Tang Wei Engaged to Korean Director Kim Tae Yong

Mainland Chinese actress Tang Wei (湯唯) recently announced her engagement to South Korean director Kim Tae Yong, whom she met when filming Late Autumn <晚秋> in 2009. The two plan to hold their wedding ceremony in the fall.

On July 2, Tang Wei’s management company announced that the Lust, Caution <色,戒> actress had gotten engaged to South Korean director Kim Tae Yong. The couple first met on the set of Late Autumn, a 2010 English-language film that Kim directed and adapted from a classic Korean melodrama. Tang Wei later won nine Best Actress awards in Korea for her role.

The two fell in love in 2013 when Tang Wei was in Korea filming a commercial. Both she and Kim have received their parents’ blessing and approval for the union. “Although we both have to learn a foreign language, this is the happiest time in our lives,” the couple wrote in their engagement statement. “We both believe that this will allow us to understand, respect, and appreciate the other more.”

Tang Wei’s spokesperson, Anna, revealed that a decision has not yet been made regarding where the couple will settle down after the marriage. She added, “As far as I know, Tang Wei is not pregnant, nor will she cut down on work.”

Kim Tae Yong was born in Seoul in 1969 and is ten years Tang Wei’s senior. The two were spotted together at the Busan International Film Festival in November 2012, but claimed to be merely friends at the time.

Tang Wei has previously been romantically linked to mainland Chinese actor Wu Xiubo (吳秀波), Korean actor Hyun Bin, and Super Boys <快樂男聲> contestant-turned-advertiser Hu Jing (胡璟).

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The first and second paragraphs are somewhat repetitive and contradictory. First paragraph says 2009, second says 2010…

    1. They met in 2009.. The film premiered in 2010…

    1. LOL. This is a refreshing pairing! Their engagement statement sounds very sweet.

  2. This is surprising. From memory, didn’t she have any Chinese bf, she was photographed with at the airport, a couple of yrs ago?

    And how do they communicate? Typically Koreans tend to gravitate back towards other Koreans (or Caucasians, if they partner outside their heritage).

    Then again, the younger Koreans these days can speak Mandarin fluently – in fact many do a stint in Beijing.

    1. According to news article they communicate using English

      1. that’s crazy lol because from what i’m aware, neither of them are particularly great in English.

        but love can jump through language barriers so i’m going to suspend my disbelief and befuddlement and wish her happiness :).

        i really adore tang wei and think she’s gorgeous and a great actress. so i’m happy to hear she’s found her Uno.

  3. Chinese and Koreans are still the same. The Westerners call us Far Eastern folks!

  4. Lol, the Koreans are saying thank you to Chinese netizens for giving them tang wei

  5. This is one of several recent Chinese/Korean celebrity couplings.
    Chae Rim just got engaged to a Chinese actor.

    1. Is chae rim fluent in chinese or her chinese husband speak korean?

      1. Many Koreans these days speak fluent Mandarin. Many Korean highschoolers in Vancouver also have had some Beijing Mandarin already drilled into them, some have even stayed in China for a couple of years.

        Wasn’t the case 10 yrs ago … but on a recent trip in Dec to SKorea – I stayed at 3 different hotels, and all counter stuff spoke fluent Beijing mandarin.

        Among the Asians – Koreans one of the more innovative and hardworking academic-solid types. Many are also trained in classical music.

      2. There must be more Koreans who speak Mandarin Chinese than HK’ers.

        That’s why they are in demand as far as Mainland drama production is concerned.

  6. I don’t find her having the goddess look but somehow she still popular.

    1. She’s got the refreshing natural beauty that’s a rarity among Chinese actresses who prefer the artificial pasty white doll-face image.

      1. Agree too, and it’s refreshing. That’s sexy appeal in just that.

        Some try too hard to look mega star.

    2. I agree with Sandy. She does not have beautiful eyes, lips, nose, face, shoulders and collarbone. She looks like a man in the above picture.

  7. I’m a dude and she is beautiful. Her husband is lucky

  8. She’s ugly, stripped for fame and now a 小三 in the Korean Director marriage…cheap, kick her to Korea..good choice!

    1. hater’s gonna hate 😀

      Tang Wei is talented, elegant, beautiful, well-spoken and rich. Unlike them haters who can’t be happy for other people.

    2. I bet you have no problems with those leng mos who strip for fame but don’t get acclaim for acting.

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