Philip Ng’s Kung Fu Skills Make Him a Potential Successor to Donnie Yen

Philip Ng’s (伍允龍) first film as a lead actor, Once Upon a Time in Shanghai <惡戰>, is currently showing in Hong Kong. Directed by Wong Ching Po (黃精甫) and produced by Wong Jing (王晶) and Andrew Lau (劉偉強), the martial arts film stars Philip Ng as Ma, a talented young wanderer who travels to Shanghai and becomes involved in a gang. Andy On (安志杰) stars as Lung, Ma’s best friend, and Sammo Hung (洪金寶) stars as the Iron Leader, a retired martial arts master.

In his first leading role, Philip earned praises from his costars and seniors in the industry. Recent behind-the-scenes footage was unveiled online, which showed Philip’s good friends, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒), Vanness Wu(吳建豪), and Andy On praising Philip’s skill and talent.

Various scenes of Philip training with Nicholas on set were shown in the clip. Nicholas said that he and Philip became good friends through Wing Chun. He explained that Philip was his Wing Chun sifu and that Philip is very meticulous and a great teacher. “What he lacks is confidence,” Nicholas added. “I introduced him to many directors, got him to do more fighting scenes on the spot. People were surprised to see him beat me all the way to the end of the street! It helped raise his confidence.”

Wong Jing and the film’s action choreographer, Yuen Woo Ping (袁和平), also praised Philip. Wong Jing also regarded him as a potential successor to Donnie Yen (甄子丹), saying, “His family owns a martial arts hall in the United States. He receives challenges from opponents every day, so he has enough martial arts fighting experiences. Not every actor can fight as well as him.”

Yuen Woo Ping also praised that Philip is a very well-rounded fighter with quality moves.

Though born in Hong Kong, Philip spent the majority of his youth in the United States. After finishing graduate school, he moved to Hong Kong in 2003 to pursue a career in the Hong Kong film industry. He mentioned that his martial arts school had almost 1,000 students at one point in time.

Despite Philip’s talent, the 36-year-old struggled in the first few years of his career. Stuck with doing stunt double jobs, Philip mentioned that he almost died while doing a stunt for Vannes Wu. Not too well known in the film industry, Philip had expressed his disappointment at once being labeled as a “tiny star”.

Wong Jing encouraged Philip, “He has finally become a lead star today. I believe that his past ten years in the industry had value!”

“Once Upon a Time in Shanghai” Trailer

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  1. Good for Philip Ng if he is regarded as a potential successor to Donnie Yen (甄子丹). He is young and can still do martial arts for many more years. It will also be good to Linda Chung if she takes Philip Ng as her boyfriend. They will have a better future if Philip is more successful in the film industries.

    1. i dont think he will be a good succesor of donnie yen,sorry to say that but i think his face is very brutal and raw and miss some humanity feature.there is just no martial actors in hk now that have the level of donnie or jet li that looks like a hero.

      1. This philip is overrated and can’t even act.saw the movie really & left half way.

    2. His face look like a country bumpkin. How to succeed Donnie Yen?

      But then, Jackie chan’s face also look dump and dumbo when he first burst into fame with his snake kung fu movie in the 70s.

      1. lol,i have to agree with you that jacky also didnt shine in looks,but at least jacky didnt have the aura of a villain,his acting as an hero is thus acceptable to me.

      2. dump face of jacky LOL LOL
        i second that hahahah
        but he certainly got the skills anyway

    3. She sort of admitted it, she posted on Weibo, urging her fans to support the movie, to support Phillip.

  2. Yes, Vincent Zhao the next Donnie Yen. Philip Ng forget it because he just doesn’t that quality in him and the look is just not right.

  3. phillips look is more like an villain not really a hero type like jet li or donnie yen and not charismatic too.

  4. I think he’s quite HOT so lucky Linda Chung. Hope he will get even more ‘LUCKY’ and more recognized later on. WOW, but 10 years? Whooo, certainly not easy…

  5. Good on you Phillip! For once, please shut up all those who think you are a loser and a bum.

    1. It is hard for anyone to be like Bruce Lee. He was truly one of a kind. His look was also very unique since he was mixed.

      1. agree,such person as bruce lee comes once of a thousend years,his martial arts,looks,personality and philosophy made him a unique.

      2. No, I am not confusing Bruce Lee with Brandon Lee.Bruce Lee himself was mixed because his mom is half European so that makes him 25% European.

      3. ok thanks for the heads up.U r right.Bruce has mixed heritage.I guess u learn something new every day even on jaynestars, jk.

      4. You are welcome. I also did not know for a long time that Bruce lee was mixed too. But then I started to read more about him and found that he is because of his mom. Everyone learns something new each day.

  6. I respect all these young talents in MA movies but they’ll need more experience to become the next big action stars of their own. Philip Ng doesn’t cut it for me but I know he will get there someday.

    Donnie’s successor? I’d say actual martial artists-turned-actors that came up shortly after Yen in the mid 90s. Fan Siu-Wong, Vincent Zhao, Wu Jing. Fan Siu-Wong has great potentials to be Yen’s successor imo.

  7. Someone was watching TV and I pointed out he is or was or could be Linda’s BF and the first thing she said was why does a sweet girl like her falls for a guy who looks like a brute? His face does look brutal. Successor or not, it is a question for the audience. Right now my answer is no.

    1. maybe she falls for his character more than his looks? he indeed looks brute but maybe he is very romantic and gentlemen in real who knows? but as an actor im not yet convinced he would be a good succesor of donnie,but could be wrong,time will tell.

    2. He looks ok. She must like him for the inner beauty lol. He seems like a hard working man and his martial arts is pretty good. His body is great with the 8 pack!! He seems easy going and friendly. So I understand why Linda will like him. Not everyone look for handsome guys. Glad Linda is not those type of person that goes for handsome rich man.

      1. Linda probably likes macho guys over good looking guys. But I’m glad she’s not the typical gold digger we see in show biz.

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