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Netizens Shocked at Homosexual Taiwanese Idol Drama “Two Fathers”

By on March 22, 2013

Netizens Shocked at Homosexual Taiwanese Idol Drama “Two Fathers” thumbnail

Recently released stills from the Taiwanese idol drama, Two Fathers <兩個爸爸>, depict a scene in which the two male leads help their seven-year-old daughter take a bath. The controversial portrayal of two men in a domestic relationship has sparked much online discussion, with many netizens questioning the direction of future idol dramas.

Two Fathers 4Two Fathers stars Yo Wei Lin (林佑威) as Wen Zhenhua, a kindhearted and gentle florist who becomes a stay-at-home dad when he decides to raise a daughter with lawyer Tang Xiangxi, portrayed by Weber Yang (楊一展). In the stills, Zhenhua and Xiangxi are helping their daughter, played by child actress Le Le (樂樂), take a bath, but the innocent activity quickly escalates into a full-on water fight.

Netizens responded with a mixture of shock and doubt to the homosexual subject matter in Two Fathers. Some left comments like “Let go of that little girl!” and “This is going too far, isn’t it?” Others wondered how it would affect the genre, asking “Are even idol dramas going to be ruined by this now?” and “Are Taiwanese idol dramas planning to go against nature?”

Although homosexuality has been depicted or hinted at in past Taiwanese idol dramas, such as The Rose <薔薇之戀> and In Time with You <我可能不會愛你>, the topic is still fairly uncommon and is mostly relegated to minor characters.

Despite the backlash that Two Fathers may have caused online, viewers are still anticipating the unique amalgamation of a romantic comedy with homosexual overtones. Although the drama will not begin airing until March 26, its overseas distribution rights have already been authorized in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China, and North America.

“Two Fathers” Trailer

Sources: Sina.com, Netease.com 

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  • Readers' Comments (41)

    1. sky says:

      it’s a series…who care..

    2. Heather says:

      I don’t mind the homosexuality. However, I do find 2 grown men giving a 7 year old girl a bath a bit disturbing.

      • UNI says:

        How is that disturbing? Didn’t your father ever give you a bath when you were young? Geez. In homosexual relationships, it’s not about two men bathing a little girl. They’re her parents. So I do find your statement quite contradicting.

      • gwen says:

        i agree with you .7 year old is quite a big girl ..quite disturbing for the little girl, I think even with own father a seven year girl would be a bit shy

        • Kidd says:

          The girl is 7 not 17. Don’t always think to that direction. The scene is not disturbing. What’s disturbing the association a person made of that scene.

        • Kidd says:

          What’s disturbing is the association a person made of that scene.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Heather, only in context. It is only disturbing if the intention is disturbing.

    3. pandamao says:

      i appreciate the courage to explore the controversial issues, however, much prefer the storyline to use a boy instead of a girl. This is a bit too far … wouldn’t mind the story otherwise.

      • kerem says:

        ok, think about it would you? THEY ARE HOMOSEXUALS (GAY), attracted to MEN not FEMALE. How do you want a boy to be there instead of the girl? You don’t make any sense.

        • skinnymocha says:

          1. They’re not pedophiles.
          2. Gay people aren’t attracted to all men – just like heterosexual females aren’t attracted to all men.

          Who gives a flying f*ck as to what gender the child is?

    4. storyoratory says:

      I wonder how awkward the kissing scenes might be between the two men. I really hate how people are complaining about homosexuality in a drama, there’s nothing wrong with being homosexual. At first I thought that Weber Yan looked like Leroy Young.

      • Joanna says:

        That is Leroy Young. I’m not sure why or when he changed his English name (but I preferred Leroy, heh).

    5. kiki says:

      I think that’s interesting. It’s only a series after all, why so uptight about it?
      I mean we are watching the same old storylines over and over, can’t we try something new? I don’t know who they are but they look like a good looking gay couple. haha LOL

    6. goddessofkrw says:

      I would love to watch this show actually. It’s about time they should change their typical rich boy gets poor women type of story.

      • Nicole says:

        likewise. I’m also interested in watching this show.

      • Mush says:

        agree!! i usually find taiwanese dramas too over the top and exagerated

        • HeTieShou says:

          That’s why they are called idol dramas. Some Taiwanese drama is very good. One of my most favorites is Tian Shi Qing Ren(Angel Love) which is not a typical idol drama. They have a series of stories that are very touching and based on real life stories. Gloomy Salad Days was also a serious one that was based on real life stories.

      • Mimi says:

        Agree, too many drama have that similar story line. I am still in this 1 ep. it is so funny, to see them arguing yet being in peace because of their daughter.

    7. Kidd says:

      Given all the bromance displayed by Taiwanese actors, I thought Taiwanese viewers would be more liberal than the more HK conservative viewers.

      I’m surprised at the backlash.

      ‘Formula 17′ was a big hit in Taiwan, iirc.

    8. Charbydis says:

      I have no problem with the storyline as long as their is enough material to last the whole of the series. People need to understand that our society is changing even though our individual values are not.

    9. col says:

      too cute, love to watch

    10. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      I don’t find anything wrong with the theme as long as it stays innocent and no explicit content shown on TV. I’m interested in this drama now. If only TVB can be this brave and open in exploring new and fresh themes for their dramas.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I don’t find anything wrong either since the Korean movie, A Frozen Flower had a homosexual couple. I just read about a real life story of a gay couple that adopted a little baby boy as their son. It was a very touching story…

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          Yeah I’m surprised to hear Taiwanese netizens against this series. I don’t find it explicit or dangerous for TV. I think it’s cute and homosexuality is more acceptable now.

    11. Fox says:

      Would love to watch. What is the point of shocking? Don’t expect BL can get in TV?

      It’s sad that the BL one TV are mostly have one womanized guy. Since when they can understand a fact that not all gays are woman-like?

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        Or maybe they’re purposely making it so that one of the gays has the mother role in the family. If it’s only a story of two gays without a child having two manly men in love with each other will be interesting to watch.

    12. Nicole says:

      Unfortunately, it seems that the plot is not about two gay men, but two men, due to circumstances, have to look after a child together?

      Boo! :(

      • Mazeltov says:

        Yeah for all that we know~ Megan Lai, the girl who starred with Roy Chiu, is the female lead, it seems.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Thanks for the info and I think that would make more sense. I don’t think that Taiwanese or the Taiwanese audience are that open minded and liberal to have a homosexual couple lead a series. Actually, having 2 men take care of a child is not bad either.. Something different from the typical rich guy and poor girl theme which gets really redundant…

      • Iris says:

        That does make more sense. It also keeps idol drama from being typecasted yet again–from Cinderella story to gay story instead. We’ll see how the young stars pull off taking care of a little girl.

    13. Megamiaow says:

      America has a similar show on. Forget the name. Taiwan is obviously not ready for it yet as they are still pretending that they are open to it when they are not.

    14. NIck says:

      They can adopt me anytime!

    15. okiikiiru says:

      i don’t get how people are still huge bigots over this.

    16. DFBB says:

      They are not in a gay relationship, these guys are straight in the drama!!!!

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