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Which actress deserves the 2011 TVB Best Actress Award for delivering the best acting in a series? Cast your vote!


1. Rate the actress’ performance on a scale of 1 to 5 stars from the drop down menu.

2. You may rate ONE or ALL of the listed actresses below. Please rate only performances you have watched.

3. After you have rated the various actress of your choice, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the poll.

4. Each person will only be allowed to vote ONCE in the 2011 TVB Best Actress Award (by rating multiple actress performances). Please review your ratings carefully before hitting the SUBMIT button.

Deadline to submit all votes is Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

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The “2011 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com include awards in the following categories:

1.   Best Series
2.   Best Actor
3.   Best Actress
4.   Most Memorable Male Lead Character
5.   Most Memorable Male Supporting Character
6.   Most Memorable Female Lead Character
7.   Most Memorable Female Supporting Character
8.   Best Villain
9.   Most Improved Artist
10. Best Onscreen Couple
11.  Best Special Guest Appearance
12.  Best Theme Song


  1. Really? Linda Chung for River of Wine & not Yes Sir Sorry Sir? Well . . . have to give my vote to Niki

    1. Allen,
      Based on screen time etc., Linda Chung had more of a “leading lady” status in “River of Wine” instead of “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!” Due to our one artist per awards category, Linda was nominated for “River of Wine” instead for “Best Actress.”

      However, Linda is also nominated in “Most Memorable Female Supporting Character” for her role in “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!” so you can rate her performance there. 🙂

    2. Allen,
      Our rating system allows you to rate multiple nominees equally. For example, if you think 3 artists deserve 5 star ratings, you can give them all equal ratings.

      You are not limited to selecting/ rating one candidate, which makes the poll design more comprehensive.

      1. Wonderful, Jayne.
        I can divert my depression (after watching BP)to this fun voting.

  2. Wow as of now,the results are kinda weird. Myolie had more voters than anyone else and still, Nikki Chow has a higher rating than her.

    1. There is nothing weird about the result. The ‘Votes’ indicate the number of people who has voted. This include people who gave Myolie low-rating, not only the high ratings people. The ‘Rating’ is the average of all votes.

    2. It is a fair system and I am not caught in between some fav

  3. Wow! Niki really surprise me with her high rating. Hopefully she will take the top 3 after 31 jan.
    It is good justice for Niki and shows she has support.

  4. Pretty sad that Veteran Actress Liza Wang has the lowest rating so far…

    1. I think the role let her down. No doubt she is a great entertainer but the role was not the greatest to showcase that she can act.

  5. I dont care who wins now as long as it aint Tavia im sick if her dodgy fans!!!

  6. does this thing REALLY determined the real winner in the Tvb awards 2011? or is it just voting for fun?i just wanna double check. Niki is the Best!!!

    1. It’s just to mark the artists. Yah Niki is different than the overused typical 5 fadans.

      1. so it has nothing to do with the real tvb awards? yeah! i really hope Niki will win.She really deserves it for this show.

  7. The nuance in Charmaine’s role as Yan/Hazel was very difficult. I found myself watching her scenes over and over again.

    Niki was good in Bottled Passion but I thought the constant crying was too over the top.

  8. How can we compare the acting of Charmaine Sheh in WHB with Niki Chow in BP? Charmaine’s character, Yan, is a very difficult and complicated character, while Niki’s in BP is a lot simpler and straight forward. Charmaine’s acting has always been highly recognized, and Niki still has some language skills problems in her Cantonese pronunciation.

    Moreover, Charmaine is a veteran actress and has won many TVB, as well as Overseas, awards, and Niki has not even been nominated in any drama series/movies.

    The results of the voting will only reflect the large number of votes submitted by Niki’s fans.

    1. niki’s number of vote is smaller than tvb fadans myolie and tavia but she still got higher ratings. That just mean Niki get rated higher in average than the current fadans and your Charmaine

    2. I don’t think it’s all Nikki fans. BP just finished airing. The story and characters are still fresh in the mind of the viewers. So, Nikki being top is not because of crazy fans’ antic. Notice that BP are in the top 3 for almost all the categories?

      Although BP and WHB aired around the same period, BP is liked by more viewers. So, that could be the reason that WHB is low. WHB is quite polarising. You either love it or hate it.

      1. BP is first in 7 categories and top 3 in other remaining categories except Special Guest LOL. This is a great achievement

      2. Yes, Niki!
        The votes for Niki is less but rating more favourable.
        Ultimately, it means lots of people like this drama and the lead characters.

    3. @sandcherry:

      Like u said, charmaine has won many awards before so u don’t need to feel injustice for her. This poll is just for fun b/c it let’s u rate all the series u have watched.(although u cannot prevent haters from voting against someone even if they didn’t watch the performance). As long as you voted for favorite performance, that is enough.

      But when the real awards are handed out, then we holler and complain. 😉

      1. Sorry, I don’t vote for idols, like many other people do. I only vote for best acting in the “Best Actress/Actor” category. It is best acting that accounts. How can I vote for someone, e.g. my favourite, who has lousy acting?

    4. Charmaine poor voice lose out to Niki,she good but she older now ,she better make way for newer fad an.Charmaine voice is she weakest part,she also lose out to Tavia and Myolie.

  9. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect Niki to be the top because she did not have that many serials.
    Then I fell in love with her in BP and felt that her acting has certainly improved.
    Niki in a interview said that her role as Tsui Sum is quite like herself in certain ways and lots of crying needed.
    I think she deserves it.

    1. Lol…whatever it is…i think Niki deserves to win the real award.They shld give her a chance to win since the winners are usually myolie Wu,tavia and so on…but BP is a good show.

      1. Niki has greater charisma than the TVB fadans we always see, that’s why she stands out. She also can act pretty well and cry touchingly for someone who only has a few series

      2. yeah! especially all the crying parts..she can act it out really well!

  10. I personally don’t think Niki Chow should be No. 1 in “Best Actress category”. Niki Chow’s acting is very bland, no depth at all. You will agree with me if you read Funn’s recent review on “Bottled Passion” on Niki’s performance in BP. She was the worst actress among all other artistes in BP, especially when she was on her own and not supported by those veteran artistes.

  11. I think Niki is supported by her die hard fans who will rate her high no matter what. Just like how Tavia’s followers are willing to go far to make her win.

  12. lol
    You are right. I could see it in the voting results of Jayne’s “Sexiest Woman…..” and “Sexiest Man……”.

    I don’t think the results of the votes submitted here will reflect anything on Best Acting at all. In other words, the results will be fake and untrue, and they just show the support from those die-hard fans of certain artistes.

  13. As a honest audience, how can Niki Chow’s acting in BP beat Charmaine Sheh’s acting in WHB?

    It is ridiculously untrue. Sigh ……

  14. How come the ranking has never changed? At least the top 6! It was more or less in this order from Day 1 or Day 2. This voting system is only supported by those artistes’ fans and no one else.

    It is a waste of time to vote, and there is no need to vote.

    Niki Chow’s acting beats the acting of everyone else, including Charmaine Sheh (WHB), Maggie Cheung (FH3), and Jessica Hsuan (CRH). Unbelievable!!!

    1. It is due to changes to polling, re-read the top of the this page notice: “IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU CAN VOTE:”

      Say no to SOPA, PIPA!

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