Tang Wei in “Empress of the Ming: Legend of Sun Ruowei”

Empress of the Ming: Legend of Sun Ruowei <大明风华> is an upcoming Chinese historical drama that is drawing much attention due to Tang Wei’s (湯唯) first return to television screens since 2007. The 70-episode drama also stars Zhu Yawen (朱亞文), Deng Jiajia (鄧家佳), Qiao Zhenyu (喬振宇) and Lay Zhang (張藝興).

Based on popular novel Liu Qiao Ji Shi <六朝紀事>, the story takes place in early Ming Dynasty and the experiences of Sun Ruowei (portrayed by Tang Wei) in living through five emperors and six dynasties. The story will begin in 1402 where the royal doctor Jing Qing and his whole family was to be executed under Emperor Yongle’s orders. But, the doctor’s eldest daughter Sun Ruowei, manages to escape death and was rescued and adopted secretly by Sun Zhong. Years later, Sun Ruowei was contacted by the hidden forces of the Qing dynasty and encouraged her secretly to marry the ambitious Prince of Han, Zhu Gaoxu.

However, that did not happen, as she somehow got married into the East Palace and became the imperial concubine of Crown Prince Xuande (portrayed by Zhu Yawen). In entering the palace, Sun Ruowei initially desired to avenge for her family’s death, but soon gave up after experiencing common hardships and the toxic court environment. She was also moved by the kind Prince Xuande, so she decides to become a virtuous queen and support him.

The supporting cast includes Qiao Zhenyu as Xu Bin, who has always loved Sun Ruowei deeply and even entered the enemy’s quarters to protect her son. But as fate has it, Xu Bin can only be her protector and act as her big brother. Lay Zhang portrays Zhu Qizhen, the eldest son of Prince Xuande, who ascends the throne at the age of nine after his father’s death.


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  1. This article leaves out how long this drama gonna be lol! If it’s a 70eps one, passssssssssss!

  2. I like Tang wei and story sound interesting but 70 episode longsssssss?? i think i will pass or wait till all episodes released watch some skip some lol

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