Wang Leehom Congratulates Tang Wei: “Your Role as a Mother is the Most Cheer-worthy Role”

Taiwanese American singer Wang Leehom (王力宏) left a heartfelt message for his friend Tang Wei (湯唯), who welcomed her first baby, a daughter, with Kim Tae-yong earlier this week.

Leehom, who has a 2-year-old daughter himself, wrote on Weibo, “From classmates that resisted war together, to hacker siblings, I feel honored to watch you grow from being a newcoming actress to a Film Queen in the last ten years. Out of all of your roles, this one is your best one. Today, your role as a mother, is the most cheer-worthy role!”

Attached to Leehom’s message is a snapshot of the announcement that Tang Wei sent to her friend’s circle. She wrote, “Hello. I want to announce to everyone that I [have] a royal good. Two days ago I gave birth to a 3.41 kg baby girl in Hong Kong. [She’s] very healthy, because her cries were the loudest in the entire hospital. I am thankful to my mother, father, thankful to Tae-yong, and thankful to Doris and everyone else who protected her as she came to our world. Thankful!”

Many of Leehom’s fan also went to congratulate Tang Wei and her family. A netizen said, “You will be a father of two soon. That is also a role worth cheering!” A fan said, “Looking forward to Wang number two!” Another netizen joked, “Quickly arrange [your children’s] marriage now!”

Tang Wei married South Korean director Kim Tae-yong in 2009. In February of this year, she shared a painting of a monkey drawn by her father, announcing her pregnancy.

On August 28, she officially announced on social media that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl last Friday. She said, “Something to announce to everyone: I gave birth to a 3.41 kg baby girl two days ago. She is very healthy!”

Source: Sina

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