Tang Wei’s Acting Criticized in “Ming Dynasty”

Epic historical drama series Ming Dynasty <大明风华>, which premiered on December 17, is a biography of the legendary Empress Sun, who went from being the sole survivor to a persecuted family to the kingdom’s most powerful empress. Portraying the titular character is Tang Wei (汤唯), who will play Empress Sun from 16 years old to 70. Zhu Yawen (朱亚文) plays her husband, the Xuande Emperor.

Tang Wei, who came to prominence through 2007’s Lust, Caution <色,戒> and went on to pursue an award-winning film career, was highly anticipated by critics and fans alike for her return to television, as her last television drama appearance was in 2007.

But despite the anticipation for her return, the actress was met with criticism on her acting in the first few episodes.

Tang Wei, however, did not avoid the criticism and boldly addressed them in interviews.

“It’s very different,” said Tang Wei when asked between the difference of acting in television versus in film. “It’s like you’re stepping into another Hollywood.” She professed that she still has “a lot left to learn” and that she must have caused a lot of burden for the director and her male co-star, Zhu Yawen. “But in the end, I’ve grown with the series.”

With a laugh, Tang Wei added that she is only a “baby” when it came to television. “I’m going in like a newcomer.”

She acknowledged that the filming process of Ming Dynasty had been a struggle, but just like her character, she had learned all that she could along the way.

As Ming Dynasty is Tang Wei’s first historical period drama, she had to do a lot of homework and research for her character and the background. She visited the Forbidden Palace, interviewed history professors, and even borrowed some of the show’s outfits so she could wear them at home, in hopes to imitate and learn how individuals during the Ming Dynasty behaved and lived. She said she will humbly accept all the criticism and learn from her shortcomings.

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. …so in which way was her acting criticized? Like what specifically went wrong? I am watching the show and she def does not feel like the average ancient lady, but her character isn’t really supposed to be one. Her voice is interesting.

  2. I’m just watching on it’s official YouTube channel. As I am not invested in the show, the Google translations are just enough for a seasoned MTLer and drama watcher to understand the gist lol.

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