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By on January 6, 2012

Which actor deserves the 2011 TVB Best Actor Award for delivering the best acting in a series? Cast your vote!


1. Rate the actor’s performance on a scale of 1 to 5 stars from the drop down menu.

2. You can rate ONE or ALL of the listed actors below. Please rate only performances you have watched.

3. After you have rated the various actors of your choice, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the poll.

4. Each person will only be allowed to vote ONCE in the 2011 TVB Best Actor Award (by rating multiple actor performances). Please review your ratings carefully before hitting the SUBMIT button.

Deadline to submit all votes is Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

RankTVB Best ActorRatingVotes
1Kevin Cheng- Ghetto Justice4.28692
2Raymond Wong- Bottled Passion4.27539
3Ruco Chan- The Other Truth4.26579
4Bosco Wong- Lives of Omission4.09576
5Chilam Cheung- The Rippling Blossom3.87504
6Michael Tse- Lives of Omission3.8533
7Steven Ma- The Life and Times of a Sentinel3.75405
8Wayne Lai- Forensic Heroes 33.72582
9Roger Kwok- Wax and Wane3.56366
10Kenneth Ma- The Life and Times of a Sentinel3.55405
11Moses Chan- When Heaven Burns3.3355
12Bowie Lam- When Heaven Burns3.21347
13Joe Ma- Relic of an Emissary3.17336
14Bobby Au Yeung - Men With No Shadows2.98397
15Alex Fong- A Great Way to Care2.94309
16Stephen Au- Be Home for Dinner2.9219
17Sunny Chan- River of Wine2.88287
18Ron Ng- Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!2.87402
19Kenny Wong- When Heaven Burns2.86292
20Eddie Cheung- Til Love Do Us Lie2.79198
21Johnson Lee- Super Snoops2.68282
22Raymond Lam- Men With No Shadows2.64437
23Wong Cho Lam- Super Snoops2.58306
24Louis Yuen- Super Snoops2.53268
RankTVB Best ActorTotal Votes9616

The “2011 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com include awards in the following categories:

1.   Best Series
2.   Best Actor
3.   Best Actress
4.   Most Memorable Male Lead Character
5.   Most Memorable Male Supporting Character
6.   Most Memorable Female Lead Character
7.   Most Memorable Female Supporting Character
8.   Best Villain
9.   Most Improved Artist
10. Best Onscreen Couple
11.  Best Special Guest Appearance
12.  Best Theme Song

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  • Readers' Comments (27)

    1. josie says:


      WHB is listed twice for Moses. I will wait til u change one to YSSR before I submit my vote.

      • Jayne says:

        Only one nomination per actor per awards category (with the exception of Best Onscreen Couple). The consensus seems to be that Moses Chan gave a better performance in “When Heaven Burns” rather than “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!” so his nomination is for WHB instead.

    2. Summer says:

      Raymond was really great in Bottled Passion. Great actor!

    3. SDS says:

      I think Moses is duplicated for When Heaven Burns?

    4. Jayne says:

      Josie and SDS,
      Yes, there was initially a data entry error in which Moses Chan was listed twice for “When Heaven Burns.” We have fixed the duplication and the submission portion of the rating (voting) is now fixed.

      The poll results still show 2 sets of ratings for Moses right now, but we hope to fix that issue within the next day or so.

      You can still rate Moses’ performance in WHB right now, just keep in mind the poll results for Moses will be adjusted to reflect only 1 set of ratings (to capture all his total ratings).

    5. Iris says:

      Now these results make much more sense. Yay for Ruco being #1 with Kevin and Raymond Wong close behind. :)

    6. YanYanKong says:

      So how are the final results gonna work since some actors got more voters voting for them. Isn’t it not gonna be fair for the actors who got less people voting for them?

    7. Jayne says:

      The average rating score will determine who the best in each awards category is. The number of votes is to give an idea of how large the polling sample size is.

      Not everyone watched all the series on the list. We did not want to design a poll which force people to vote for all the nominees if they have not watched a show.

      The typical method of polling (picking one choice only from long list) leaves the voting race between top candidates only, with zero votes in some cases.

    8. Norika says:

      I think its fare to vote once and for only the series we watched (or can remember Lol).

      If tvb can make sure they give chances for the top 10s to act and shine, tvb dramas can still survive!

    9. Victoria says:

      It seems that viewers choose based on how popular the series is/fav character rather than on the actors’ skills.

    10. Kidd says:

      Moses acted very well in WHB. How come he got so low rating? Strange.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Because not everyone who voted thinks he acted well or rather as up against everyone else, they didn’t think he ranked that high. I personally felt drama is still not his forte, especially heavy drama, no matter how good he looks.

        • Kidd says:

          But, you have not watch WHB. How can you know he wasn’t good in WHB? I was never a fan of Moses in heavy drama either, but, I think he acted well in WHB.

      • Moses says:

        i told Moses was acting better in Yes Sir Sorry Sir than When heaven burn.

    11. sandcherry says:

      Raymond Wong is not a bad actor, but his character in BP is not that difficult to act vs. the characters of Bowie Lam and Moses Chan in WHB. It is just ridiculous to have him placed in the top place in “Best Actor” category.

    12. mimi says:

      Kevin has a higher votes than Raymond Wong but Kevin’s rating is lower than him. Why?????

      • Jayne says:

        The poll rank is determined by the average rating score. The number of votes (ratings) is there to let you know how many people supplied the ratings.

        The average person gave Raymond Wong a higher rating than the average person who rated Kevin.

        • mimi says:

          Winner will base on votes or rating???

        • Jayne says:

          Mimi, as indicated by current polling rank placement (Raymond Wong is in current #1 spot in Best Actor poll), the AVERAGE RATING score will first determine the top slot. The # of votes are used to qualify the vote and let us know how many users participated. As you can see the scores are very close to each other.

          Should there be a tie in the average rating score, then the larger # of votes will be the tie breaker.

    13. may scully says:

      Not every sure about raymond acting ,m just not in to him no matter what drama his in it n now his on top spot ,seriously make me wonder is this a scamp or tvb genuinely put raymond on top spot …… cos it can,t be he batter that kevin n ruco !!!!! ,come on tvb fan do u guys thing this voting actually a bit strange …i,m shock that raymond on top spot what a joke men m considered a idiots not to vote him cos his best actor so far ,what a joke ….

      • Rookie fan says:

        I’m shock too by your comments.. Now where was I, the usual suspect?

      • joyce says:

        what are you trying to say? RAYMOND WONG IS AWESOME. its very difficult to understand what you have to say

        • may scully says:

          Crazy where it come from that Raymond wong is a great actor !!! no way he can be better than kevin or Wayne Lai not even Ruco he can beat,sorry i just can,t stand the way he talk and it,s so annoying to see he better that any other brilliant actor out there ,it,s this vote r real……..

    14. Lol says:

      Yeah!!! Go Raymond go!!! Ka Yau!!!

    15. joyce says:


    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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