Sean Lau, Louis Koo, and Nick Cheung Star in Benny Chan’s “The Cartel War”

Filming is currently underway for Director Benny Chan’s (陳木勝) new film, The Cartel War <掃毒>. Funded by Universe Films, The Cartel War boasts a budget of $16 million USD and features thrilling action scenes to be filmed in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Macau.

The Cartel War will follow Hong Kong narcotics police officer (Louis Koo 古天樂) as he investigates a supposedly dead former cop (Nick Cheung 張家輝) whom he suspects to be a wanted drug lord. Louis is assisted by Narcotics Bureau Officer (Sean Lau 劉青雲). The three police officers’ fates and identities are altered when they encounter a powerful drug lord, portrayed by Lo Hoi Pang (盧海鵬).

Yesterday, the cast of The Cartel War, Louis Koo, Sean Lau, Nick Cheung , Benjamin Lam (林國斌) and Yuan Quan (袁泉), were filming on location in Central, Hong Kong. Driving a Mercedes Benz and wearing sunglasses, Louis and Benjamin drew such a spectacle that the filming area has to be cordoned off. The police was also called upon to help direct traffic on the crowded streets.

Mainland Chinese actress, Yuan Quan, will share a romance with Louis and become pregnant with his child in the film.

In a scene filmed several days ago, Louis had pushed Sean with such force that Sean fell head-first onto the floor. It was no acting when Sean held his head in agony. Louis related at the blessing ceremony yesterday, “I was shocked! His head was swelling and red and I told him to go to the hospital immediately for a scan.” To which Sean joked, “No worries, I still remember that I’m Nick Cheung!” Good friend and experienced parent, Nick was paternal towards the injured Sean. Fortunately for Sean, the injury resulted in merely a slight bump.

The cast and crew will soon travel to Thailand, where many of the film’s action scenes will take place. Featured scenes include a  helicopter military siege and Nick’s character being bitten to death by a crocodile. Regarding his early death in the movie, Nick said, “I am a good man and have done many good deeds to deserve a handsome remuneration even though I die early in the film.”

Nick’s daughter, Brittany, who is turning 7 years old, is now facing schoolwork blues. Asked if he has been a dutiful father, he replied, “I don’t know. But sometimes when I get home, I will see my daughter being tutored. The tutors nowadays are so hot! It makes me want to have extra lessons myself!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Omg the last comment from Nick was very extreme even as a joke. I hope it doesn’t come true.

    1. Yea…what kind of responce is that! Even as joke….if I was his wife I’d put him on the couch for a couple of days! That’s just wrong!

      1. I don’t care still a pervert thing to say. He looks like one.

    2. What if his wife was the tutor lol?! It’s not strange for mother to tutor the kids?

      1. No. If you’re as rich as Nick Cheung, you don’t need to your to cook, let alone tutor your kids.

      2. I think I am the only one who interpret in this way.

        The tutors where I live are very hot too!

        Very hot as in very highly in demand.

      3. He’s still a bloody pervert and don;t know why he gets away with it.

  2. It’s like the same group of actors. Everytime I switched on the TV for a HK movie, one of these 3 or all of them will be in the movie.

    1. and guess who is the director of these movies,yes its johnny to the godfather of this “gang”.

  3. The girl looks somewhat like Kenix Kwok. Nick Cheung’s hair is funny.

    1. yeah she does look like Kenix Kwok. I miss seeing her in TVB series.

    2. no offence but imagine if he has a moustache, then i think he really look like hitler “der fuhrer”.lol

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