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Which actress deserves the 2011 TVB Most Memorable Female Lead Character Award for delivering the most memorable performance in a series? Cast your vote!


1. Rate the actress’ performance on a scale of 1 to 5 stars from the drop down menu.

2. You may rate ONE or ALL of the listed actresses below. Please rate only performances you have watched.

3. After you have rated the various actresses of your choice, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the poll.

4. Each person will only be allowed to vote ONCE in the 2011 TVB Most Memorable Female Lead Character Award (by rating multiple actress performances). Please review your ratings carefully before hitting the SUBMIT button.

Deadline to submit all votes is Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

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The “2011 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com include awards in the following categories:

1.   Best Series
2.   Best Actor
3.   Best Actress
4.   Most Memorable Male Lead Character
5.   Most Memorable Male Supporting Character
6.   Most Memorable Female Lead Character
7.   Most Memorable Female Supporting Character
8.   Best Villain
9.   Most Improved Artist
10. Best Onscreen Couple
11.  Best Special Guest Appearance
12.  Best Theme Song


  1. I really loved Toby’s character as The Bit Eater (Dai Sik Mui). I actually did vote for her character for the TVB awards.

    1. Niki as Tsui Sum is irreplaceable!
      Tim Gor has good foresight!

  2. honestly surprised that tavia’s character is ranked so high up! imo she was overshadowed by ruco, raymond and even natalie.

    1. it’s depressing how there can’t even be a simple poll without people duping votes.

      1. agree. there was nothing memorable about tavia’s character where even Kenneth Ma overshadowed her.

    2. agreed that Tavia isn’t special in TOT. Her vote must’ve been screwed ROFL

      1. I like Mavis. I have not voted. But, if I vote, I will rate her quite high too.

      2. but Mavis isn’t memorable and she’s less outstanding than other characters such as Keith, Kenneth and Natalie in the same series and especially compare to other series characters.

        Tsui sum.deserves top spot without question. Her character Milk candy girl and love story with Raymond is great

    3. Agreed! Honestly whether she was in the series or not wouldnt have made a difference IMO LOLOLOL

  3. So glad that there is a poll like this to gauge performances and likes.
    I remembered some people were anti Niki and even said she dragged the drama down.
    It was totally uncalled for.
    Hooray for this poll, we can see the results.Niki did us proud, she is topping
    the ratings!

    1. I like Niki in BP. She’s fresh unlike those typical and overused 5 new fadans.

      1. Precisely.
        I like the way she protrayed Tsui Sum—high EQ with controlled sobbing and calm disposition, a far cry from those overhyped with dramatic wailings and contorted facials.
        Keep it up Niki

      2. Niki is great!
        Fresh-faced, honest and genuine expressions.
        Very natural and convincing.
        I think she is good as Tsui Sum

  4. I wonder if voters differentiate between Best Actor/Actress and Memorable Male/Female Character.

    The most memorable character is not necessarily the best actor/actress. The actor can be average in acting, but, his/her character can still be memorable.

  5. Niki! She did an awesome job by acting as. Tsui Sam. Niki all the way!

  6. So far this is Niki’s best performance.
    She has had proved that she is able to pull off TsuiSum role.
    A breakthrough, I would say, and hopefully she will continue to hone her skills and strive for another level.

    1. Agreed. Niki made Tsui Sam her own and memorable. I can’t imagine any other actress in this role.

  7. She has another serial about policewoman on the way.
    I saw her character photo, very smart and tough looking!
    I am very sure Niki will work very hard and show us she can act with depth if given the chance.
    Niki, you will make it!!!

      1. Yeah! it’s call policewomen love battlefield. i can’t wait to watch it!

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