Steven Ma Compliments “Storm in a Cocoon’s” Thoughtful Script

Currently airing in Hong Kong and Malaysia, period drama Storm in a Cocoon <守業者> has been earning favorable reviews from the general audience. With average ratings of 26 points, Storm in a Cocoon is on its track to be the second highest-rated drama for the first half of 2014.

Storm in a Cocoon, which takes place during the Republican Era of China, stars Steven Ma (馬浚偉) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) who come together to solve a family murder that subsequently uncovers the dark secrets of a large country-side silk business. Throughout the series, Steven’s Ka Yeung and Tavia’s Bing Bing learn that they will have to untangle more webs before they can get closer to the truth.

Steven Ma’s Comeback

Storm in a Cocoon is Steven’s comeback TVB drama. Portraying a military doctor and the younger brother of the murdered victim, Steven said that it was the script’s suspenseful story that prompted him to accept his role. “The production and script is very thoughtful. It is no longer just a simple story about family members fighting for power, but it also includes elements of detective fiction. With so many storylines, it helps the drama become fuller and more enticing and suspenseful. This is my second Republican-era drama with TVB, and it’s also my first time portraying a detective! It gives something refreshing for the audience to see!”

In the series, Steven’s Ka Yeung teams up with Tavia’s Bing Bing – a factory worker who has a strong traditional Chinese medicine background – to investigate the death of his sister through forensic evidence. “[My] role Poon Ka Yeung is quite the detective,” said Steven. “The reason why he is able to solve cases is because of his circumstances: the experiences he’s gained at youth as a medical student helps him with his investigations. During his time as a military doctor he has seen countless incidents of betrayal and hurt. Growing hopeless of human nature, he even starts to suspect his own family members. He investigates under the precondition that everyone has a chance of being the murderer. His years as a military doctor helped him to become a fearless soldier.”

Akina Hong on Filming Love Scenes

Akina Hong portrays Steven’s elder sister Poon Hau Yee, head of the family silk business who was murdered in the beginning of the series. In a patriarchal society it is rare for a woman to hold such strong power within a family, and in order to protect herself, Hau Yee must change into a fierce and formidable woman. Making many enemies along the way, Hau Yee’s strong nature and aggressive personality eventually leads to her murder.  The list of possible subjects is endless – her former friend, her lover, her brother, and even her own father.

Speaking of her lover, Akina said, “No matter how fierce the woman is, she becomes naïve when it comes to love. Hau Yee is not destined for love – her husband does not love her, even her lover [Stephen Wong] is using her.”

Akina added that though her love line with Stephen Wong’s character was brief, the scenes they filmed together were memorable and bold. “We had many intimate scenes and they are very intricate and intense. They made our ears turn red! After shooting them, we had to avoid each other for a while!”

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  1. I have honestly enjoyed this drama so far!!! The best in awhile from tvb!!!!

    Great acting and chemistry from the entire cast

    1. Really? Which episode are you guys on? I hope the ending is good.

      1. I’m on ep 21!! And let me just tell ya…it was a good one!!!

      2. Thanks for the info! I am glad that Tvb finally has a decent series out after Dutch a long time. I hope they will have a good ancient series out in the near future.

    2. Maybe I’m bias, because I really admire Stephen and Tavia’s brotherly sisterly bond in real life. The ease they have with each other and that chemistry really show through the series, so I’m enjoying this show. The only thing that slightly put me off is Tavia’s heavy makeup.

      1. Too heavy make up. Doesn’t suit that era. But chemistry is there.

      2. TOO MUCH LIPGLOSS. Oh my gawd, her lips are so shiny and flashy for a silk worker, producer should of said something. Or her makeup artist must hate her. Still love her tho, but should of toned down on the lip liner and gloss

      3. Is the make up that bad? I agree with Puff that I love the bond that Steven and Tavia share in real life and it of course would show on screen. It is great to see them together again. But I did wish that thus was an ancient series instead. How I long and wish for a good ancient series from HK whether it be TVB or ATV since most of the new companies seem to be only focusing on modern series only.

      4. @HTS: LOL…totally understand what you mean about the lack of ancient series… unfortunately though, looks like it’ll be a long wait, since it appears that none of the stations are interested in doing those grand wuxia series anymore (partly because too expensive, lack of material to adapt, lack of artists, and most importantly, lack of good action choreographers and crew — this last piece is very important for wuxia series…all the good choreographers are in movies now…). I guess the other option is to re-watch old TVB wuxia dramas like I’ve been doing (plenty to choose from in the 80s and early 90s eras).

        Anyway, back to SIAC…I’m actually not too bothered with Tavia’s makeup for some reason….though when she stands next to Maggie, it definitely is quite obvious that her makeup is way heavier.

        Also, I like the way the scriptwriter incorporated the ‘detective/murder mystery’ element into the story — I’ve never been a fan of Republic-era series and probably will never be one, but I’m actually enjoying this one quite alot. And yes, the chemistry between Steven and Tavia in the series is awesome!

      5. @llwy12,
        I know what you mean. I guess it is just me being nostalgic again since I really miss the good old days. My family and I have been rewatching old ATV series and my mom said that many of the older ATV series are actually even better than a lot of the TVB series back then. She feels bad about how ATV is now. We are currently rewatching Dynasty again and just watched Tai Chi with Alex Man again. It brings back so many great memories.

        Luckily, I still have many great new wuxia and ancient series from China to see but still miss the good ones from HK. Many of the good choregraphers and crew participate in the big and grand China productions of the series too so it is great that they do not only do movies. That is why China makes great Wuxia and ancient series.

        I just saw some clips of the series and Tavia’s make up is not too bad. I guess I do not notice it much because I do not really focus on that. I am more into the story,dialogues and other stuff which are much more important. I think I may like this series as well since you and I seem to have similar taste. I hope to see it when it is completely out. I am also very happy to finally see a good/decent series from TVB because I have not seen a good one from TVB for a long time.

      6. Steven and Tavia’s chemistry is off the charts! Both are good actors. I feel that Tavia has perhaps one of the best acting chops of her peers. I feel bad about the visual though. The visual of Tavia was so distracting, it is hampering her ability to emote. Google some of her old photos, she was so elegant, sweet and beautiful when she first joined TVB. Her nose was perfectly formed, shaped and cute. Juxtapose her against the other actresses in this drama even a generation older Maggie Siu and unknown actresses and you see the painful contrasts. The nose and she has too much make up on. Her blue eyeshadow, her too thick blush and too red lips. Why does she has on so much make up? It’s not making her look prettier, it is making her look older. Tavia is sweet, when she is acting petulant or vulnerable, I wish she was the Tavia from her first series.

      7. i agree with canto. It was a constructive criticism, not like most people just mention big nose this big nose that.

  2. After watching ep20, the question that nags me is…

    Why does the eldest son (or anyone) even need to take responsibility for the death of the sister (Poon Hau Yee)? According to the authorities, that case is already settled (as suicide or death due to illness), right? Why would they want to open up the can of worms again? If this is explained in ep21, please don’t spoil it too much yet. Some of us have not watched it yet.

    1. Yes, it is explained in epi 21 in a most heartrending and emotional yet the same time heartwarming scene. But take heart, the episode ends in a sweeter than the tao fu fa scene to mend those viewers’ broken hearts.

  3. This is my second Republican-era drama with TVB,

    Correction: SIAC is indeed Steven’s 2nd Republican-era drama overall but is his first with TVB. Mainland tv series, Yuan Yang Pei, is his first followed by SIAC.

    1. Clamine, know that you are a big Steven Ma fan. I forgot how much I like him until I watched Storm in a Cocoon at the recommendation of Jaynestars. I liked Steven a lot in his early prolific days playing a doctor but I remember feeling dismayed at how haggard and aged he looked during his contractual woes with TVB. But it seemed like Steven has returned to his suaveness with Storm in a Cocoon. He looks good. He has always been attractive in a clean cut, sunshine kind of way but in this drama, he is not only decent and bright, he has elements of cynical and world weary, I like it a lot! He is my favorite actor!

      1. Canto: I’m that — a big SM fan. heehee~! And I thought after his Sam Siu portrayal, my opinion of him can’t get any higher but it just did with his Fala duet demo 非戀之情 . Steven’s singing is to me as usual brilliantly done as ever but it is Steven’s show of brotherly affection to Fala that made me teary-eyed just listening to the song’s lyrics. Through this duet, Steven is giving the aggrieved Fala a voice to express her grievances. Steven’s vocal is so full of brotherly affection and encouragement. How rare is it for a duet expressing a brother-sisterly affection.

  4. i don’t like dramas from this time period, is it good? i will watch it if it is. i really like steven wong, he’s really handsome, i wish he can get promoted.

  5. This drama is good! In term of scripts and also the acting from all the casts!!
    I’m surprised with how well the “youngest brother” acting are!
    And also this is my first time to really enjoy Cilla Kung performance! Especially that part in the bathroom when she is about to abort her baby! Her performance is very good!
    And needless to say about splendid perfoancd from MakBau and also MaggieSiu!!!
    And TracyIp also acted well in this!
    The only cast I find his acting isshhh will be Stephen Wong!
    Even HauYee husband acted much better than him!

  6. I enjoyed this drama so far, love Steven Ma acting, he is really good. have not seen him for long time in TVB drama, everyone act very good in this drama.

  7. The best TVB drama in a really long while. TVB hasn’t been able to produce a quality plot and well executed drama in 2-3 years? In my opinion of course. Steven and Tavia have amazing chemistry, their interactions just make me smile. The plot hasn’t been predictable at all, unless you pay super close attention to detail then you will notice some hints here and there. Who knew TVB was still capable? xD I am thoroughly enjoying this drama. Casting is on point and acting is on point. Luckily the story was on point as well. Definitely should watch this drama, definitely brings hope to TVB.

    1. Yes, totally agree with all your points. SIAC is really really good. Actors, actresses, storyline all excellent, not forgetting the scenery. Well done tvb in giving us this drama. I would think ratings shd be above 30 at least, cos this is the best drama so far this year, even can be said to be one of the best there is.


    Best drama in awhile…it deserves better ratings!
    So underrated 🙁

    Can’t believe people are favoring gilded chopsticks over this…it baffles me ??

    1. You should understand that not everyone think the same and people have different preferences. I can see that you really enjoy this drama, but my sister-in-law falls asleep while watching it.

    2. swtlav3ndar is right. Gilded chopsticks is interesting its own way and your taste doesn’t apply to all. Its rating tells that not everyone is enjoying watching it.

      Underrated isn’t the word used for series with bad rating while having fair promotion.

      @swtlav3ndar: So do my HK friend’s parents.

      1. This is a public forum and I’m stating my own opinion. If you don’t agree you may disregard my comments.

        I’m just suggesting that people watch SIAC, if you and your friends find it boring, COOL. I enjoy it and will continue supporting it.

        And it is underrated. It barely gets any promotion. I
        It has a bad time slot, also ratings for SIAC is not that bad. Just not as good as it thought it would be since it’s Stevens comeback series

      2. I don’t ban you for stating your own opinion, but I tell you that you should believe that there are ppl favour GC over Cocoon.

        And it isn’t underrated. It has the same amount of promotions to GC (same aired period) or even more. If I rmb rite, it has oversea promotion, rite? And to compare with other series (except the overpromoted ones) it dun have less promotions. Hence, underrated isn’t the word for it.

        8:30 was never bad time slot, gosh. Even if it’s in 9:30 and bad rating, I blv you will still say of bad time slot. Time slot isn’t a reason for rating in recent time.

      3. Mindy, this drama is not under-promoted. I was watching TVBJ the other day and the trailer came on 3 times in less than one hr at each commercial break and has been aired repetitively over several days! This is much much more than other dramas like Gilded Chopsticks, Outbound Love, Return of Silver Tongue.

    3. I am glad you like this series a lot Mindy and it us down to a matter of opinion. I personally do not like this time period and love mainly ancient series and like some modern ones.However, I am not a fan of this pre modern type of series. Everyone has different taste and preference so we should all respect that.

  9. I don’t see why Ka Yeung needs to justify and explain to bing bing but other than that I like how pragmatic ka Yeung is. Saw the trailer and am confused with appearance of a whole new villain. Great series though. Romantic as well. I don’t see sibling love but a very romantic love.

    1. I hope you don’t mean romantic love among the siblings. Lol.

  10. Steven is so at ease with his character in here. This is probably the best I have seen him as an actor. Kudos to him…and doesn’t hurt he looks handsome in the series as well.

    The series has a good pace and the plot, though typical, has its merits in continuity and allows the character development.

    I agree with Funn about the introduction of a new villain, but it may be due to the shift in story arc to the silk factory and the inevitable turmoil befalling the family. I hope it is as great as the first half and the series go out not on a whimper but with a satisfying ending.

    1. I hope, pray our pair will get their happy ending.

      1. I love the unrequited subtle romantic gestures and interaction between Steven and Tavia. If Ka Yeung exists in modern era, he would be a ladies killer.

    2. I agree with you guys…love the series so far and except for a few of the sub-plots (there are a few story arcs that I feel are unnecessary), the story up to episode 21 has been pretty solid so far (not to mention the acting has been great!). But for some reason, I have some doubts about the last 11 episodes of the series, especially with the way the story shifts so dramatically. I’m actually kind of worried that the scriptwriters didn’t seize onto the emotional intensity and strong momentum that the first half of the series built up…I’m also hoping that the series doesn’t ‘go out on a whimper’ too…

      1. Great to hear your thoughts llwy12. I really hope that thus series will remain good all the way through. I am waiting for it all to come out and then watch it all at once. I do not like to,watch one episode and then have to wait fir the next one to air. I have done that on the past and did not like it because I was dying from waiting…

      2. There were several subtle hints throughout the first half that connected to the plot. If you go back to a certain scene in episode 16, there’s a hint that may be linked to the series plot in the last 11 episodes.

        I really love this series’ music arrangements and songs. They seldom get mentioned, but they’re important to the mood of the series.

      3. @tb1: Yup…there are actually plenty of ‘hints’ scattered throughout the series that lead back to certain elements of the plot…my concern though is more in terms of the development of certain characters and also certain story arcs surrounding them. And reading ahead to some of the major ‘events’ that will happen in upcoming episodes, there are several ways that the remaining story arcs could evolve, so I’m kind of curious to see what direction the writers ended up taking…hopefully we will be ‘pleasantly’ surprise….

  11. Found the casts in the drama are some really quality ones including some new actors and actresses. It’s time for some new faces in coming dramas, and seriously they must be able to act. Most times, I lose attention when I see some wooden actors or some actresses who is so obvious in showing they’re “acting”! So lacking in emotions, lacks of expressions, so dull and they just unable to bring the character to life. Some good ones like Natalie, Cilla, the fourth brother, Chor Kau who seem to have improved from earlier days.

  12. This drama really engages me, can’t wait for the release of the next episode after each ended. Now that the detective part of the story is over, I hope that the next part will be nice as well. And I actually find Steven to be very charismatic in this drama, didn’t think so in the past when watching his other dramas.

    1. I concur! Steven is very charismatic in a way that he doesn’t outshine anyone. He’s got that country charm! IMO, one of Steven’s best role.

  13. Steven ma can win tv king with this or does tvb just not like him

    1. I think he totally deserves it too for this drama! My most favorite character of Steven. He’s always been good, but he’s amazing here.

    2. Yeh tvb doesn’t like him but tvb needs good leading actors like Steven Ma.. Steven has always been a good leading actor for many years

      1. I love chi lam speech last year at tvb u can only get TV king from tvb if tvb likes you and thinks you are worthy for the company everyone knows every artist wants that award it’s an honor to get it

  14. I absolutely love this drama, it is by far the best in recent TVB dramas. From the script, plot, cast, music arrangement, ost, scenery everything feels like what a period TVB drama USED to be and supposed to be. Steven is amazing in this role. This man does not age or he is just aging backwards because I find him more attractive now than back then! His chemistry with Tavia’s is so subtle but real and sweet. Every subplot in the drama is engaging and really interconnect with each other. I applause the supporting actors, they are all doing a fine job! I’m so surprised how many there are and how GREAT they are too! SIAC deserves more recognition.

  15. I’m enjoying this as much as I am enjoying hunterxhunter right now! okay probably not as much

  16. No intention to watch

    but after hearing good comments on this series, I will watch it soon 🙂

  17. Trying to watch it with my mum but i still find it boring lol

    1. Regardless of how popular any series is, it cannot be liked by everyone. Maybe it is a series that will grow on you??

      1. “Regardless of how popular any series is, it cannot be liked by everyone.”

  18. It is always a pleasure watching Steven Ma (馬浚偉) on tv bec of his likeable charismatic looks. His acting skills have not improved but he still looks as young as previous years. And surprisingly good that both Steven Ma (馬浚偉) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) have great chemistry. Nice pass time tv program. 🙂

  19. hope can see more Steven drama in the future, he is a great actor.

  20. your like a Mini Funn Lim. Loves to critize other ppl but when ppl dont praise you’re favorite artistes, you go and attackk them for doing so.

    1. Woah! Me? Who did I criticize, pray tell? I don’t even post all that much here.

      1. u called some1 arrogant & ignorant. and then went ahead say that that some1 was a rumour monger, which u did no apologize.

      2. I remember in the past anon =lol = vivien? Now also = colby?

        My post to Bubblez has nothing to do with my favorite artists like Colby said.

      3. u think that it is ok , accurate to call ppl rumor monger, arrogant, ignorant?

      4. Out of courtesy, u, clamine, should say sorry b/c bubblez already apologized twice and u did call her undeserving names.

      5. Clamine, now you know!

        “Loves to critize other ppl but when ppl dont praise you’re favorite artistes, you go and attackk them for doing so.”

        I don’t think I ever did it that way

        except of course Colby is behaving exactly like she is criticising me and you Clamine.

        “I remember in the past anon =lol = vivien? Now also = colby?”

        You missed one; Tee V Be. You are probably correct.

      6. And you see both sides? In your dream world perhaps.

      7. All different names. Come one day you must run out of names.

      8. what makes you’re guys think it is Tee Ve Be? The name changes? writing style?

      9. Funn Lim:I’ve empathized with your situation but personally experiencing it brings it to a whole total different kind of feeling.

        And yes I did forget to add that Tee V Be to the multi-personality equation.

  21. of course steven ma has a good drama, if he dont, hes gonna complain.

  22. Steven Ma (馬浚偉) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡)have good chemistry. Steven Ma (馬浚偉) is as usual very likeable. The men, in general have too heavy make up especially last episode – the 4th brother looks too heavy foundation. The last episode was a joke. We watched it together but a friend came late but can re-enact the story exactly without watching. TVB you got to do better!!

    1. Yes, the ending, last episode is bad. Predictable, rushed and left everything hanging .

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