Lay Zhang to Leave EXO?

Since his debut with South Korean boyband EXOLay Zhang (张艺兴) has garnered a large legion of fans across the world ever. With his tall stature, handsome face, and talent for singing and dancing, it seems that he is skilled in everything! In recent years, he has been focused on developing his career in China and has often been absent at EXO’s events. Speculations arose that he may be preparing to leave EXO, when it was recently discovered that he has created a new entertainment company.

On October 5, Lay posted four drawings of a logo with a mythical beast on Weibo. Once the photos are opened, one can see that there is a logo stating the words “DNA” hidden within the art. Fans quickly discovered that many social media accounts were just created for Chromosome Entertainment Group. The accounts have no posts and only follow Lay.

The news led to heated discussions and many are guessing that the creation of this new company may be because his contract with SM Entertainment will be ending soon. Other fans disclosed rumors that his contract does not end until 2022 and if he wanted to end his contract early, he would need to go to court.

Leaving EXO would be a difficult decision as Lay has always been very close friends with the other members. Previously on I am a Singer Producer <我是唱作人>, he shared his cell phone wallpaper and it was a group photo of EXO. Every time he returns to South Korea, he will meet up with his good friends from EXO.

Fans were split into two camps regarding the news, with some displeased and some eager for his future solo career.

Source: ETToday

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