Lay Zhang’s “Crime Crackdown” Entire Plot Leaked

Starring Lay Zhang Yixing (張藝興), Sun Honglei (孫紅雷), and Liu Yijun (劉奕君), police action drama Crime Crackdown <掃黑風暴> quickly garnered a large fanbase with its fast-paced and thrilling plot. Enthusiasm for the drama made many viewers want to find out the latest plot developments, resulting in all yet-to-be broadcast content being leaked online. The occurrence became a hot topic as everyone rushed to catch the spoilers.

Crime Crackdown follows former criminal police officer Li Chengyang (Sun Honglei), police officer Lin Hao (Lay Zhang), and anti-crime investigations team leader He Yong (Liu Yijun) joining forces under the Central Supervision Group to capture offenders and stamp out government corruption within Zhongjiang province. Is it a possible mission when the two corrupted official groups have already managed to escape punishment for 10 years?

Aided by smooth and speedy storytelling, the cases are based on shocking real-life criminal cases once screened by Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, including the notorious serial rapist and gang leader Sun Xiaoguo (孫小果), the burial of corpses in a playground, the police bribery case of Wen Liehong (文烈宏) in Hunan, and mafia leader Huang Hongfa (黃鴻發) in Hainan.

So far, more than 107,000 people have rated Crime Crackdown on Douban, and approximately 77 percent of them scored the series with four stars or more, leading to its current total score of 8.0.  Some commented that the true crime stories are much crueler than the adapted version, with others also pointing out the plot being “based on real-life events” is the most horrifying to see.

In response to the plot leak, Crime Crackdown’s production team issued an anti-piracy statement calling out those who are illegally disseminating and selling their content. Additionally, they immediately reported to the police to track down those responsible, and encouraged viewers to watch the drama through legal platforms.

“Crime Crackdown” Trailer

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  1. Lay plays a cop fighting crime while his former Exo teammate is jailed in real life for criminal deeds.

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