2011 TVB Most Memorable Female Supporting Character Award @ JayneStars.com

Which actress deserves the 2011 TVB Most Memorable Female Supporting Character Award for delivering the most memorable performance in a series? Cast your vote!


1. Rate the actress’ performance on a scale of 1 to 5 stars from the drop down menu.

2. You may rate ONE or ALL of the listed actresses below. Please rate only performances you have watched.

3. After you have rated the various actresses of your choice, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the poll.

4. Each person will only be allowed to vote ONCE in the 2011 TVB Most Memorable Female Supporting Award (by rating multiple actress performances). Please review your ratings carefully before hitting the SUBMIT button.

Deadline to submit all votes is Tuesday, January 31, 2012.

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The “2011 Best of TVB Awards” at JayneStars.com include awards in the following categories:

1.   Best Series
2.   Best Actor
3.   Best Actress
4.   Most Memorable Male Lead Character
5.   Most Memorable Male Supporting Character
6.   Most Memorable Female Lead Character
7.   Most Memorable Female Supporting Character
8.   Best Villain
9.   Most Improved Artist
10. Best Onscreen Couple
11.  Best Special Guest Appearance
12.  Best Theme Song


  1. I’m pretty sure Linda got nominated for Best Actress & not Supporting Actress. If only she was Supporting Actress, she would’ve won the award 🙁

    1. Allen,
      The Nomination Committee (Kidd, Funn, Bridget, and I) agreed that Linda Chung had more significant screen time in “River of Wine” instead of “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!” We did not follow TVB nomination patterns in determining our nominees per awards category, as this is our own set of awards.

      In “Yes Sir, Sorry Sir!” we felt that both Ron Ng and Linda Chung were more supporting roles, thus we put them in the respective Supporting categories.

  2. For this year, I will always remember the time Sharon Chan ran topless down the block for Ghetto Justice – not many TVB ladies have ever allowed themselves to be linked as prostitute and naked runner. Props to Sharon Chan.

  3. Totally thought nancy wu should have won beat supporting.. Thought sharon was awesome too!!

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