Myolie Wu and Fala Chen Will Not Appear in “Triumph in the Skies” Movie?

Despite losing out on the Best Actor Award at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) will still return for the film adaptation of Triumph in the Skies <衝上雲霄>. It has also been confirmed that the original male lead Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and well-known film actor Louis Koo (古天樂) will both star as pilots in the movie. However, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Fala Chen (陳法拉) may not reprise their roles.

After signing with China 3D Digital Entertainment in July, 42-year-old Chilam experienced a new surge in popularity after featuring as “Captain Cool” in this summer’s Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>. Due to the success of the television drama, Shaw Brothers Studios began preparing for a film adaptation, with the hopes that the original cast would sign on.

Since Chilam lost the TV King position to Dayo Wong (黃子華), some fans feared that he would no longer be willing to accommodate TVB’s requests and thus refuse to appear in the Triumph movie. However, Stephen Shiu, Jr. (蕭定一), the CEO of China 3D Digital Entertainment, assured them that Chilam would reprise his role.

Shiu said, “Chilam will definitely film the movie version of Triumph in the Skies. Our relationship with TVB has always been good, and we will not become enemies due to this matter.”

Francis Ng will also return, having negotiated a satisfactory salary with the producers, and Louis Koo will reportedly be one of the stars as well.

However, Myolie Wu will likely not appear in the film version, citing scheduling conflicts. Original female lead Fala Chen is also allegedly out, thanks to her vicious argument with the filming crew after she arrived late to the set at the beginning of the year. Shaw Brothers Studios are reportedly in discussions with Taiwanese model/actress Chiling Lin (林志玲) and mainland Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan (高圓圓).

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  1. Lin Chiling to step in? That woman only looks “pretty” but lacks quality. Can’t act to save her life.

    1. Gao Yuanyuan has more experience so may have a heavier role than Lin Chiling (Captain Cool’s love interest?).

    2. It’s okay. Both Myolie and Fala lacks big screen persona, so no loss there.

      Lin Chiling always looks captivating on screen, casting her in a profession that upholds good looks is a no-brainer.

    3. Lin Chi Ling pretty? She is no match at all for classic beauties like Cherrie, Joey & Rosamund. They were way better looking than her

    4. As long as they don’t find those Mainland plastics to film this… Everyone loved TITS2 on the TV screen because of it’s genuine quality… Mainland plastics will just downgrade the entire movie…

    5. Cherrie chung is short and dark.

      Joey wong always looks like an erie ghost, any which way you look at her.

      Rosamund is passable but lacks that diva charisma.

      And you called them pretty?? OMG, you must be an old man from that era.
      Even if you are, at least naming Lin Ching Hsia, Maggie cheung, Charlie yeung, or Michelle Reis will render you having some taste.

      1. OMG, have u seen how Maggie cheung have aged? she looks horrible. The rest in the list like Joey, rosamund and Cherie aged beautifully.

        Even the superstars stars agrees that rosamund and cherrie are the prettiest of the era.

        Joey is so gorgeous and one of a kind.

        I agree Michelle Reis is very gorgeous too.

        Charlie is sooo common look like Vivian chow. (that sweet young thing face you get everywhere)

    6. mainland plastics??

      TVB actress like Fala and Myolie will look even more fake and out of place on the big screen. They are just not cut out for big movie productions.

      Your saying ‘plastic’ actually reflects on your shortcomings, you must be one of those who could not understand nor appreciate Mandarin, nor understand the dialogue properly, therefore you failed to
      ‘get into’ the drama and story.

      Blame yourself!

      1. Triumph in the Skies is an original TVB drama, a drama that spawned breakout roles and breakout artistes- all that are FROM TVB and have had a relation with TVB… I don’t want the closing for this drama to be filled up with mainland actresses and ruin the image and tradition of Triumph in the Skies…

      2. Talking about Mainland plastics, I’m watching the new Tian Lung Ba Bo feature Viann Zhang. She is famous for being one mainland plastics. However I have to agree with most of audiences of that series that she stole the limelight of all. Her acting can be considered as the most suitable and best in that series. Standing next to an emotionless Kim Bum, a funny Qiao Feng Wallace Chung and an angel with no angelic feel Zhang Meng, Viann’s sexy and cunning role is miles better.

        So in fact the Mainland plastics are not as bad as ppl here often think.

      3. I have nothing against mainland plastics.. I’m just saying the ending for this long-lived series should be full of the original and traditional cast 🙂

    7. ” What, No Fala!

      Lingerie Chiling is no surprise in a flight attendent’s uniform.

      Come on, Falazen your seatbelt! ”

    8. If they cast Lin Chiling, the movie will be boombed even before it starts filming.

      “lawnaek” you are right she can’t act unless Shaw Brothers Studios intend to film an Adult version of TITS.

  2. Alas! Without more of the original cast out of the film it looks as if much interest will be lost. For example, I can’t imagine Chilam without the flirtatious Fala who acted out her part so well. Then, Myolie’s absence will be greatly felt, I’m sure. What is Sam without Zoe ?

    1. Exactly… What’s the point of making a “TITS” movie when it’s not actually TITS…. Basically just a pilot movie with the popular actors.

  3. Will Ron and ma Ming be in it most likely not hope they will have a kelafa role

    1. There are no news about Ron and Kenneth, even if they’re in they might be only a kelefay character.

      1. Kelafa never gets news I think chi lam might ask for them to be in it.. Cos chi lam said he wanted to work with them again and chi lam boss is a big investor in this film

  4. It’s simply because they don’t want any of the main cast of this movie to come from TVB and besides the male leads, the producers only want movie actresses. I don’t think it’s schedule conflicts.

    1. I think so too. In that case, the movie will also be able to sell well in Taiwan (because of Chiling Lam) and Mainland China (because of Gao Yuanyuan). Smart producer!

  5. I just saw the awards, I’m confused. If Chilam is bitter, why did he vote for Dayo in the onscreen voting?

    1. Maybe because it will look awkward to vote for himself? I remember that most of the nominees voted Francis, while Francis voted Dayo, and Chilam got the votes from Wong Cholam and Bosco.

      1. That’s true but the actresses voted for themself.

        Actually, I’m confused with the voting. How come they only narrowed it down to those five ppl? Does that mean those votes were based on actors of the opposite gender voting?

      2. Most of the actresses voted for themselves, including the ppl who said that they support others but instead vote for themselves.

  6. there are reports that myolie is currently in negotiation with hktv,may this be the reason that she is kicked out from the cast
    of the tits movie adaption?

    1. lol, not true. why would she even go to hktv when she’s already one of the top fadans at tvb to go to an internet based company?

    2. Hmmm…where did you hear that? HKTV’s focus right now is on non-management contract artists — the most recent reports claim that they are trying to persuade artists such as Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, Dayo Wong, Sheren Tang, etc. as well as producers Jonathan Chik and Gary Tang to join…no mention of the current TVB fadans such as Myolie.

  7. Don’t like mainland actresses at all they are like old toothbrushes

  8. so glad that Francis is in! I wouldn’t mind if he has to take on a different pilot role.

  9. It’s better if they don’t appear, i think with 2 famous actors, they will choose the same- famous -movie actress.

  10. frankly i dont mind, they bring back a belle for the movie version… and maybe miraculously bring back joe ma too? kind of miss the TITS 1 + Louis koo.. cool i will consider to watch

      1. I don’t think it will be a continuation of the storyline of TITS 2 or TITS.

      2. the chemistry between chi lam and fala is good. yes without holiday TINS is meaningless

  11. I want a lot of the original cast members to be in it, even if it’s a cameo. Maybe the reason that Chilam and Francis are flying together is to go to Myolie and Ron’s (characters) wedding so in the end you can see a cameo with them, Kenneth, Fala, etc.

  12. No point in making a TITS: The Movie if the only original cast member to return is Francis Ng.

  13. Everyone hated Holiday’s character so much let’s see whether this movie without her is interesting or not.

    1. I like her character. she acted so well and so naturally…her gestures are natural and I see very few actress show those gestures

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