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By on January 6, 2012

Which 2011 TVB series featured the best theme song? Please cast your vote!


1. Rate the theme song on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (with 1 as awful and 5 as excellent in quality).

2. You can rate ONE or ALL of the theme songs below. Please rate only theme songs you have heard, to make the rating results as fair as possible.

3. After you have rated the various theme songs of your choice, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the poll.

4. Each person will only be allowed to vote ONCE in the Best Theme song Award (by rating multiple theme song). Please review your ratings carefully before hitting the SUBMIT button.

The winner of the 2011 Best TVB Theme Song Award will be the song with the highest average rating, factoring in the number of votes submitted.

Deadline to submit all votes is Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

RankTVB Best Theme SongRatingVotes
1Bottled Passion 我的如意狼君 - "朝花夕拾" (Teresa Cheung)4.21305
2The Rippling Blossom 魚躍在花見 - "究竟海有幾深" (Julian Cheung)4.01245
3The Other Truth 真相 - "潛伏" (Ryan Lau)3.87246
4Curse of the Royal Harem 萬凰之王 - "各安天命" (Susanna Kwan)3.75217
5The Life and Times of a Sentinel 紫禁驚雷 - "變天" (Steven Ma)3.72197
6Ghetto Justice 怒火街頭 - "沒時間後悔" (Hanjin Tan and Jin Au Yeung)3.61280
7When Heaven Burns 天與地 - "天與地" (Paul Wong)3.59218
8Wax and Wane 團圓 - "團圓" (Ron Ng)3.5204
9Lives of Omission 潛行狙擊 - "獨行" (Michael Tse)3.45241
10Forensic Heroes 3 法證先鋒III - "目擊" (Wayne Lai and Ron Ng)3.41276
11Men with No Shadows 不速之約 - "試煉" (Raymond Lam)3.36237
12My Sister of Eternal Flower 花花世界花家姐 - "You Light Up My Life" (Raymond Lam)3.33225
13River of Wine 九江十二坊 - "今朝有酒" (Tai Chi)3.26137
147 Days in Life 隔離七日情 - "盡快愛" (Bosco Wong)3.25203
15Yes Sir, Sorry Sir! 點解阿Sir係阿Sir - "春風化雨" (Moses Chan and Ron Ng)3.23219
16Only You Only You 只有您 - "I Do" (Cherry Ho)3.23177
17Grace Under Fire 女拳 - "刀槍不入" (Elisa Chan)3.16154
18Relic of an Emissary 洪武三十二 - "江山" (Joe Ma)2.97158
19Home Troopers 居家兵團 - "幸福節奏" (Stephanie Ho)2.86133
20Show Me the Happy 依家有喜 - "依家有喜" (Bernice Liu)2.79135
21A Great Way to Care 仁心解碼 - "荒島隔岸" (Juno Mak)2.69128
22Links to Temptation 誘情轉駁 - "愛情轉駁" (Fala Chen)2.58167
23Til Love Do Us Lie 結•分@謊情式 - "Right On Time" (Hanjin Tan and Kiki Sheung)2.54126
24Be Home for Dinner 誰家灶頭無煙火 - "相處之道" (Ruth Tseng)2.38120
25Super Snoops 荃加福祿壽探案 - "超低能勁攪笑" (Liza Wang, Louis Yuen, Wong Cho-lam and Johnson Lee) 2.37138
RankTVB Best Theme SongTotal Votes4886

The “2011 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com include awards in the following categories:

1.   Best Series
2.   Best Actor
3.   Best Actress
4.   Most Memorable Male Lead Character
5.   Most Memorable Male Supporting Character
6.   Most Memorable Female Lead Character
7.   Most Memorable Female Supporting Character
8.   Best Villain
9.   Most Improved Artist
10. Best Onscreen Couple
11.  Best Special Guest Appearance
12.  Best Theme Song

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  • Readers' Comments (52)

    1. YanYanKong says:

      I also love this award category. TVB needs to have this award too either in the anniversary awards or in the JSG finals.

    2. SDS says:

      It is funny the provisional results show the Ghetto Justice theme not even being in the top 5… interesting.

    3. Victoria says:

      Raymond Lam’s song for Men with No Shadows moves the listener so much. He sang this song really well and imo that theme song should have a higher rank.

      • YanYanKong says:

        It’s doing quite well right now. Not as good as it should be, but there are so many theme songs each year, it’s hard to pick and there’s always more than one song that sounds really good. Also, not everyone watches all the dramas and will not be able to listen to some of the theme songs.

        Raymond did really good this year in the music industry for 2011. He won quite a few awards, so it makes up for it.

    4. Kidd says:

      Interesting that Rippling Blossom was aired so long ago but its themesong is still so popular.

      • Jayne says:

        “Interesting that Rippling Blossom was aired so long ago but its themesong is still so popular.”

        The song has a nice easy beat to it. Very cheerful just like Chilam! I listened to it at work and it eased my stress a bit. :)

    5. Eunice says:

      Man, I really like 年少無知. Too bad it’s not the main theme song of WHB.

    6. sandcherry says:

      “I really like 年少無知. Too bad it’s not the main theme song of WHB.” …… me, too.

    7. KangNam says:

      My fav theme song was

      Bottled Passion 我的如意狼君 – \”朝花夕拾\” (Teresa Cheung) – Every-time it reached the “Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha….” id join in LOL xP

      And i liked Ghetto Justice 怒火街頭 – \”沒時間後悔\” (Hanjin Tan and Jin Au Yeung)
      Twas so catchy! Usually i skipped theme songs but this song i listened to the whole and joined in! So kinda shocked its not in top 3

    8. Lynne says:

      BP theme song is really a miracle because the lyrics is so simple and yet super touching…it projects such vivid love and melancholy that I m immediately pulled into the mood.
      Especially the word “WAIT” was being sung with such dynamics and emotions.And it sums up the gist of the story–futile waiting for a loved one…sobs

    9. Pearlie says:

      It’s really a tearjerker!
      I can see Tsui Sum amidst the melody…ffforever waiting….

    10. stranger says:

      personally disliked the lives of omission theme song A LOT so i’m surprised it’s in the top 10.

      the other truth and ghetto justice themesongs are actually still stuck in my head, so they’re catchy for sure.

      • YanYanKong says:

        But the lives of omission song won the best theme song award in Malaysia for the My AOD awards. I like that song but don’t think it’s the best one. Well, I guess everyone has different tastes for music and dramas.

    11. claimine says:

      I really enjoyed Relic’s themesong and Joe sang it powerfully. (霸气) Stump by its low ranking and rating.

      • Kidd says:

        Agree with you. Joe Ma is, surprisingly, a rather good singer. I first noticed his singing in ‘Suspect of Love’. I find his voice pleasant. His singing improved in 江山. He injected the right amount of power to the song.

    12. Kidd says:

      I’m happy that Sentinel’s themesong sung by Steven Ma is Top 5. The series is kinda blah, but, the song is very catchy. Plus, Steven Ma is a good singer. So, he makes the song sound even better than if it’s sung by a less capable singer.

      • claimine says:

        @Kidd: Your comment made me listen to Steven’s life singing of Sentinel in youtube. Reposting what Tamaya @ asianfantics’s opinion the song and Steven’s live singing without enhanced technology assistance,just pure causal singing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igdslmJMlGM

        Tamaya: Initial reaction @ 1st hearing: Not as ‘ba qi’ (aggressive) as I thought it would be like Relic’s. Changing Sky exudes to me more of pathos, helplessness and the indomitable spirit of little people trapped inside the palace rallying themselves rather than of kings and empires and epic largess. But the song does have drama or maybe it was Steven’s singing that makes it sound full of drama. There’s also a ‘galloping’ rhythm to the song that makes it very catchy..and at themevideo: I wish there were a scene with riders on galloping horses at the drawn out …aaaaaaaa! or during the refrain, “just a thin line between success and failure”. Overall an excellent themevideo, full of drama and pathos, tempo matching with images – like towards the end, Fuk Chuen’s sly smile matching the lyrics of:”still smiling, only belatedly realizes the earth shaking changes”.

        from Fairytale_ Angel Every time I listen to it, somehow I can imagine sorta like on a horse or fighting against his enemies especially during the galloping part of the song and when it comes to the other part, his voice goes gentle and soft you can see the images (or maybe its just me) sort of like scene of couples leaving, friends turning against each other, etc. I think Steven’s voice also add to the song in which brings it out very well…I do wish they added some sort of galloping scenes to make it more intense!

        And coincidentally at a much later date in his print interview Steven echoed our sentiment lamenting the absence of horses in the series that should have had some to bring verisimilitude to the series.

        Steven: It’s actually very difficult for TVB to film ‘good’ costume dramas – sometimes when I’m at work and see these types of situations [hastily built sets], my heart aches. Just take my Sentinel character Nip Dor Bo for example – he’s a high-ranking imperial bodyguard, yet he doesn’t even have one horse-riding scene! Think about it: an imperial bodyguard with his sword in one hand and a horsewhip in the other – isn’t that a better spectacle to behold? If the company was willing to invest a little more in terms of resources, the results would be so much better. But unfortunately, it’s expensive to rent a horse for filming nowadays, plus if the artist doesn’t know how to ride a horse, then they need to hire a stunt person for the scenes – everything costs money! All I can say from an artist’s viewpoint is that it is such a pity. At TVB, there are many people who have the heart and put in the effort wanting to do a good job, but unfortunately there are some situations that we must helplessly accept.”

    13. smurf120 says:

      There are only a handful of shows where I watch the entire theme – the rest I listen for one or two episode:

      River of Wine
      When Heaven Burns (for the intro MV – love when Maggie and Moses are blowing in the wind at the end)
      Be Home for Dinner – not sure why, it makes me happy
      Ghetto Justice – I don’t know understand the Mandarin part, but I like it

    14. pslim says:

      Looks like Bottled Passion is going to sweep most categories (for the top 3 awards at least). I’d suggest that JayneStars present this back to TVB and get them to give a special mention or award to the Bottled Passion team next year. What a waste that the show is aired after the anniversary awards date. Strange that TVB didn’t realise that it has such a good show in the pipeline towards the end of the year.

      • Lol says:

        I’m sure they know…Tim Gor dont produce garbage, but too bad their heads are all stuck up the politic you know what.

      • Lynne says:

        Brilliant idea, pslim
        TVB is having internal reshuffling and maybe there’s lots more to meet the eye.
        If not, they would not have telecast the stupid “Snoops” in the oct.slot, denying BP chances of winning in the Nov awards.
        I think they bent on promoting Myolie and TVB own artistes.
        Just feel bad for the BP team, they deserve better recognition than just being dumped into a forlorn slot.

    15. Rookie fan says:

      Please post a link to your favorite theme songs at the beginning of the comment seg. To recap and help pull-in some votes for your favorite,ok?
      For me BP gets opts, makes grown men like me, well up a tear or two just by reading some of the BP comment above. Try to recall some of the other older T.S.

    16. Jayne says:

      I like Bosco Wong’s rendition of the theme song to “7 Days in Life,” quite a catchy tune. He did sound a little breathless, but this would be the type of song I’ll sing at karaoke. Listening to it while typing….

      • Funn Lim says:

        Then it is the song you like, not the singer. I find the tag singer these days to be so widely used. Any “pig, dog, cat” can say I am a singer just because they sang. The thing is can they REALLY sing? Take away the tune, do it whilst running left and right, switch off the autotune and if you’re still singing on tune with breath to spare, yes then you’re a singer. For me in HK very few deserve that tag.

        • Jayne says:

          “Then it is the song you like, not the singer.”

          Yes true. I like songs with some buildup to momentum, which is more fun to sing in karaoke. The pacing is just right.

          Bosco singing skills are still a little out of breath, but I do like the song.

          In the HK music industry, it is more important to be a performer rather than true singer now.

        • Funn Lim says:

          But even in that regards so few can be called a performer.

        • Jayne says:

          “But even in that regards so few can be called a performer.”

          “Performer” in generating album sales through looks, appealing image to masses etc. In this sense, I meant an engaging personality that has the mix in qualities, musical talent is no longer the first priority.

          As for “performer” in the ability to hold the stage, dance well and give a good show, many HK singers are still lacking this quality.

        • Kidd says:

          Bosco’s singing skill is indeed not that great. But, his pleasant singing voice is suitable for easy listening songs like the 7 Days themesong. :)

          I need to relisten to all the songs again to decide. But, so far, I like the following themesong

          A Great Way To Care
          River of Wine
          Relics of the Emissary
          Life and Time of a Sentinel
          Super Snoops
          Grace Under Fire
          Ghetto Justice
          Only You

        • Funn Lim says:


          A Great Way To Care
          River of Wine – Professional
          Relics of the Emissary
          Life and Time of a Sentinel
          Super Snoops
          Grace Under Fire
          Ghetto Justice – Professional
          Only You

          The rest TVB stars correct?

        • Kidd says:

          @ Funn

          Nope. WHB sung by Paul Wong, remember? And BP sung by Cheung Tak Lan.

    17. SDS says:

      Probably needed a poll for the outro as well, that way When Heaven Burns can literally burn every other outro of 2011.

    18. Kidd says:

      How to rate if the reason the song sounds bad is because the singing sing badly. The song itself I can see is not bad. But, the singing is bad.

    19. Kidd says:

      Just sent in my vote. Sigh. The songs I rated 5 only one barely make top 5. Of all the songs here, I think GJ is the best. It’s very upbeat and energetic. It has the same effect as Aaron’s ‘Strong’. Make listener feel enthusiastic and ready for challenge.

    20. H says:


    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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