Synopsis of Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung’s “Storm in a Cocoon”

TVB has finally released a full synopsis for its upcoming television drama, Storm in a Cocoon <守業者>, produced by Leung Choi Yuen (梁材遠). The period mystery drama, previously known by its literal title “Property Protector”, is scheduled to premiere on TVB’s affiliated channels onFebruary 17, 2014 in Hong Kong.

Starring Steven Ma (馬浚偉) in his first TVB role since terminating his TVB management contract in early 2012. Storm in the Cocoon – produced at 32 episodes – also stars Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Maggie Shiu (邵美琪), Evergreen Mak (麥長青), and Raymond Cho (曹永廉).


Mak Tai Lung, a Guangzhou-based silk-making business empire during the Republican era of China, is experiencing some changes. The family business was once overlooked by the wise Poon Wing Nin (Elliot Ngok 岳華), but due to his advanced age, he decides to hand down the business to his eldest son Poon Ka Hin (Evergreen Mak) and daughter Poon Hau Yee (Akina Hong 康華).

Hau Yee mysteriously commits suicide one night, and Poon’s second son Poon Ka Yeung (Steven Ma), who serves as a military doctor, is called back home to help overlook the business. Ka Yeung finds Hau Yee’s death suspicious, and Hau Yee’s good friend Tong Bing Bing (Tavia Yeung), a worker at the silk factory, also has her doubts. Together, Ka Yeung and Bing Bing launch an investigation on Hau Yee’s death. The Poon family and their business are not like what they appear to be, and the complex histories and relationship between the Poon family and the silk factory workers leave Ka Yeung feeling like he is being watched everywhere.

Factory forewoman Sin Bik Wan (Maggie Shiu), who practices celibacy, sees Bing Bing as her enemy. Factory worker Fung Chi Ching (Natalie Tong 唐詩詠) proclaims to be celibate, but it is discovered that she had other goals in mind.

Ka Yeung and Bing Bing fall in love, but their relationship takes a dramatic turn when Bing Bing’s fiancé Kwan Cho Yiu (Raymond Cho) suddenly reappears in her life, creating further trouble for the silk business. Hau Yee’s death also faces an unexpected revelation.

“Storm in a Cocoon” Preview

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    1. I should think that Tavia’s character will end up as the killer seeking revenge for wrongs done to her family by Steven’s family in the past or something like that.

    2. Yes, let’s hope it’s a happy ending for SteVia. The preview looks interesting and it’s got a strong cast. Hopefully the script and story is decent

    3. Lol, stevia :p sound like fake sugar -.- but these two give real sweet taste :0!!! And yes, can’t wait and hope they have a happy ending 🙂

      1. Haha! You are partly right. Actually Stevia is a plant also called sweetleaf, sweet leaf, sugarleaf.

  1. Yayyyyyy can’t wait to watch it. Tavia and Steven are the best

    1. Loved their chemistry in Sweetness in the Salt.

      Can’t wait to see this drama!

    1. agree the plot sounds so gooddd! if only they picked a prettier and better lead actress than the one face we keep seeing in tvb

      1. U mean Myolie right!!!! lol. I like Myolie too! But I also like Tavia. So don’t matter to me who is the main female lead.

      2. keep seeing? sorry but i don’t agree with this… there are definitely other actresses we keep on seeing onscreen. and we all know your favorite is myolie

      3. Tavia is a pretty good actress, unlike Myolie-who-always-looks-constipated.

  2. Oh, wow. Watched the trailer and gotta say, love how everyone looks in costume.
    Steven looked pretty handsome:)

  3. plot – yes
    poster – yes
    steven – yes
    tavia – looks old! no!

      1. no. tavia had actually look better and not that old few years ago before her face especially her nose started to change

    1. If you do not like her and the cast is that important to you then just do not watch. It is that simple.

    2. so yeah, myolie got some filmed in china. why dont you go find some forums about her and comment about those instead.

  4. Akina Hong! Hope she’ll have plenty of screen time in here!

  5. The poster is very well done!!!

    Looking forward to stevia again!!! Also sounds very interesting, always have been a fan of country side series.

    Anticipating the scenery cuz they filmed in the mainland countryside too.

    One of my most anticipated series! Love family mystery murders 🙂

  6. Trailer looks good!

    Also, surprisingly everyone looks good in their costumes.

    Can anyone clarify if Natalie’s role is the villain in the series?

  7. Don’t know why Akina Hong returns to TVB. TVB always gives her small roles.
    At least, she plays supporting roles in mainland dramas.

    1. I personally love her acting and June Chan’s acting! I was really excited to watch them on a tvb drama again 🙂

      1. I actually love Akina’s acting, too. I just don’t like how TVB always casts her in small roles.

      2. Love her too! She and Jonathan Cheung were fantastic in Return of the Silver Tongue!

      3. I think Akina is excellent too. Wish she would get more prominent roles. Can someone tell me was she also the one who played the adult female friend of Lawrence Ng in Hippocratic Crush 2 (think she was a doctor also?)

      4. Yep, she played that character, I think June Chan played 蘇潔 while Akina played 丘晴樂.

      5. Thanks Bubblez. I thought she had left tvb, but its good to know my eyes did not deceive me. Now if only they would keep casting her in larger roles

    2. Perhaps competition has been tough in recent years in Mainland. Sometimes artists return for exposure again.

  8. ooooh mysteries! haven’t watched that in a tvb drama in a while!! looking forward to stevia! (and hopefully a somewhat happy ending….)

  9. The main reason I’m looking forward to this series is the pairing of Steven and Tavia. My whole opinion of this series will be based on if they have a happy ending or not. lol

  10. I cannot wait to see Steven Ma again but another Tavia Yeung drama so soon? Meh.

    1. So soon — that should be Evergreen Mak; he’s been in every series since way back when. Even he himself commented on weibo on his numerous series aired or still airing or will be aired soon. He is one prolific actor.

  11. Looking forward to this drama with Steven and Tavia as a couple! They are good together! =)

  12. Woot woot! Plot sounds interesting, can’t wait! I’ve always loved the chemistry betwen Tavia and steven, they make a great couple. Great cast!

  13. Finally a Steven and TY’s drama. Hope this time round, it is a good ending. For their last 3 dramas, it is always sad ending.

  14. steven looks young and handsome with that hairstyle. i wonder if he and tavia will have a happy ending for the first time. can’t wait to watch this.

  15. Poor Steven his dramas always air too early or airs during bad time slot in general..

    Looking forward to his though!

    1. But he always get decent ratings despite the graveyard time slot, a huge testament to his talent.

    2. Poor Steven for what? Steven should be thankful his series isn’t aired during this new year celebration holiday. It is Ruco and Joyce Tang who is the poor one except Joyce-Angela series is tailor made for the festives mood, and to a certain extent Michelle Yim and Roger Kwok who got the graveyard chhristmas and new year time.

  16. Steven specially requested for Tavia to collaborate with him in this drama which is his comeback debut to tvb. He has great understanding and praised Tavia when they both acted in Sweetness In The Salt. Sure am looking forward to Stevia again. Sounds like a good plot. Trust Steven & Tavia to deliver good performance. Yay cant wait 🙂

  17. Looks good! I love steven! Can’t wait for this, another bonus is AKINA and Maggie!

    1. Agree- Akina and Maggie are sooo underrated!!! Their acting always comes off as solid, great performances, and delivers their character well. Sadly tbb seems to always fail at giving the larger roles to such potential artists’…

      1. Totally with you!! Have you seen Akina in Liao Zhai tales? She was the lead and she was so pretty there! She did some mainland series, even paired up with Korean actor, she was pretty good, but the series was not lol. I been selective with TVB series, this one is a must watch for sure!!

  18. sound interesting, love Steven acting. haven’t seen him for long time in TVB drama

  19. While the story is interesting, Steven and Tavia are somewhat stale. Steven is a one note actor and projecting a scholar image in all his tvb dramas, while Tavia has tendency to overact most of the times.

  20. I love the poster. I’m definitely looking forward to the series.

    The link below has 4 of my favorite SIAC pictures posted online so far.

    Parting is such ‘bitter’ sorrow! Such tenderness! In Land of Wealth, Stevia have perfected the art of communicating intense emotions between themselves without words — through facial expressions, posturing, and tender touches. I hope Stevia have lots and lots of poignant moments and scenes that will stir and wring the audiences’ hearts.

    Incidentally, when Bobby rejected the series, the modern story premise was scraped too so Steven suggested filming an Early Republican Era series instead because he loves that period but had never filmed a tvb series in that period.

    1. LOVE all those pictures!!

      My favorite has to be the one of steven in the water and tavia is on a raft or something and they are holding onto each other for dear life!!!!

      it looks so touching and romantic! i wish i can find a link to it


  22. Where can I watch this series? I really enjoy watching Steven Ma!!! I like Tavia too!!

  23. wow evergreen mak’s tv shows have been airing continuously with silver tongue, queen divas, and now storm in a cocoon!

  24. Ending of Cupid Stupid was super sad, hopefully this will have a happy ending for them!

  25. let’s all make a guess here on who killed hau yee and see who gets it right!

  26. either their cousin brother or tavia’s brother. both had affair with hau yee

    1. Can’t be the brother. That was just crush. I will say that cousin manager guy. BUt who killed her? Maybe uncle? Cousin manager? Husband?

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