“Street Dance of China 4” Aims to Build a Global Street Dance Union

Survival show Street Dance of China 4 <这!就是街舞4> premiered on August 14 with captains Han Geng (韩庚), Lay Zhang Yixing (张艺兴), Wang Yibo (王一博), and Henry Lau (刘宪华) looking highly pumped and energized as talented dancers show off their impressive skills. Sitting down for an interview, the show’s director Lu Wei (陆伟) shared his hopes for the new season, including the surprises and breakthroughs presented by all four teams.

Hoping to cultivate a world dance union, Lu Wei expressed that the pressure for season four has been enormous because the past seasons performed so well. While the decision to invite other world star dancers was to surpass expectations, he is unsure what to do if there is a fifth season. “At least, I still have a year to think about it. Besides, I think human wisdom and ideas are impossible to exhaust, so if this program continues to live, it will still force itself to innovate every season,” he enthused.

Only Praises for the Team Captains

Han Geng’s comeback became a hot topic among fans who missed his spirit and dancing passion. As expected, the 37-year-old is still the same as before— like a talkative but caring older brother.

Lu Wei noted that Han Geng is also well-prepared as he had been learning to dance popping, and his mentality is very peaceful this season because “he’s not here to win the crown, since there is nothing more important than supporting everyone to fully immerse into crafting their best performance.”

Second time on the show, Yibo carries a learning mentality and enjoys learning different dancing styles. “He would get so overly excited when he watches incredible performances and screams so hard to the point, I feel like he would lose his voice.”

On top of busily capturing Yibo’s reactions, Lu Wei reassured fans that the production team upgraded their safety practices to better prevent any cases of injury that occurred in previous seasons.

Labeled the “King of Krump” because of his love for the dance genre, Lay displays his never-ending determination to work hard for breakthroughs. Lu Wei expressed that Lay created very surprising stages because he “challenged genres that he never performed before.” However, – he remains persistent on designing stages based on Chinese cultural themes as he desires to share his dance fusion beauty to the world.

As for  Henry, Lu Wei finds the show’s newcomer to be very cute like everyone else. “Like a blank sheet of paper from the start, but Henry’s carefree personality and enthusiasm is infectious. He makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable, so they can enjoy the dance even under time pressure.”

“Street Dance of China 4”  Trailer

Source: Sohu

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I LOve this Show Since the Season 1… I dont miss Show Lo as I feel the new Captains are great!!… I enjoy Jackson Yee and Jackson Wang in the show previously. TAO was very adorable in Season 1 too.

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