EXO’s Chanyeol Accused of Cheating

Fans are requesting his withdrawal from EXO.

Since EXO member Chanyeol (燦烈) was accused of cheating by his ex-girlfriend, someone who claims to be a friend has seconded the accusations in a post written in his personal capacity. While SM Entertainment has finally released an official statement addressing the scandal, some fans of EXO have expressed their wishes for his withdrawal from the popular group due to the damaging rumors.

Cheating Allegations

On October 28, a woman who claims to be Chanyeol’s girlfriend spilled that she was in a relationship with Chanyeol since 2017. In an online community, she accused the rapper of cheating on her more than 10 times over a three-year period with female K-pop members, air stewardesses, and dancers in allegations that shocked the Korean entertainment industry.

That same night, a source from SM Entertainment issued a brief response saying it has no comment regarding the post.

Support From Industry Friends

A person named “A” who claimed to be Chanyeol’s friend revealed in a tweet, “Chanyeol is someone who is exceptionally greedy and ambitious. We knew each other through Baekhyun. At first, I thought he was a decent guy, but his speech and actions made me think I should just remain normal friends with him. I turned out to be right. Your situation now is totally your own fault…I told you that you should be careful, but you told me there are many who are just like you. But this is just blatant cheating–for the people who like and support you, you do not even obey the most basic etiquette. You have to admit you don’t have much musical talent. You should know that true musicians would laugh when they hear your name.”

This “A” said that everything Chanyheol’s ex-girlfriend mentioned is true, and added that the star ought not to blame others, but to reflect on himself, even hinting that the latter had called himself after the matter and requested him “not to speak up.” As “A” posted the article using his real name, Korean netizens were even more convinced that the revelations were true.

However, Chanyeol’s group mate Baekhyun tweeted the same day, “Who’s this friend (of mine)?”, denying knowing person “A”. Musical director Raiden, who had collaborated with Chanyeol, similarly tweeted his support, “He will be fine”.

Fans Willing to Hear His Side of the Story

From SM Entertainment’s short reply to Chanyeol’s silence, every response in the run-up to the scandal left fans disappointed, with many requesting Chanyeol’s withdrawal from EXO. The official EXO gallery has also issued a statement, “We must not tolerate hurting someone to such a degree, I highly request SM [Entertainment] to allow Chanyeol’s withdrawal from EXO soon.” There are also supportive fans who hope to hear Chanyeol’s own response to the scandal.

Source: Korea Star Daily

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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