Charmaine Sheh on Working With Louis Koo: “He’s Too Handsome!”

The movie version of Triumph in the Skies (衝上雲霄) opens on Lunar New Year, February 19. Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Louis Koo (古天樂), Chilam Cheung (張智霖), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), and Amber Kuo (郭采潔) attended the film’s promotional conference today. Portraying handsome and charismatic pilots, the three men appeared on stage in their sleek uniforms and sunglasses, exciting fans in attendance.

Playing the role of an airline company CEO as well as a pilot, Louis will have a romantic storyline with Charmaine. Standing beside Louis onstage, Charmaine could not hold in her enthusiasm, “There was a lot of pressure filming with him. He is too handsome! I had a hard time immersing myself into character. Fortunately, the locations for our dates in the film were very romantic, which helped tremendously.”

Smiling, Louis expressed his admiration for Charmaine and praised her performance, “She is very professional. On a personal level, she is also very genuine and easygoing, so it is very relaxing to act alongside her.”

In the film, Chilam Cheung reprises his role as the charming and alluring Captain Cool. He will share a romantic storyline with Amber Kuo in the film. Amber expressed, “Chilam is very handsome, so the name of Captain Cool is fitting. I’m often mesmerized by his gaze and I can’t stand the feeling! But after interacting with him, he feels more like an older brother who knows how to take care of the people around him. So I’m happy to have the opportunity to ‘date’ a handsome, yet gentle pilot!”


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  1. Charmaine-chilam and louis-amber coupling sounds more fitting…ahaha. francis-sammi is just not right

    1. I agree! I think the pairing of Francis Ng and Sammi Cheng is a bit odd, especially since he was previously paired with Myolie Wu and Fala Chen in the first and second series of Triumph in the Skies respectively. Based on his character’s previous relationships, it appears that his ‘type’ is a young and carefree type of girl but I don’t think Sammi Cheng’s character will be that type of girl. I guess we will see if this new pairing has chemistry when the movie is released!

      1. I was thinking the same thing, although I remember reading somewhere that chi lam hates charmaine and finds her irritating to work with. Who knows eh

      2. It’s about time characters are paired with people their own age lol

      3. “It’s about time characters are paired with people their own age lol”

        Who?? Francis Ng and Sammi Cheng are not about the same age, so are Chilam and Amber Kuo. Both couples have more than ten years of age gap. Only the couple, Louis and Charmaine, has a 5 years age difference.

  2. A bit confused. Charmaine thinks he is so handsome she can’t immerse herself into the role and yet her character is in love with mr ceo part time pilot full time hot lover boy.

    Anyway sm still laughing at the plot of ceo who has to part time as pilot

    1. I don’t think its weird. I mean he coils still enjoying flying or still want o be a pilot at the same time lol

  3. I wonder if Carmen and Louis will ever pair up again! heeh

  4. Shouldn’t she say the same thing about Raymond Lam whom she also worked with? LF is definitely more handsome than Louis

    1. Euh…. LF more handsome than Louis?
      @_@ yeah… whatever

      1. Yes. Actually that tanned guy looks good, but can’t be compared with LF. Thats my opinion

    2. is that a joke? LF is plastic LOL louis koo during the old days was sooo good looking lol 100% better than raymond lam.
      and this is coming from a fan of LF…

      1. Elkkie,
        I know right…that person must be a diehard LF fan to say that. Louis Koo has always been good looking and he must be in his 40 soon but he still looks great. LF is just at his 30s and he looks haggard already. haah LOL….

    3. Charmaine praised Raymond as handsome before. She also praised his singing and acting, which is more important to him as an artiste.

      This article is not related to Raymond nor did Charmaine comparing Louis with him, I do not see the relevancy of dragging Raymond here nor the need to nitpick.

  5. Prefer Sammi’s with Louis as a pair….. their chemistry from past films were excellent!!!

  6. why did TVB never paired Charmaine and Louis up?? Missed opportunity!

    1. When Louis was in his prime back then, Charmaine was still a newbie. He got really popular and left before they got that opportunity. His last show was Step into the past, Jessica Husan and Louis Koo was popular paired back then, so they need to milk it as much as possible.

    2. They had a few opportunities to collaborate but it didn’t work out. LWOLAP & Always Ready were initially offered to Louis but he declined due to various reason. Heck, he declined A LOT of tvb series for the past 10 years plus.

  7. I could only imagine Chilam’s gaze…what a lucky girl to be paired with him! I’m so jealous…

  8. Louis looks bloated. Great guy but you can tell his age is catching up to him. Plus he’s not known for being really healthy. If Charmaine said this years ago, I would agree with her. Now I just don’t see it anymore.

    1. What do you mean he’s not being healty? Would you please share with us`?

    2. Louis’s good looks are fading due to his age, to make him happy, Charmaine praises him…Lol

  9. So looking forward to this movie, especially for Charmaine and Louis! Amber Kuo just seems weird in this entire movie… Just saying

    1. Charmaine and Raymond Lam have actually been in quite a few dramas together: Yummy Yummy, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, Drive of Life, My Sister of Eternal Flower, and Line Walker.

  10. Can tell there’s chemistry between both of them in the trailer. Do you guys feel that from watching the interviews, Louis and Charmaine are quite close? Or he’s like that with every female co-star?

  11. Replace Charmaine Sheh and Sammi Cheng w/ Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee and Sheren Tang. Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee should pair w/ Louis Koo and Sheren Tang w/ Francis Ng. What a great and intrigue combination!

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