Nick Cheung on Working With Transgender Thai Actress, Poy, in “The White Storm”

Known for starring in high-budgeted action films, Nick Cheung (張家輝) once spoke about his desire to film a relaxing romantic comedy. Though that wish may not be fulfilled anytime soon, director Benny Chan (陳木勝) and scriptwriter Alan Yuen (袁錦麟) did tease Nick with a special side story arc in their upcoming crime thriller, The White Storm <掃毒> – a romance with famous Thai actress, Poy.

Poy, also known as Treechada Petcharat, was born a male in 1986. At 17 years old, Poy underwent sex reassignment surgery. Two years later, she competed in the Miss Tiffany’s Universe pageant, an annual beauty contest held in Thailand for transgendered people. Not only did Poy win the title as Miss Tiffany, she also won the Miss International Queen, the world’s most prestigious transgender beauty pageant.

Known as Thailand’s most beautiful transgendered woman, Poy starred in many popular Thai films and even made herself known as Thailand’s most beautiful woman in Asia.

Starring as the Thai drug dealer Mina in The White Storm, the film is also Poy’s Chinese film debut. Benny Chan explained that Poy had beaten out many actresses vying for the part and praised Poy’s natural acting talent. “She’s also very brave,” said the director.

Mina will have a relationship with Nick Cheung’s character, Cheung Chi Wai, in the film. The director said, “Nick Cheung knew he would be working with a transgendered beauty, but he was in complete shock when he first met Poy. His jaw literally dropped and he couldn’t close it. It was a hilarious scene.”

Nick’s costar, Sean Lau (劉青雲) laughed at Nick, “Nick Cheung doesn’t get much romance in his films. Look at how happy he is at working with Asia’s sexiest, Poy. He has heavy taste!”

Nick said, “The four of us are very close. Poy would always introduce us to some delicious Thai food and where to have fun in Thailand. She was like our little sister. We were sad to leave each other after the film completed.”

The White Storm is about a large-scale drug bust involving the Hong Kong police and the Thai underground mafia. Sean Lau stars as Ma Ho Tin, a Narcotics Bureau officer.Louis Koo (古天樂) stars as Ma’s undercover, and Nick Cheung stars as subordinate Cheung Chi Wai.

The film will first arrive in Chinese cinemas on November 29, 2013, before making its way to Hong Kong on December 5, 2013. Yuan Quan (袁泉), Alex Fong Lik Sun (方力申), Elanne Kwong (江若琳), and Lo Hoi Pang (盧海鵬) also star.


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  1. Look up and type in “Nong Poy” in your Google search and look up this Thai transgender photos. You will be amaze, she is HOT!! Even hotter than real girls.

    1. I agree – charming and delicate except Angelababy is prettier.

      Nick Cheung really looks like his secret brother CHEUNG Hok Yau.

  2. There a video clip on the original QQ link news page. Jayne, maybe you can update that video clip on here too. Thanks

  3. she is actually so beautiful. i follow her on instagram and all her photos are so pretty and just stunning.

    1. Sad to say, she does look prettier than some real girls. I’d like to see his pretty boy pics too.
      Anyway, guess no one is perfect. To us, a person may look so handsome or beautiful outside and yet inside they’re actually hiding some secrets of wanting to be someone else.

      1. I have seen Poy’s photo, as a young chap, a few years ago ….& coincidentally bearing an uncanny resemblance of my little bro in law (wife’s brother) LOL!

      2. @Ross, your little bro-in-law must be a handsome boy indeed 🙂

  4. Wow…..even as boy, she is a pretty boy. Her hair is even prettier than mine. She is lucky to have such lushness hair.

      1. So much plastic surgeries done, ya probably can’t even count ’em !

  5. If she hasn’t had any work done on her face, then she was definitely blessed in the genetics dept.

    1. I read an article that she didn’t have work done on her face, just a sex change. I guess she was just born in the wrong body.

      1. You can tell that her nose was done. Her rhinoplasty casts a shadow.

      2. I think she had her nose done too, but it was probably minor compared to Angelababy for example.

  6. At first glance from far I thought is Fan bing bing ; wow she has a very seductive eyes and lips.

  7. You guys can look hot too if you spend just as much on plastic surgeries.

  8. Why is it that they all have beautiful faces but ugly, lined necks?

    1. Uh, that’s because she is supposedly a “man”. At first glance, he looks like a woman. Then the other manly features start to show up, like his rough neck and the Adam’s apple. There are things he just can’t change, like his voice. It’s a dead giveaway that he is not who he is.

      1. if she were right in front of you, you would be blown away by her beauty INSTANTLY

        lol @ misc standards

    2. Maybe the neck became that way because they tried to get rid of the Adam’s apple??? Also, I really wonder if her other “private part” is gone or not? I heard that a number of the transgenders still that have part because it is expensive to get rid of. However, with her money and fame, I have a feeling that is gone too. I also heard that voice box can be fixed too so the voice can change as well.

      1. Is gone, she have done completely surgery from top to bottom. I have read news about it.
        Voice can be fix easily, transgender would take female hormones “estrogen” to make their voice softer.
        Here is a boy pic of her when young, she look exactly the same. Very pretty boy indeed.

      2. Omg ! he is a pretty boy no charges from younger version boy look exactly the same no plastic done on face same eyes, nose, lips & face look the same but body has been transgendered only That’s all.

      3. Very pretty boy but still looking like a boy. Her feminine features probably came from the injections and the amazing art of make up as well as her very feminine behaviour. I think the adam’s apple and the voice these days can be lessened. But you can tell she was a he by the size of the hand, that you can’t cheat. Yes she is beautiful as with most transgender in Thailand but somehow if you look carefully she does have a pretty man dressing up as a woman look. What amazes me is of course the transgender are always more feminine than real women thus making them more women than the rest of us. I feel like a butch next to them.

      4. Does anyone remember which country that has a transgendered woman advertising about sanitary pads? Korea? That was the ultimate stupidity.

      5. HeTieShou, I have seen lots of women with that sort of neck, and some men as well. I doubt it is surgery but rather genetics.

      6. I wonder, is it an early indication of .. is it gout? Or another name? Like what Kimora Lee Simmons and George Lucas suffers from?

      7. @leilafan,
        Thanks for the info! I had a feeling that it was gone since she has the money and all. I really wonder how she sounds? She was a pretty boy. I wonder why she did not stay a male? She would have looked really handsome.

        Thanks for the info. I just usually do not take notice of the neck unless it is really unusual. Good point about the hands, however, there are a few guys that naturally have really pretty hands that are even better looking than girls’ hands. But that is really rare of course. I have only seen like 1-2 guys in my life with pretty hands.

      8. Agree with the hand part, transgender they tend to have bigger hands than real female.
        And she taken too, this is her boyfriend, whom is not in the entertainment circle. He indeed is good looking too, LOL!

    3. I was not merely referring to transgenders having lined necks. I have observed that almost all female artistes seem to have them, from the photos that I have seen. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

      They only seem to take care of the skin on their faces but not on their necks.

  9. I’m assuming Poy is wearing a neck brace or something? That doesn’t look like human skin. Really looks like Angelababy for sure.

  10. Wow a very pretty girl. I would never have thought she was a once a man.

  11. Omg, so pretty. Probably the most beautiful and feminine transgender I’ve ever seen.

    1. I guess you have not seen other transgenders yet. I have seen others that are even prettier than her.

      1. Beauty on the eye of beholder but Nong Poy was voted to be the most beautiful trans ever :). She won Miss title, too and so far, none of other winners is as hot as her in any poll. So it isn’t big word to say tat she is the most beautiful trans.

  12. she looks femme except the neck lines and wonder when she opens her mouth, “hello” (man’s hoarse voice)

    1. I think these days injections help a lot. And they’re always very very soft spoken so the deep voice is lessened.

    2. you should check out her videos on Instagram. its not that manly

      1. She was a boy before and now a girl you guys find nothing wrong with that?

    1. Sorry, it’s an eewww.. for me too if it comes to personal preference. Physically, she does look more pretty than a real girl, but once you know she used to be a boy, it’s quite difficult to accept. Well, as a friend is ok, but as a life partner, it’s difficult to swallow….
      Whether she’s being her true self or due to environment/pressure or people she mixes with no one knows for sure. I truly sympathise those who’re caught in such a dilemma of feeling like a boy trapped in a girls’ body or vice versa. But it’s still something against nature 🙁

  13. Transexuals tend to like flaunting their bodies in revealing clothes. There was an incident i recall where there was a group of sexy women walking in front of me. They looked very sexy and wore skin tight micro minis and even though I’m as straight as can be, i couldn’t help ogling at them. But the moment they opened their mouths to speak, the illusion was cruelly shattered cos they sounded like men!

    1. I have seen transsexuals and yes, they really sound like men. I guess not everyone can fix the voice box.

    2. you should check out her videos on Instagram. its not that manly

  14. Don’t think they can completely get rid of the adam’s apple and you can tell from the size of their hands and feet as someone pointed out.

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