wide range of characters including his mysterious lead role in “Last One Standing”. Although he was still being praised for his wide-range of acting, Kevin was flying under the radar in Hong Kong and did not receive as much news coverage compared to many of his colleagues. Finally in 2011, Kevin’s comedic and smooth portrayal as a rogue lawyer in “Ghetto Justice” brought Kevin back into the limelight. Kevin subsequently brought home the Best Lead Actor once again but was met with no criticism this time around. Today, Kevin is in the works of trying to kick-start his music career once again.

So why do I like Kevin Cheng? After successfully overcoming adversity and by proving that he is deserving of the award in 2011. Even though he was met with hardships, Kevin continued right on to prove his critics wrong. His road to success, as you can see is not an easy one and Kevin proves that with persistence and determination, you will achieve your goals and prove those who criticize you wrong.

“Why I Like Kevin Cheng” by Chayenne

To be honest, I like Kevin Cheng because he’s handsome, cool, charming, good in singing & good in acting. He’s low profile, friendly, gentleman & caring. he’s almost perfect. beside, he’s high-educated, whenever he’s speaking , his words are so politely. I’m so proud of him cos he’s excellent in multi-languages esp. in english. he’s a filial son, he loves his mother very much. hope he can find his Ms. Right soon.

“Why I Like Kevin Cheng” by Luong

I don’t just like, but I LOVE Kevin Cheng! He has been the love of my life for years, but I especially fell deeply in love with Kevin Cheng again when I was on maternity leave and had time to finally catch up and also re-watch all my favorite Kevin Cheng TVB series. He is handsome, charming and great actor! I stayed up one light just trying to read up on his biography and was happy to learn is from Los Angeles, CA, which is not too farm from my hometown in San Diego. Not only that, I searched for him on Facebook and other fan club sites. I was so disappointed to find that neither were valid sites to get in touch with his fan base. Not know how to read Chinese may have limited me from finding Hong Kong based Chinese websites for fan club information. I am so glad to find your website delivering celebrity news in English! My daughter is 2.5 years old now and often when we are watching any SOAP series with Kevin Cheng, her daddy points and says that ‘Kevin Cheng’ is mommy’s boyfriend! We asked if she thought he was cute and she nodded and said ‘yes’. And yes, my little girl is truly older than her age. She is extremely bright and can distinguish ugly from cute. So, not only do I love my Kevin Cheng, I am sure my little girl will soon fall for him as well. No one is perfect, but I truly cannot find a blemish on Kevin, with the exception of his relationship with Charmaine (sorry, not a fan of hers). Otherwise, Kevin is appealing to the eye, his face, his eyes, smile, his tan and sexy iron body are irresistable. I especially love that ‘hah’ laugh of his when he semi drops his jaw! Aaaaahhhh, always brings a smile when I think of him and yes, I had his picture as my screen saver!  I wasn’t so sure about Kevin in Ghetto Justice given the deviation from his normal role, but he was perfect and came out an even shinier star. I am sure he has many single women and young girls that fantasize over him, but as a mom, he is still my prince charming and wish to meet him one day in person!

“Why I Like Kevin Cheng” by Natalie

I only watch his movie once this year  February when I was sick for 1 week and since then I hunt it  n purposely buy his movie the very next day  “Scarlett heart” instead of watching online like others, and watch finished in 3days, before that i dont even know he is exist and I wonder why I don’t know about him before. >_<  Kevin Cheng, he just irresistibly charming with an eyes and look that can melt the ice,not just look but there is something different with him from the other actors (my 6th sense very strong ;p ) and he is the only person that i think deserve to get admiration from me!! xD. He got extraordinary background too,seriously I even purposely search his bio and so surprised when know he is going to be 43 soon and yet single! He said he have simple wish which is have own family besides career and i wonder how come none girl yet can make him say I do? He definitely the most high quality bachelor! What I like about him is…. He also actor with clean record or bad gossip,never date with Gf in short period mostly took years to end, and not 2 timer too (i believe that he is not lying). He make me hunt for his songs, and other movies that he act in,my friends told me he Alwiz act in kungfu serial n romance show, and recommend me buy Ghetto Justice series.So here I am addicted to Kevin Cheng :) Love at first sight on TV?? Maybe can say so…  I really wish can meet him one day :) maybe purposely go to his shooting location and take pic with him? ^_* my friends said I’m crazy just because I never idol anyone before ,but well I know why now I have one :) and I guess only him… my idol!

Image source: TVB.com

Jayne: Thanks to all the participants who entered the contest and offered insight into why Kevin Cheng is such a special celebrity!

JayneStars Media LLC reserves all copyrights. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. By using the JayneStars website, you accept and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use.


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  • Readers' Comments (84)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      I won?! I ACTUALLY WON?!


      • Jayne says:

        Congrats! Thanks for sharing your balanced view of Kevin!

      • Veejay says:

        Congrats Funn,

        You get an original DVD copy of GH now!! cool.

      • Jayne says:

        I hope you will re-watch Ghetto Justice again! I still have not watched the complete series! Need to continue BBJX too!

        • Funn Lim says:

          Luckily I didn’t buy!! Oh Jayne if you want a really good English subtitled of BBJX, you can find it here at http://www.youtube.com/user/keropoking?feature=watch

          It is by Mediacorp singapore so I can vouch for the quality of the translation EVEN if we have Ruoxi saying like 2 whole lines and the English is like “Yes”.

          Something like that! So to all BBJX lovers who suffered, now you have the genuine english subtitled one.

        • Jayne says:

          My parents have a copy of BBJX with Chinese subtitles. The characters are all so pensive…Kevin always looks like he is hurting so much that I want to give him a hug. Before “Law Ba,” I didn’t see him having a silly side to his personality.

        • Kidd says:

          Kevin was funny in his slightly effeminate gay guy role in ‘Boys?’ :D

          I think his acting was good in the movie. Not boring and not exaggerated.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Jayne, his character is pensive, a worrier since he has no legitimate claim to the throne and basically he was never favoured, hence his solemness. In later episodes you will definitely want to hug him.

          However have you tried Youtube and search for those BTS of BBJX? I was shocked to see him so.. playful in his own way. Always smiling, always happy, a definite 100% change in character. He seems to easy going, not uptight, he really clicked with this cast. Hence the contents of my WINNING essay!

          Sorry guy sorry! Am so happy! I won! I WON!!! When the DVD comes, I shall rewatch. Maybe skip Myolie’s scene. Hopefully that butt crack scene is in the DVD. Episode 1, I shall remember that!

        • Funn Lim says:

          Sorry Jayne, did you say YOUR PARENTS have a copy of BBJX?!

        • Nicole says:

          Yes Funn! I agree with you about Kevin “clicking” with the cast of BBJX, but on some of the entertainment shows (Like Happy Camp) he participated as a cast, he still seems a little awkward. However, I do think after winning 3 awards at TVB Anniversary and surging increase in popularity due to BBJX, he seems way, way more relaxed and confidence nowadays.
          But before that, he always seemed more uncertain or embarrassed during live events or interviews. His performance during the 42nd TVB Anniversary gave me a very bad impression, so I’ll always remember it. Steven and Charmaine had such good stage presence with the saucy acknowledgement with the slight tilt of the head and the sparkle in their eyes, and even Kenneth Ma who is called “boring”, was really hamming it up during the performance. But Kevin was very awkward and bland. So I still doubt he is able to put on a good live concert, but I’m sure all his die hard fans will attend .

        • Funn Lim says:

          I wouldn’t call him shy or anything. Bland is true but I feel he is not those “Chut fung tau” sorta guy. He doesn’t stand out, he rather stand in the background. Which is why in Happy Camp Nicky Wu got all the attention because that man knows how to work a crowd. But to be fair to Kevin, he was very mature as in stable, dependable. You can see his comraderie with the entire cast and for that I find him exposing a little of himself whenever he is with them. I have never seen him so active but in Happy Camp I thought he participated quite a lot except Nicky Wu and Yuan Hong were both like dynamite in presence, more outgoing personality so I shall say Kevin is bland AND reserved. Which is suitable for his age actually.

        • josie says:


          I agree w/ u that Kevin lacked confidence thus was uncomfortable w/ the media before. But the main reason he was so awkward during that retro song skit was b/c charmaine was next to him. Their rumors were still rampant and they tried to avoid each other. Even now, he becomes a complete stiff around her.

          Get over it, Kev! Put your guard down and let one of these beautiful ladies into your life already!

        • Nicole says:

          Which is why Nicky Wu got so popular in his teens, and Kevin has to slave 20 years before he actually win the approval of the audience. And with the Year of the Kevin over, keeping up the popularity will be hard for one with his personality?

          If he work hard at his craft in acting and be a skilled actor, with his personality, maybe it will work; but now he thinks he can go back to singing?

          I don’t know, but I just find myself liking him less and less AGAIN after all the smokescreen of BBJX fades away. I do like his mature personality as a human being, but still not a fan of his acting or singing.

        • Nicole says:

          Was that the only reason, or just because he’s not a good entertainer in the first place. If we look at Charmaine, she looks completely at ease. That’s why even when I didn’t like her acting in the past, she’s still a star.

        • Nicole says:

          I just found the show to watch again, and before they performed, the MCs went backstage and interviewed them. Charmaine stood next to Kevin, and at a point, even wrapped her hands around the mic he was holding. Didn’t seem to have any awkwardness between them at all.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Which is why Nicky Wu got so popular in his teens, and Kevin has to slave 20 years before he actually win the approval of the audience. ”

          Not accurate. Nicky Wu was in probably one of the biggest boy band ever, he clocked up enough live performances and interviews to know how to handle the press. He I believe forced himself to be so outgoing because my impression of him when he was younger from what he said was he was pretty reserved although outgoing and active. Both of them almost same age, but they took different paths to reach the same destination. Between Nicky and kevin, Nicky is the bigger star and seen the biggest revival of his career and with so many years of experience he had to be at ease with whatever he is doing.

        • Funn Lim says:

          And I do think many forget he is not an entertainer. He is primarily an actor. He doesn’t entertain, like on stage and handle the crowd. That’s the job of an entertainer. Which is what Nicky is.

        • Nicole says:

          Which is why I dislike his decision to go back to singing. His acting isn’t the greatest already, and if he wants us to take him seriously as an actor, then he should stick with it. If he’s gonna be a singer, he has to entertain, and entertaining hes not!

        • josie says:


          When charm put her hand over Kevin’s, I think he had a shy smile. Charmaine is naturally more outgoing so she doesn’t feel the pressure that Kevin does. I guess he is the main reason for the awkwardness.

          Anyway by himself, he can sing love ballads very ‘lum’. But dancing, no.

        • Nicole says:

          Josie, do you feel “lum” due to his handsomeness or his actual voice?:D

        • josie says:

          Both. Honestly!

      • Hannah says:

        oh thanks for the link Funn, i was looking around for eng sub

      • Agnes says:

        Congrats. I like yr sharing very much
        Keep it up

      • josie says:

        Congrats Funn! I always believed true love shall be rewarded. :)

        Just curious, who do u think is more handsome than Kevin, outside of tvb?

      • Bridget says:

        Congrats Funn!

        HAHAHA your reaction sounds like one of those ‘Most Improved’ young actors / young actresses at the TVB awards. ;)

      • HeTieShou says:

        Congrats to Funn! I had a feeling that you would win and I was right…

    2. EkinFan says:

      So when are we doing a Why We Love Ekin Cheng contest?

      • Funn Lim says:

        When he has a major hit under his belt?

        • EkinFan says:

          Young and Dangerous was a major hit and storm riders. I may be living in the late 90’s but those are still major hits Funn. Give my boy some Dap!

        • Funn Lim says:

          I know I know! I mean now, current hit, not those from the era of hang fung (aka hang fun nin toi!)

          If there is an essay for your most favourite star and why, I really think you ought to join. Tell us, why do you love Ekin so much?

      • Jayne says:

        Hehe so tell us why you are a big Ekin fan?
        Since you are famous for one-liners, that would make it pretty difficult for you to win an essay contest! More like text message contest!

    3. Hannah says:

      Good job every1! interesting read! congratz Funn :)

    4. Victoria says:

      Just wanted to note that Cara’s essay is very well-written.

      • stranger says:

        i’m cara – thank you victoria!

        i thought this was an essay contest, hence the full 3 paragraphs plus punctuation and spelling :p perhaps i focused more on kevin’s background, but i must clarify that this was leading into how his path was not smooth sailing.

        • Jayne says:

          Stranger/ Cara,
          I found your essay to be very written and truly appreciated that you took care to present your ideas in the proper 3 paragraph format and good grammar. I also understand your intention to illustrate Kevin’s obstacles in his career. However, your entry does comes across as more factual than personal. The theme of the essay contest is to explore your personal reaction to Kevin and you like him.

          I do appreciate your entry very much though!

        • Victoria says:


    5. Nicole says:

      Grats Funn!

      Now I can’t wait for Exoidus’ “Why I love Raymond Lam” Essay :P

    6. Annie says:

      Congratulations Funn! And oh woow you’re the owner of point2e.com?!?! No wonder your username sounds familiar! I remember many many years ago I used to go to your web site every day to read your TVB reviews! But then my computer crashed and I lost all my bookmarks! >_<

    7. Ben says:

      Congrats funn…i ve been reading jayne stars for months but only posted 1 comment yesterday. I observed u r very active in the blog. Btw r u in hk or overseas?

    8. Kidd says:

      Luong’s entry is so funny. Her enthusiasm bring a smile to my face. :D

      • josie says:

        Young or old, married or not, who wouldn’t want Kevin as “boyfriend”? Total lady killer!

        • JN says:

          Not me….He isn’t that hot…I tried to watch his Mainland and turn it off not even finish the 1st episode. Like him in Ghetto Justice but Myolie ruins it for me. Like Mandy more….

          Never interested in Kevin even lots of people seem to like him. I more like Steven Ma and Kenneth Ma…Both of them not handsome in look but they have the face that you like them right away. That is my opinion.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Well, you don’t seem to like any mainland series so it doesn’t matter who is in it.

    9. Conan says:

      Lol…I think people like him because of his look. not because of his acting skill…

      • Funn Lim says:

        But BUT gotta admit if concentration is on his looks, less on his acting skill, he becomes watchable I suppose?

      • msxeroz says:

        maybe when he’s younger but now old already, isnt that handsome anymore. But i find his acting has improved. =)

    10. Jenney says:

      Congrats Funn! I LOVE Kevin too like Luong, wanted to take part in this essay competition but feel that i couldn’t really write well. Being in S’pore, i am luckier as i have met Kevin twice at fans gathering. You can be sure that he is as nice in actual person as described in your essays. Saw him last year before BBJX was out. I missed the gathering when he came for the Asian Awards recently after his fame and fellow fans friends said his attitude did not change at all, he is the same nice and easy going cool guy… I am proud to be a Kevin Fan :)!

      • mimi says:

        I admire you. You met Kevin. I wonder how handsome he is!. “too handsome” or only “handsome”

    11. exoidus says:

      Congrats Funn, I actually thought you would win bc of your love for Kevin.

      Now you can watch GJ 24/7, LOL

    12. wen wen says:

      congratulation Funn…I like your thought about Kevin :-) enjoy your GJ dvd :-)

    13. Amy says:

      Grats Funn. Have fun with the DVDs ahaha.

    14. Jenney says:

      He is very handsome and dashing!! Only a little too skinny!

    15. Loekie says:

      @Funn or Jayne:

      Is there a BBJX in cantonese version? Cuz, I can not understand madrian?!?

      Does anyone know that?

      • Funn Lim says:

        No unless TVB or HK broadcast it. I think it will be broadcast, not sure when.

        What about the Eng subtitled version? I posted the link here.

      • Jayne says:

        From what I understand, BBJX is currently available in Mandarin only. As it has not been aired in Hong Kong, thus the Cantonese dubbed version is not available.

        • Loekie says:

          Hi Funn & Jayne,

          Thanks for the info! Yes, I have take a look on the eng sub. It’s ok. But it will be great when they will dubbed Cantonese :)

          You 2 understand madrian? Or also with the eng sub? :)

          Funn, congrats with the DVD. You should tell Kevin that you won ;)

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Kevin! I WON!!”

          Kevin : “Who… are… you?!”


          Loekie, I can understand Mandarin as in a bit better than basic. Meaning I understand all the love love dialogue but when it goes into politics, I am a bit blur. Luckily for BBJX that is just very very little.

          So now my standard of mandarin is like this; is it Yong Zheng Wang Chao level? Yes? Then I am dead. Is it BBJX? Then I can understand about 80% of it. Is it Qiong Yau series? Then I can understand 99% of it. I watched without the English subtitles because the first few broadcasts and the DVDs are without Eng subtitles. and I survived. It isn’t that deep really. MediaCorp is brilliant because yes, although they didn’t translate each and every word, the gist is there and it is grammatically correct.

          For cantonese you gotta wait for HK broadcast. Not sure when. Surprising eh? Since it has Kevin Cheng and TVB does not bother buying the rights. I think they did, but not sure when is the broadcast.

    16. P.Tan says:

      Congrats, Funn, for presenting the best essay on why you like Kevin. It was very well written and very candid too. I like him too and I agree with you when you said you liked him because he “has not an ounce of malice in him” besides other things. Enjoy your prize!

    17. Cynthia says:

      I am highly suspicious of the people that evaluated all the essays. Especially the one that won. Not only was it full of grammatical errors, there were run-on sentences and embarassingly, a lot of misspelled words.
      If jaynestars.com is going to host these free giveaway contests, perhaps whoever is running this website should consider hiring grammar/English teachers such that the essays can be FAIRLY evaluated.
      This is not a popularity contest; and I’m pretty sure Funn Lim is highly popular as she has her own blog and fans.

      Just my 2 cents.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I don’t think this is an English grammar contest or academic essay, so is it that important to have correct grammar and everything else? I think that the content was the most important of all. About whether it is a popularity contest, I honestly don’t know. However, I think that Jayne is pretty fair and I think she evaluated the essays. I guess you are new to this site so you may think that this is a popularity contest.

      • Kidd says:

        Can you point out the grammatical errors in Funn’s essay to be more specific?

        I would like to know these mistakes because I always found Funn’s english to be good.

        Secondly, if I’m not mistaken, the only judge for this essay writing contest is Jayne. So, Funn having her own blog and fans is not important to the contest and does not have much effect on the outcome of the contest.

        I don’t see the need to hire english teacher. This is a contest created for fun by Jayne. She fork out the money for the prize. So, I don’t see the problem with her being the sole judge of this contest. No need to make everything to damn formal and serious.

      • Jayne says:

        “If jaynestars.com is going to host these free giveaway contests, perhaps whoever is running this website should consider hiring grammar/English teachers such that the essays can be FAIRLY evaluated.
        This is not a popularity contest; and I’m pretty sure Funn Lim is highly popular as she has her own blog and fans. This is not a popularity contest; and I’m pretty sure Funn Lim is highly popular as she has her own blog and fans.”

        As typical of any contest results, the judges will not always agree on results due to subjective evaluation methods. Thus you, other readers, and I may not all agree on the results. In this case, I hosted the contest and was the only judge.

        I selected the winning essay based on the strength of how well the ideas were expressed, the depth of the material, and the structure of the essay. I stand by the choice of the winning essay that it was not based on the written contents and not the popularity of the author. If that were the case, then readers would have been asked to choose the winner.

        While grammar was one of the criteria in the contest, it was not the only criteria. The rules of the contest were very simple, in which readers were asked to write on the topic, “Why I Like Kevin Cheng,” as I did not wish to restrict reader’s creativity.

        Overall, Funn’s essay explored her personal feelings towards the subject matter well and was a well-deserved win. This essay was not an exercise in grammar, but rather a celebration of fandom.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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