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TVB Scolds Jenny Lau for Leaked Video Clip

By on September 12, 2012

TVB Scolds Jenny Lau for Leaked Video Clip thumbnail

TVB director, Cheung Wing Ho’s (張永豪) harsh treatment of Jenny Lau (劉蔚萱) has been heavily criticized by the public. During the filming of Heart Road GPS <心路GPS>, Cheung forcibly shoved Jenny against the door in anger after the newcomer generated outtakes, making the actress collapse into tears.

This incident resulted in forty-one public complaints filed with TVB, in which viewers felt that Jenny Lau was treated unfairly and unethically.

Catherine Tsang Vows to Find Source of Leaked Clip

Following the leaking of the video clip, TVB Director of Drama Production, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), held a press conference with Heart Road GPS producer, Lee Yim Fong (李艷芳). Catherine stated, “I do not know what is the big deal! First, Director Cheung is not my biu dai!” However, it was discovered that on Cheung Wing Ho’s Facebook profile, he indicated that he is Catherine’s relative.

At the press conference, Catherine argued that the leaked video clip was only an excerpt of the incident, maintaining that Cheung Wing Ho was instructing Jenny how to act, rather than maltreating her. Catherine also vowed to investigate the source of the video clip. It was suspected that an undercover mole from TVB’s “competitor” may have filmed the clip and uploaded it online. After finding out the mastermind, the company is reportedly intends to file a police report.

Jenny Lau Scolded to Tears?

Jenny was summoned to meet with a TVB Drama Production executive. The executive reportedly did not console Jenny and asked her right away, “Did you film the video clip?” Jenny allegedly burst into tears on the spot.

In charge of the Artist department, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) vowed to ensure safe working conditions for the actress. Ms. Lok stated that Jenny was not happy over the incident, “However, I have to praise Jenny for handling this incident well; she responded well to the questions. She is unhappy after hearing rumors that if she were to offend Catherine Jeh, then she will have not have a job.   I do not believe that Catherine Jeh will do this.

“Anyway, the Artist department will ensure that the working environment for Jenny is safe,” Ms. Lok added that the video clip viewing made her feel uneasy. Ms. Lok urged that the Drama Production department be more considerate of artists in the future.

Artists Support Jenny Lau

Artists continue to support Jenny Lau in the controversy, striking down director Cheung Wing Ho for his extreme methods.

Chilam Cheung (張智霖) felt that the director should not teach artists how to act in such a manner, thoroughly scaring newcomers. The results would be counterproductive.

Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), who was once cursed by director Cheung with profanities when she was a newcomer, stated, “Regarding such a poor quality person, I do not wish to make any comment. I do not think that girl should be afraid and should not give up her ideals. The entertainment circle is full of good directors!”

Ada Choi (蔡少芬) said, “I felt shocked after viewing the video clip. How can you treat people in this way? And she is a woman after all! Even if she were a newcomer, she should be treated with respect. The director’s actions are ridiculous and annoying!”

Chapman To (杜汶澤) said, “This guy (Cheung Wing Ho) was already a bit crazy when he worked as a Production Assistant at ATV…. If the girl were not a newcomer, would he dare to do this? If he messed with my wife (田蕊妮 Kristal Tin), I would kill him!”

Sources: Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (89)

    1. Baby panda says:

      I think the director’s acts are despicable, and I’m glad his actions are brought to light with this incident. He should be the one to get the scolding from TVB instead of Jenny!

      • Jenny says:

        If you think that the director’s acts are despicable, then Him LAW’s act was even pathetic and more insulting to the woman’s race.

        The the moron Him Law bashed Theresa’s very deep down to her back side is still very fresh in our mind.

        • skinnymocha says:

          Urgh. Him’s lucky to have the face to make people fawn over him (and TVB so in love with him, evidently). I will never be a fan.

          And how dare TVB turn the tables on Jenny instead! I hope the girl toughens up and this scandal doesn’t hinder her future too much. TVB are still protecting their own people, I see…

        • Fox says:

          Because she is nobody.

        • vivien says:

          Himhim is a muscular hottie with many movies in his hands even before he joined TVB and got promoted and become the eye candy joy of female fans.

          Jenny Lau who?

        • Fox says:

          That’s the matter. Himhim has 6 packs who can blind the girls :P.

        • H says:

          Don’t drag Him into this because there are just going to be a lot of people defending him haha.

    2. Hippo says:

      Typical TVB.

      – Plan A, try to cover up, if not possible, then
      – Plan B: saying you are all dumb, you misunderstood us, and if even that doesn’t work,
      -Plan C, it was all YOU, YOU are the one to blame, we are all angels here at TVB.

      I want to suggest another plan in this case. Official TVB statement: The bag just flew onto the girl’s head and it was her head pulling the director’s hand towards the door. See we have very talented people/actors. No harm were done, thank you very much. We are still one happy family.

      • Jen says:

        Yeah that is so true. It is so typical of TVB to cover up and issue lame and stupid statements as if all of us are idiots. This type of behavior should not be tolerated in any type of work place. Imagine if your boss were to slap you because your work was not up to standard. I am not surprised that Jenny is keeping quiet and using excuses to forgive TVB’s behavior. A lot of people would have done the same out of fear of how TVB would treat them – say negative things about them or cut them out of any further work opportunities. This is a whole load of ********. It is 2012 and Hong Kong is a developed country. Workplace bullying should be reported and treated seriously.

        • Hippo says:

          Yeah TVB still live in 1900 or something. And they can put all their corrupt awards in their !@#$%. They are the prime example of a disgusting company abusing their monopoly. So happy there are new TV stations coming soon, at last.

    3. iampheng says:

      You go Chapman To!

      I feel quite sorry for this young lady. I saw the video and could tell that she was genuinely frightened and hurt. Heck, I was spooked by the director’s actions.

      File a police report against the person who leaked the video? That is just backwards…poor Jenny will not have enough back up to be filing any police report on this director.

      Jenny must be resilient if she wants to survive in her industry…that is just the unfortunate truth.

      • Jenny says:

        If theresa fu could be so incredibly resilient after the woman basher Him Law violence attacked on her backside, I don’t see any reason Jenny could not recover from that “trivial” head knocking incident!

      • sandcherry says:

        It is a very stupid action of Catherine Tsang to file a police report on the posting of video clips. She wanted to punish the person who posted the video clips, to scold Jenny Lau, and let Cheung Wing Ho get out of this hassle with all those “praises”!

      • vivien says:

        I feel sorry for her too. Now her career in TVB is ruined! I suggest she join CTI and work hard over there!

    4. Fox says:

      Oh well, Catherine Tsang involved and I bet that her relative will be saved. Relative or a small actress? Relative wins. Chapman To said about bad attitude of Cheung Wing Ho before this incident so it isn’t the first time. Catherine is trying to deny because she doesn’t want ppl to know that she has some special treatments. I rmb someone said that Catherine Tsang isn’t biased, and now see.

      I really doubts that Jenny Lau won’t be treated badly in the future. Not now, but in the future, when most of ppl forget the incident.

      • Jenny says:

        Fox, pls dont make this an issue.

        It’s a very trivial case happening everywhere in every corner of our human lives. This jenny had not been sexually abused yet so it’s nothing for you to be so serious about!

        • Fox says:

          Having to wait until there is a sexual abuse to be serious?

          There are 2 issues in here:
          – The girl was abused by a director with some pasts of bad attitude.
          – The special treatments to relatives of the executives – Why don’t scold Cheung Wing Ho but Jenny Lau?

          If it is happening everywhere, why don’t do something to stop it? Do you want your employee to beat you? Or if you are an employee, are you going to beat your employer?

        • Gar says:

          Yes, since it is happening in every corner of our human lives, then we should put a stop to it immediately and not let it happen again. This is serious and can be considered assault and should not be taken lightly.

    5. sandcherry says:

      I think I am going to DISLIKE Catherine Tsang more after reading the above article. If she made a statement to the public saying that it was only some kind of misunderstanding between Jenny and Mr. Cheung Wing Ho, and Mr. Cheung had already apologized for this “misunderstanding”, I would praise her for her smart ad classy action. However, she was now making it a bigger issue and was trying to defend Mr. Cheung and herself (being Mr. Cheung’s relative). People should all know whether or not Mr. Cheung Wing Ho is her relative.

    6. clamine says:

      First, Director Cheung is not my relative!” Despite her denial, it was discovered that on Cheung Wing Ho’s Facebook profile, he indicated that he is Catherine’s relative.

      erroneous reporting:
      In the news conference vid that I watched, CT clarifies that Cheung Wing Ho is her ‘biu dai’. (per news report) She never said anything about him not being a relative of hers.

      • sandcherry says:

        Can you please post the link so that we can watch Catherine Tsang’s press conference? Thanks!

        • clamine says:

          sandcherry: just posted the weibo link, then I thought not everybody has weibo account so here’s another link.


        • clamine says:


          link for those who do not have a weibo account.

        • clamine says:

          sandcherry: my other video link got held back. go baidu 曾勵珍張永豪 for video

        • sandcherry says:

          Thanks for the link. As I am not a member of baidu, I was able to log in.

          It is okay. Just post another link if you happen to have it (that I am not required to be a member). Thanks again!

        • sandcherry says:

          I am not a member of weibo.com either. I could not log in. It is okay anyway. Thanks!

        • clamine says:

          sandcherry, I know that not all will have a weibo account, that’s why I posted another non weibo link but it got ‘quarantined’. You don’t need to be a member to search for baidu videos.

          goto: http://video.baidu.com/

          search 曾勵珍張永豪 — the very 1st video on the left

        • Kidd says:

          Here’s the youtube vid I found. Clamine, is this the same as the one you watch?


        • clamine says:

          kidd: No it’s not appledaily report. It’s a 2:33 min vidoe of CT and Lee Yim Fong explaining the situation from their pov.

        • exoidus says:

          Thx for the vids :)

          Well her explanation does makes some sense, but I don’t believe her. If what she said is true why not post the “whole” clip to shut us all up?

          Kidd, it’s different as the apple version contain less raw data.

        • clamine says:

          Regardless, it was wrong of him to use such force against Jenny Lau. He is a bully therefore should be punished accordingly instead of having his action being minimized by management.

          However, because of a possible law suit and other legal ramifications,(master and servant law), it is not prudent for TVB to come right out and admit wrongdoing.

          But pretty sure TVB must have had a long talk with Jenny Lau to prevent such a lawsuit from happening.

        • sandcherry says:

          I watched both video clips, one on baidu.com (as suggested by you) and the other one on youtube,com. Thanks!

          Catherine Tsang denied in both video clips that Cheung Wing Ho was not her “biu dai”, but she did not say anything as to Mr. Cheung was her relative or not. Cheung may not be her “biu dai”, but could be her other relative.

          Also, it was rather strange that Cheung Wing Ho had already admitted that he was tired and impatient in treating Jenny’s NG scenes in that incident before Catherine denied the whole thing saying that Cheung was only teaching Jenny how to act in that particular scene.

        • sandcherry says:

          My typo ……… I meant that Catherine Tsang “denied that Cheung Wing Ho was her ‘bai dai”.

        • sandcherry says:

          I just hope that Jenny Lau will NOT be frozen by Catherine Tsang in the near future. Her acting career will definitely be “affected” because of this incident.

      • clamine says:

        Oops correction: In the news conference vid that I watched, CT clarifies that Cheung Wing Ho is NOT her ‘biu dai’. (as reported) In the video, she never said anything about him not being a relative of hers.

      • Jayne says:

        Non-youtube links are often quarantined by our spam software for safety precautions.

        Thanks for pointing out that Catherine said Cheung is not her biu dai. Then maybe a remote relative of some sort because she is obviously taking his side in this incident.

    7. Suzevil says:

      This is all getting so ridiculous. TVB is digging their own grave.

      I don’t know why it is so hard for the director, producer, and Catherine Tsang to do a conference where he apologizes and with the execs saying that they will ensure that this will never happen again. I am so appalled that they completely refuse to admit that he’s at any fault!

      Does anybody know how one can file a complaint with TVB? I can only do English though; not fluent with writing in Chinese at all.

    8. Hannahh says:

      Poor girl. TVB really bad in handling their staffs.

    9. Veejay says:

      Chapman’s comment is funny. haha

    10. exoidus says:

      Lost my respect for Tsang Jeh already, thought she was an exceptional in TVB.

      She can’t see the big deal? I suppose next the director will rape artists bc he needs to show them how to do it :S

      Instead of assuring that this will never happen again by firing the director, they are going to kill the whistleblower.

      Can’t wait for CTI & Co to finish TVB off :)

    11. sandcherry says:

      Poor Jenny Lau! She has got popular overnight, but at the same time she might be frozen by TVB from now on or in the near future.

      • sandcherry says:

        The way that Catherine Tsang reacted in this issue, I don’t think she is a generous and reasonable TVB executive.

    12. No Balls says:

      Can Netizens come to Jenny’s rescue. Give your 2 cents please.

    13. Critics says:

      In the showbiz industry, there are few options to to be successful.
      1) Apple polishing
      2) Be silent and accept all abuses.
      3) Go to bed with the right person.
      4) Pay Media Spinners for positive reviews.
      5) Be scandalous.
      6) Publish some photos on your smart phone.

      • sandcherry says:

        Good suggestions!!

      • Veejay says:

        I think go to bed with the right person is the easiest one for these kelefe to get overnight popular.

        • Jen says:

          I agree. And this method was probably chosen by some actresses which “all of us are wondering why they given a chance to be on TV”

        • Funn Lim says:

          Isn’t Raymond godson to that lady who cuts the cake every year? He is also a rich man’s son. He is also a favourite of his management. Does he have any need to “bed” women for opportunities?

        • Fox says:

          Nope, he isn’t godson of the lady who cut the cake every year. He is said to be godson of a shareholder of TVB who rarely go to TVB anni.

          And if LF “bed” with any executives, maybe other guys also do the same thing. However, not Catherine because he is in Tommy’s side, not Catherine’s. He isn’t Catherine’s favourite as well.

      • Funn Lim says:

        1) Apple polishing
        2) Be silent and accept all abuses.
        3) Go to bed with the right person.
        4) Pay Media Spinners for positive reviews.
        5) Be scandalous.
        6) Publish some photos on your smart phone.

        Agree with 1,2 and probably 3 for new stars or has beens. point 4 is what your management company will do for you. 5 is only if you want to go the reality star way and in Asia scandalous won’t help much. 6 is also the only way if you want to ruin your career.

        To be successsful

        1. know how to make an entrance
        2. connect to the right people
        3. know how to make a scene and mingle
        4. understand you’re new so don’t hope “I want to be an artiste” until you get a few box office hits
        5. no over exposure but avoid under exposure
        6 avoid bad scandals but release some at the right time
        7. going to bed with the right person won’t help much in the end. Marry the boss.
        8. get a dedicated fan base
        9. work hard
        10. never ever complain or cry or leak videos. Any abuse just take it except for serious ones and come 10 years later when you never complain people will say you are a professional.

        Most of all choose either of 3 roads;

        celebs by being in movies, TV, respected thespians by appearing in stage or theatre more and of course trashy by being reality stars.

        But to be reality show judge, you need to be a has been first who was once rather famous.

        • Fox says:

          Point 6: Clearer iss that: Revealing some harmless in the right time to make yourself seem to be not too perfect but in fact the blames will run to others.

      • bizzybody says:

        More like the golden rules of survival in showbiz

    14. Anon says:

      The title made me go – “What?”

    15. Anon says:

      Turns out Chapman To has personal bad experience with this guy.

      • vivien says:

        Chapman has history with big boobs woman so now as a husband he need to always work hard and show his love to her LOL

    16. elin says:

      wow.. the director certainly has a rep..

    17. I Love 2 Lin, Hate to Lose says:

      So, it is alright for TVB to abuse actress. This is just so wrong, without the video we would never know these actress sacrafice a lot. If the director did this to Christine, or Myolie, I’m willing to say with certainty that the director would get reprimanded and probaly a cut in pay. Since this is a newcomer, they want to protect the product, TVB. Sad, I believe the girl will be outed by the company. Chapman To, I knew you were a man. Treat Victim Badly!!!!!

    18. The Cig Girl says:

      Catherine Tsang should investigate and take action against this stupid Cheung Wing Ho and not focusing on who disclosure this to public during her interview. What happen if this clip was not leaked out to the public?. the public should know how inhuman a director is it in treating actor and actress, especially newcomer. Just because she is newcomer, does not meant they can be bully by the director or anyone during the whole filming process. The public should call for the boycott this drama or any movies produced by this director. Show the higher level management that we the public cannot tolerate such incident.

    19. TVBFanatic says:

      lol… blame the victim. How screwed up is TVB.

    20. SaM says:

      tat guy is suach an arse… i woulda whacked him if the girl was my fren… bastard

    21. vivien says:

      “Despite her denial, it was discovered that on Cheung Wing Ho’s Facebook profile, he indicated that he is Catherine’s relative.”

      Trying to put up damage control Catherine Tsang? Netizens are faster :P

    22. miss c says:

      This director is bad. This is not the way to “teach” a newbie. If the director want to teach Jenny how to react to the push, shouldn’t he let the guy who’s supposed to push Jenny to push him(the director) so that Jenny can see how the director expected her to react? This director has temper problem and Catherine Tsang has bias problem.

      Take another director in TVB too, once I saw a clip of this director “teaching” Oceane Zhu who was a newbie how to act a lusty bed scene with a more prominent male lead actor. The director throw himself onto the male actor and put himself as Oceane so that she can see how she is expected to act to meet the director’s expectation.

      • miss c says:

        Note: The second director is a different person, not this beast of a director. Of course Oceane is also a talented and professional pretty gurl and makes any director love her <3

      • miss c says:

        The point is, there’s no point forcing a newbie actress with such violence when she didn’t meet your expectation. You’re the director. If she still can’t give the reaction you wanted, show her the example first and not forcing her with violence!

    23. Larry 3 says:

      Just fire his ass. Unless TVB management is a chicken to do so.

    24. EL says:

      Now i just hope TVB crash and burn for their actions and poor treatment towards their actors/actresses. Just hope that CTI will amaze us next year, then we wont have to rely on TVB for hk series anymore!

    25. aptos says:

      Besides achieving one of the 6 points, it could be two or more points. Additionally, for some, to land a mega-wealthy spouse who will take care of them materialistically for life. For those other females and males, land several big movie deals and/or singing contracts and advertising endorsements and be set for life. TVB stands for Television executives Vilifying and Belittling their workers.

    26. AC says:

      Who knew that 620 can actually be seen as a “good” guy in this case? lol
      “However, I have to praise Jenny for handling this incident well; she responded well to the questions. She is unhappy after hearing rumors that if she were to offend Catherine Jeh, then she will have not have a job. I do not believe that Catherine Jeh will do this.”

      By 620 saying this, there’s no way that Jenny will be frozen. If she is, 620 is indirectly saying that the the person to blame would be Catherine Tsang for holding a grudge.

    27. wtf says:

      “Jenny was summoned to meet with a TVB Drama Production executive. The executive reportedly did not console Jenny and asked her right away, “Did you film the video clip?” Jenny allegedly burst into tears on the spot.”

      why the heck would they ask her if she film it? as if she knew she was going to get hit by that loser…

      • Kidd says:

        Yeah, pretty silly accusation. If she really filmed it, this means that this is not the first time the director blew up on her and so she can anticipate his action and get ready with the camera. That put the director in an even worse light.

        Also, she really filmed the clip herself because she’s also in the clip and the back facing the camera at some point. Can’t really film herself like that unless she has an accomplice.

    28. H says:

      Hey maybe she’ll become super famous in the future and laugh it off.

    29. momo says:

      Does this 張永豪 directs alot of nice dramas? Is TVB making a mountain out of a mole hole?

    30. Aiya says:

      A few things.

      1. I see TVB is trying to turn people’s attention to the person who leaked the video rather than the actual incident on hand.

      2. By focusing on finding the person who leaked the video rather than handling the actual incident at hand only makes TVB look bad.

      3. So this Catherine says what’s the big deal? Look at who is making it a big deal by attempting to take legal actions against the person who leaked the video…

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