Lay Zhang Fights Off Rumors

Angered by accusations of “concubine selection”, popular pop star Lay Zhang (張藝興) has started a defamation lawsuit, this time against a makeup artist.

With Kris Wu (吳亦凡) facing a lengthy imprisonment for sexual crimes, and former EXO member Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) hit by accusations of sexually assaulting his female fans just last month, Lay, it seems, is not spared from ripple effects of a crackdown on chaotic celebrity culture targeting artistes returning from overseas.

Stylist: Relied On Photo Editing
Having made his debut through Kpop group EXO, the singer turned his focus to the Chinese market in recent years, attaining success as a solo artiste. According to reports, stylist Xu Feng Li (徐峰立) posted on his personal Weibo that “a certain Z-surnamed little fresh meat is also into choosing concubines”, which netizens surmised pointed at Lay. The brouhaha happened two years back when the post blew up on the internet, as Xu Feng Li alleged that the unnamed artiste was also into “picking concubines”, and called on him to restrain himself.

He further spilled that the said celebrity would also tussle his way to better spots during fashion events, and that he relied on photo editing when shooting makeup commercials. Expressing ruefulness, he added that he regretted having introduced so many fashion contacts to him and described the latter as “an ungrateful little bastard”.

In response, Lay issued a statement through his studio slamming the “false rumors” and said that he had started a defamation lawsuit. Though the stylist later deleted his post and apologized, Lay’s studio responded by acknowledging receipt of the apology and said that legal proceedings will continue. A January 20 notice from Beijing Legal Court also showed that legal proceedings on a dispute over infringement liability between the two parties have commenced.

The singer has previously won a defamation lawsuit against Weibo user Yang back in 2019, but chose not to seek monetary compensation after finding out about the latter’s troubled background.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. What in the world is “picking concubines”??? I was just wondering why Lay was quiet the last few months. I was hoping to see him on one of the Lunar New Year programs but he was not there. I really hope it was not due to this rumour… I have a soft spot for Lay, he is really one of the hardest working artist that come back from SK. And he never let any of his old mentor or team members down…. But what goes on behind the screens, I dont know. I hope he sues successfully and keeps his reputation.

    1. @Hohliu, he showed guilt right away by deciding to sue before the makeup artist gave an apology or removed his comment from weibo.
      Anyone can say anything, as long as they do not give names or specific dates, time and names of locations , eg house addresses, etc, then these celebs should ignore that person. The fact that Lay Zhang jumped on it right away spoke volumes of guilt. I know a lot of fans really dig their idols, but these guys and girls are caught up in a lot of unsavory stuff, and they know the loyal, loving fans eill not believe anything, or anyone but them. I have no idols, none of them are worthy to be called that. None of them are worthy to be called a god, or goddess either. I would hate to see anyone suffer who dares to have the nerves, the audacity to challenge these pure, heavenly celestial beings, even though the daring mortal is usually likely telling the truth.
      That bugs me a lot. When these celebs sue others for telling the truth, and the celebs win.

      1. I am thinking since he sues do directly, he has no fear as he is not guilty. Of course that is only my prospective. I really dont know what is the truth. I am only curious about what “picking concubines” is???
        As for idolising… I dont understand the extend of idoling anyone…. I do like Hu Ge and follow his dramas but I dont buy his albums or go to concerts. .. I never understood how anyone can idolist celebs/stars in varies countries to the extend of being obsessive and wasting so much money on their idols. I cannot fathom such behaviour…
        But I does interest me you seem to find Lay guilty… what is he guilty of? What is “picking concubines”?
        But just based on recent rumours, the one I find who may likely be guilty is Jackson Wang’s rumour… Totally unexpected but based on who revealed it…it may likely be possible. But there are two sides to the story and we have yet to hear any response from Jackson Wang.

      2. @Renren would sound fishy if the suing occur even before it blew big with netizens linking him to it. If not, it could be that he’s defending his reputation against wrongful accusation or he does that because it’s true and he has the money to have long legal proceedings while the accuser does. The world is too confusing and complicated to know the truth, at least for me.
        @Hohliu selecting concubines is similar to what happens during Qing dynasty while the emperor flips the name of the concubine he wants to spend the night with. So it could be like what Coralie mentioned or similar to what was speculated to have taken place in KW’s case where he would select his target from the females he met in party.

    2. @Renren what? Most ppl wouldn’t be so confident in sending lawsuits unless they know they’re in the right.

      I’m still interested in learning about Jackson Wang’s case, though. It caused an uproar but the accusations haven’t gone anywhere. JW also hasn’t made any comments or sent a lawsuit. Now THAT is suspicious.

      1. @BearBear ikr? JW’s either got a ton of media power or China just wants to do everything it can to ban Namewee from the news lol. I also just discovered an amazing new artist from this accusation; Namewee has some really good songs and works. My respect.

    3. @Hohliu picking a concubine is prob the ability of the idol to pick a fan/groupie to do whatever. He has his pick of the litter.

      1. I see… I honestly am not sure this is what Lay would so… I may be mistaken…

        As for Jackson Wang, now, that interest me too. And I do find the silence rather telling. I bet arrangements have been made behind the scenes to keep it all quiet.

  2. So he is bring criticised for picking the girls which interest him? Has he committed any crimes here? If girls /groupies are going up to him and they are of legal age. Who is to blame ? As they were not drugged or under age oflr duress, why criticise the artist. He is not the first young, handsome celebrity to Cherry pick girls. I am sure this happens every where! Groupies have been around for a long time. Don’t blame the artist, blame the groupies/girls.

  3. @BearBear
    Maybe he wanted to wait abd see if it would die down before it blew up so big. Then he sued when it was not dying down.
    These men do believe they have the power and looks to do what they want, and are not shy to do what they want to.
    Celebrities will send lawsuits out, even though they are guilty as hell, for they know they have their millions of loyalists to support them.

    A lot of super, so called top notch A Lester’s involve themselves in picking concubines, but no one dares to say a word about them. After all, paps abd journalists need their jobs. They also want their reputations and families to stay safe. The fans revere them and will not say anything.
    When a man’s marriage was exposed on social media. That was no mistake. Thus man was threatening media and fans alike with kawsuuts if they continue to say he was married. He was looking his loyal, worshipping fans in their faces and saying he has no one. Someone had had enough abd decided to expose his marriage. Had certain development not happened, Pinocchio would still be lying to the fans. To save his lying Keiser, he made a mockery of his wife and her relatives at a most sensitive time. That was when someone decided enough was enough, and exposed him. The entertainment world is so corrupt and evil, and these men and women know they have the fans exactly where they want them. Because I have a ringside seat to all of it, it saddens me. It also fascinates me how most of them are very bad actors, abd eirse singers, ye, they can win Golden Bell, Golden Horse, Golden Eagle, Flying Asparagus, Magnolia, Golden Rooster, and Hong Kong Film awards, for the contrasting way they live as opposed to the sweet, angelically crafted images they feed the gullible public.
    There is a lot more to come on the celebs mentioned here, either by the posts, or the article itself.

    1. @Renren unless we have insider’s news, it’s hard to tell what is true these days. Haven’t we seen enough of celebrities crying innocence only to be proven later that they are a liar or the kind of public image they try to portray only to be proven or suggested through their actions that they aren’t either.
      I still have my biased and may think that certain artists are not like this (at first) should there be negative rumours but will not be shocked or continue to be in denial if they are.

      1. @BearBear
        Yes, some of us do have the inside scoop. That is why we are so persistent in mentioning to netizens the delusion of worshipping these celebs. The cesspool is murder than you think. You may call me crazy, but the things they go through to be famous, you guys don’t have a clue. When they go against the grain, they lose loved ones, their careers stall, or they are exposed. Sometimes, they themselves pay the final ultimate price.
        There are those at the very top who are well protected. The higher up the chain they are, the more evil abd corrupt they are. Sometimes I shed tears at how brainwashed the fans really are. They do not have a clue, not a clue.
        Your response to me summed up what I was saying, and then some. I like what you have to say, you and others, even if we don’t always agree, I respect some members here.

      2. @Renren Yes, a good forum is about have discussion sensibly. No need for personal attacks or being angry if there are difference in opinion. We are all melon eaters… we just read entertainment news for leisure…no point making enemies. I have a stalker on this blog… if amuses me but it does not bother me. It is fun reading your prospective on some issue too. So you are not crazy, sometimes very passionate about some issue but not crazy in my eyes.

  4. @Hohliu
    Yes, we should be capable if having a different opinion without getting nasty. I was raked over the coals here over a year ago. I will ignore it cause I know what I know.
    You have my support abd understanding for being stalked. I too am stalled for telling some grown women that the two men they delude themselves about being in a relationship are not. One has two wives, and the other has a longtime girlfriend. They joined up with a gambler of a celeb abd stalled ne. Well, they picked the wrong person. The things they did. I can’t talk much about it as it is being dealt with by authorities in a few countries. Karma will get the person stalking you. Do you know who it is? I know who mine are. I am so sorry this is happening to you.
    The reason I get so passionate is because of the sick things I have seen with my own eyes, done and said by celebrities, or told and show by high up reliable sources. Many folks think that VIPs or the children or relatives of influential people do not visit these sites. That is where they are sadly mistaken. Even celebrities come to these sites, and even visit their own social media pages under a different name than what they use for their social media accounts.

    1. @Renren a different perspective, as long as everyone agrees to disagree and remain amicable, broadens ones mind actually. I get to be exposed to views that I may not have thought about, even if I still don’t agree to it in the end, I appreciate it.
      So guys, keep the discussions (of whatever topic) going.

  5. Not speaking for them, but can’t really blame them when fans are throwing themselves at them. They are just normal human beings. People just have to stop idolizing them like they are that special devoid of basic human needs.

    1. @m0m0
      You hit the nail on the head.I don’t blame then either for enjoying the spoils if these women throw themselves at them, once the women are of legal age. So true what you said. These celebs do have needs abd wants like any other human. These delusional fans need to stop worshipping then, as they are mortals, not gods or goddesses.
      What I do not understand is when the celebs are guilty as sin, and they sue netizens and others who are telling the truth. What is more heartbreaking is when the celebs win, which they always do.

      1. I don’t think the celebs always win, look at chris wu. I would agree that they have more resource thus more likely to win though. unjust but don’t think this is a phenomenon in china only.

      2. Leonardo Di Caprio is a disgrace. His latest flavor of the month is 19 years old. How her parents can tolerate that is beyond me. Maybe she needs the career boost, who knows. They all treat women as though they are objects. Then again, if the women allow themselves to be treated that way.

        You said Krus Wu did not get away. That is true, but there was too much evidence , and too many women came forward.

        Also, you never know, he might have been disobedient, and passed off the higher powers who gave him the fame and fortune, and paid for it . Don’t Ness with such evil power, cause you will pay.
        There is so much more to the stories we are given about these celebs. I am so sorry if I only give a half baked, vague version.

    2. I thought the same @m0m0, but at the same time, I’m not Lay’s fan lol, so this doesn’t impact me at all. If I was a fan, then I guess this behavior is disappointing because fans all hope their idols have better discernment over who they choose to be involved with and not just picking anyone from the litter.

      1. @Coralie @Dee @m0m0 , I just had a thought, one of the top celeb in US who is clearly guilty of this practise is Leonardo DiCaprio… Of course there are plenty more but he just pop to mind.

      2. @Hohliu oh yes Leo di Caprio and his yacht parties in Cannes full of barely legal models. He is almost at level of Jack Nicholson still few steps to pull but almost there

    3. @m0m0
      A bit off topic, do you follow Taiwanese BL actors and comment on makeup artist, hairstylisrt S’s Instagram?

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